Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Rose of Sharon is Jesus

The Rose of Sharon is Jesus

How marvelous our God is when He allows us to go through trials and tribulations. He remains lifted up and shows the World that He is God. He tells us it is only thru trials and tribulations that you can enter into the Kingdom of God.
I look at the apostasy running rampant in the church and in the body today. Jesus tells us if you want knowledge to ask for it, if you want wisdom to ask for it. We are suppose to be a body of believers that love each other regardless on whether we agree of disagree on any one thing. We are one body and when you look at your own body you see the many different part they play. Yet in the church we can not see this. If one disagrees about something just push them out of your life and go on. How do you think that Jesus feels about this you are saying to that part of the body I don't need you anymore you are out of my life.
I wonder how we handle certain Scriptures and justify our actions in this world that is so perilous right now. The ones that you can not possible see why God would choose them. They believe a little different than you do or they raise their hand and praise God. Or they sit quietly bye while tears stream down their faces by being hurt by the ones that are suppose to love them. People they have trusted and relied on all of a sudden tell them they are not of God but of satan.
Do we realize that we may just have crucified Christ all over again for He tells us that if any seek Him he will no ways cast them out of His hand. Yet we as the body do this. Why?
What has truly happened to the love that we are told to have in 1 Cor 13. I have friends that I have had for over 30 years in the Lord and when they heard what was going on they said let me tell them about you. Why I asked they have already made up their minds and decided that I was worthless in the kingdom of God. But Gory to God I am His child and He does hold me in the palm of His hand. No man or woman can remove me or judge me for when they judge me they judge themselves. Romans 2:1 Therefore thou art inexcusable O man whosoever thou art that judgeth: for wherein thou judgest another thou condemnest themselves: for thou that judges does the same thing. 2 But we are sure that the judgement of God is according to truth against them which commit such things. 3 And thinkest thou this O man that judgeth them which do such things and doeth the same, that thou shalt escape the judgement of God. Pretty powerful scriptures to me. God tells us to judge ourselves. I have enough wrong in my own life to try and judge another woman or mans walk with God. I am just a human not a god and it is God that judgest not us.
When people tell me that the Holy Spirit has told them something I tend to listen and listen carefully then I discern. If what they say happens then God told them but if it does not what spirit were they listening to especially when we see it over and over again. That person is prophesying out of their own hearts not out of the Spirit of God. One day we will all stand at the Bema Judgement seat and God will ask what was the motive in your heart when you decided to do this or that. Or I would hate to be the one that when the rapture comes He closes the door on me and says I never knew you.
What an awesome responsibility we have before Jesus, He is the one that calls and chooses we do not.
What I learned by this is I loved the people more. Let us try to be Epistles of Christ to be read by all men. Let us not hastily look for something wrong or not read the whole of the context of something and think they wrote this to a specific person. Therefore you know who you are and I forgive you. My love ad prayers will remain with your families and I only wish the best for all. Let us all Lift Jesus up not a man or a a woman, Jesus said If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me. May God enfold His church in His great Grace, Mercy, Peace and His wondrous love.
Love to all in Christ

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