Sunday, July 13, 2014


The testimony of Bob D."

Wow, I get to share my testimony with people on the internet world! I know some people are not going to believe me but I have to share my life in the way it happened.
Let me start from the beginning. I believe I was in grade school but I can't even remember. I was very young. I was in this very small group and this man spoke on --- well I really don't know? I was just sitting there and he gave the invitation to accept Jesus Christ into my heart.
Any way I felt this push from my Mom. "What are you waiting for?" So I bowed my head and said the prayer. Believe it or not God saved me at that point but He had a lot of work to do inside me. I actually felt a new start.
Most testimonies are," I did this and this and this and then that happened and I got saved." I am the oddball. This does not bother me because most of my life I was the third man out. Two is company and three is a crowd. That was me and probably still is the basic theme of my life.
I was so young and the Lord had the wisdom to work very slow in my life. I just lived my life but I did not think about God very much. I don't even think I knew how.
In 9th grade I started to watch Jack Van Impe and was amazed at all those Bible verses he memorized. I tried it myself because I knew there was something to this but I did not stick with what I was doing. I believe seed was placed in my spirit from heaven but I did not understand that at the age and time I was living.
In 10th grade I went through my first major trial. Boy did I ever get the difficult teachers that were impossible. They were so hard. I was getting D's which were not allowed in our household. I was working 25 hours a week and was just not right in my mind and my spirit.
One day in all my overwhelming stress I was lying in my bed on my back and out of nowhere or should I say heaven the love of God just came on me so strong that I knew it was Jesus Christ. Not I but Christ in me.
That whole year I allowed Jesus Christ to do this to me or should I say in me. My circumstances were horrible but Jesus Christ was actually working in me with His overwhelming love.
I had this fear. What if I ever lost this anointing and sure enough my fear came true? I got very confused.
I never got that type of anointing back but little by little I wondered what I could do for Jesus Christ. I used to go to the nearest city and just sit down and look at all the people. Eventually Jesus Christ called me to a gospel track ministry.
God blessed the ministry but around 1998 I was going about my business getting the Gospel out and the Lord spoke to me. "Get all you can get out now because there is coming a time when you won't be able to do this anymore."
Well I'm thinking Rapture. The year 2000 was coming and I presumed way to much. Anyway things happened and I had to leave the ministry.
I was devastated. I can not get into it but this was one of the worst things that ever happened to me. I can not talk about what took place. I will tell you in heaven. Some things are just better left not said.
After a year I saw a man that I felt had the skills to do this so I called him with fear and despair not really knowing what to do. He was out of work so I said," I have 5000 gospel tracks and I will pay you $400 to hand them out." He was so excited and could hardly believe that I would pay him that kind of money.I said a man is worth his labor. This was not the response I was expecting.
It turns out that the man did things with gospel tracks that I never even knew were possible as he traveled all over the country and applied his new trade for Jesus Christ. Was that an accident? God had it all planned out because He sees the whole world. There is not one thing that God does not know.
I did not have the mind to organize something like that but I was an actor just playing my role in this script that was already written before the foundation of the world. I did not know what I was doing but who says God can't use bad actors to make a great film.
As for me everything that could have went wrong in my life did and I fell into some strange depression. I would come to a fork in my life and there would be 20 different things that could happen and the worst would always take place. This was not only physical but spiritual. I had no clue how to fight this invisible war and no idea how to cope. I felt so helpless.
About 5 years ago I received a call from a women who is in her seventies. We talked many times. In fact we were even in ministry together writing articles for Jesus Christ and God at one point opened up all kinds of opportunities for us. People got saved and Christians grew stronger in Jesus Christ.
In the phone conversation she told me that Jesus told her that I went through so much suffering and then she went on to talk about small things.
I asked myself if Jesus spoke to her verbally or in her spirit. I thought about this for a couple of months. When I talked to her again I finally mustered up the courage to ask her what Jesus said about my life. She said without hesitation that Jesus told her," I am going to put Bobby through a trial much like Peter and Job and when he gets through the other side he is going to be much stronger." Jesus spoke in the present tense, not the past tense because I was still going through the ordeal.
I asked my friend if Jesus spoke to her in a verbal way or in your spirit. Her response,"Verbal." I knew exactly what she was talking about because I lived this nightmare. Peter was accused in the garden and Job had most things stripped from his life. I was going through these two men of God in the Bible at the same time all in one. Jesus had some other truths that He told her that I just knew deep down were true.
The only thing I did not understand was the last part of my personal prophecy. The part where I would be much stronger on the other side. I had no clue what that meant. God truly saved the toughest trial for the end of my life. We are very close to the return of the Lord.
Just recently I have had this unexplained strength in my spirit. For the first time in my life I know that everything is going to be alright no matter what happens to me. My comfort, my love and my strength is in Jesus Christ. It is a quiet strength from the Holy Spirit that can not really be defined. I just know this peace and love inside my spirit is from God.
This dear lady made it absolutely clear that God was the author of my trial and He will finish it in His Son Jesus Christ. I never knew that because I thought it just happened. I should have known better. This gave me great comfort. God did not tell her what the trial was because our All Knowing Savior and Lord has discrestion. I thought that was very interesting.
For those of you going through something so much bigger than yourself remember God may be the author of your trial. God loves you so much that He wants you to come to the end of yourself. Jesus wants you and you should want Jesus more than anything in life.
If you have depression don't try and put the cart before the horse. Take life as it comes, accept it for what it is, just trust God and act the way God would want you to respond. If a person makes this more complicated then he or she will be in the way. God will not be able to work in their spirt. This group of people will stay in their depression. God does not want this for us or our life.
I know that Jesus is coming very soon to rapture His true children not only because of the macro prophecies around the world but because of the personal prophecy that Jesus Christ Himself gave me. It has only been a short time that the,"Much stronger on the other side" part has come to pass.
I am stronger on the other side at this juncture of my life. Our Blessed Hope (Rapture) is very close. Of course only time will tell regarding the timing of the rapture but through the resurrection power of Jesus Christ true Believers in Him will be strong. I am a living testimony of this truth. Our strength is in Jesus Christ through our faith in Him.
If Jesus Christ were to come today would you go up in the rapture? A few people said,"Get right with Jesus Christ or get left behind." This is a tough statement but it is true. From the bottom of my heart,"Be ready!"

God Bless you Bobbie and God loves you oh so very much.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014


God thru Jesus and the Holy Spirit blew my mind away yesterday as I spoke with my oldest son David.
In a life of sin I lost my children in a very bazaar way I lost two sons. One has already passed and I pray Stevie is dancing on Streets of Gold with my Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus.  Meanwhile after 43 years of wonderment Davy found me. My heart leap for joy within me as I slowly dialed my phone and waited to hear his voice and learn of Him. Knowing that I had missed many years and that will always haunt me. As with a Mom heart you can never lose a child and not often weep over the loss in no matter what way it is.
With a joy that was truly amazing I found I have a Daughter Debbie whom I will so dearly love as she has taken and loved my Son for me. She will hold a very special place in my heart. She has given me also three wonderful Grand Sons, and a Great Grand Son and a Great Grand Daughter (soon to be born.)

We often wonder about the plans that God has for our lives but He is a Good God , He mends broken people and broken Hearts and makes them whole again.  He gives us the desire of our hearts if we only Believe. My greatest desire was to at least see my two Sons again and God has allowed that for me. God always knew how  much I loved them and the pain I suffered over losing them. I talked with my Father in Heaven and I knew He understood as He gave to Us His Only Son and had to separated from Him while Jesus hung on that Cold Cruel Cross. I know that God knew my heart and He counted every tear that has flown including the ones yesterday. Sometimes when the days in our life seem to get dark and dreary we just have to look back to the many miracles that God has given to us. To find Davy was a pure miracle to me and as I called the one friend that knew the whole story she laughed and cried with me also for I knew only Davy, I, and Her, and Jesus could understand the fantastic miracle behind all of this. God has given me a wonderful family.

Davy Family, will complete all my children being together once more. He will get to know and remember his big Sister, and meet his two younger brothers and realize how much alike they are. I look so forward to this. I wish to Give Jesus Christ all the Praise, Glory and Honor for mending my family and making it whole again. Thank You Jesus, I love my Lord God so very Much. Please remember that God will also do the same kind of miracles in your life if you will just Pray and Believe and Trust in His Wisdom and let His will be done in your life.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014



What an amazing time I had last night with the Blood Red Moon! From start to ,I was reminded of the last night of Jesus' life on this earth.  I watched from sunset, until it was over.  Went outside when I figured that Jesus would be doing the Last Supper and the Moon was just beginning to even be seen. Watched it come up with this
tremendous White Brilliance.  As I watched the phases it went thru, I thought of Jesus going to Gethsemane to pray & Judas betraying Him for 30 pieces of silver.  The fact that Jesus asked just that time for the Apostles, to 2 times to Watch & 1 time to Pray, but came to them a total of 4 times. They were tired and went to sleep.   As the Moon started to turn red, I thought of the blood that Jesus sweated, during His Prayer Vigil for You and me. In the Middle of it, we took Communion as a Family and with my brother in Christ, Craig. He led the communion from the heart and it was totally awesome.  As the moon got redder and redder, I thought of the trial and what Jesus would be doing today and that He would die on the Cross according to the Will of our Heavenly Father, God, that we might be saved.  He was alone there also.  Can you imagine the Son of God, that left the glory of Heaven, going thru what He went thru, because of just you, as an individual?  All of Heaven Worshiped and Adored Jesus at a previous time and now the Father must turn from Him as our sins are laid upon Him and Jesus is forsaken by All.  
   But wait my Brothers and Sisters, wait and you will see, the King of all Glory will rise again!  He did set the captives free, first that are in Paradise waiting for Jesus as He would tell the thief on the cross later the next day. Jesus did Rise again on the first day of the week, three days after He was crucified.  He did appear to all the, women at the tomb, the Apostles as they walked to Emmaus, most of the other Apostles later that night.  Thomas later on, then the Five hundred people.   He did Rise Again, for Eternity.  He just went and opened the Gates of the Kingdom of Heaven for you and for me, from 32 Ad up to now.  Passover is Awesome to me, I pray it is Awesome for you also!
    So much suffering, so much pain, but in the end it was worth it all.  Our King reigns in the Glory of Heaven, angels and His people will get to worship, talk and be with, all the time.  Passover, it is Freedom.  Freedom from the chains of Darkness, that have had us bound up for many years.  Think, My Dear ones and Lift your hands in praise, for soon and very SOON, you will see your King Jesus!  He is counting the minutes and seconds, before He gets to Hold you and says "Welcome Home, My Child, Welcome Home. I have been waiting for you!"  We will hear the Trump of God that says COME UP HITHER!!!!!!! Thank You Jesus for because you Rose , I will one day also rise again with the rest of our Family in Christ.
   Are you my beloved ones also waiting for Him?  Jesus is now waiting for You and for Me.
PS:  All that I have written about Passover dates back to Jesus' Last Supper, His betrayal, Death and Resurrection.


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