Wednesday, April 16, 2014



What an amazing time I had last night with the Blood Red Moon! From start to ,I was reminded of the last night of Jesus' life on this earth.  I watched from sunset, until it was over.  Went outside when I figured that Jesus would be doing the Last Supper and the Moon was just beginning to even be seen. Watched it come up with this
tremendous White Brilliance.  As I watched the phases it went thru, I thought of Jesus going to Gethsemane to pray & Judas betraying Him for 30 pieces of silver.  The fact that Jesus asked just that time for the Apostles, to 2 times to Watch & 1 time to Pray, but came to them a total of 4 times. They were tired and went to sleep.   As the Moon started to turn red, I thought of the blood that Jesus sweated, during His Prayer Vigil for You and me. In the Middle of it, we took Communion as a Family and with my brother in Christ, Craig. He led the communion from the heart and it was totally awesome.  As the moon got redder and redder, I thought of the trial and what Jesus would be doing today and that He would die on the Cross according to the Will of our Heavenly Father, God, that we might be saved.  He was alone there also.  Can you imagine the Son of God, that left the glory of Heaven, going thru what He went thru, because of just you, as an individual?  All of Heaven Worshiped and Adored Jesus at a previous time and now the Father must turn from Him as our sins are laid upon Him and Jesus is forsaken by All.  
   But wait my Brothers and Sisters, wait and you will see, the King of all Glory will rise again!  He did set the captives free, first that are in Paradise waiting for Jesus as He would tell the thief on the cross later the next day. Jesus did Rise again on the first day of the week, three days after He was crucified.  He did appear to all the, women at the tomb, the Apostles as they walked to Emmaus, most of the other Apostles later that night.  Thomas later on, then the Five hundred people.   He did Rise Again, for Eternity.  He just went and opened the Gates of the Kingdom of Heaven for you and for me, from 32 Ad up to now.  Passover is Awesome to me, I pray it is Awesome for you also!
    So much suffering, so much pain, but in the end it was worth it all.  Our King reigns in the Glory of Heaven, angels and His people will get to worship, talk and be with, all the time.  Passover, it is Freedom.  Freedom from the chains of Darkness, that have had us bound up for many years.  Think, My Dear ones and Lift your hands in praise, for soon and very SOON, you will see your King Jesus!  He is counting the minutes and seconds, before He gets to Hold you and says "Welcome Home, My Child, Welcome Home. I have been waiting for you!"  We will hear the Trump of God that says COME UP HITHER!!!!!!! Thank You Jesus for because you Rose , I will one day also rise again with the rest of our Family in Christ.
   Are you my beloved ones also waiting for Him?  Jesus is now waiting for You and for Me.
PS:  All that I have written about Passover dates back to Jesus' Last Supper, His betrayal, Death and Resurrection.


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