Sunday, April 09, 2006

Where is the Salt

Just had the honor of having my Son home from Iraq for ten days. He had been there for a year and a half and is scheduled to return there in Sept. One thing I would like to share, is that the Soldiers are praying in the name of Jesus all the time. They witness amongst each other have their own Bible studies and are thankful for any words they get from people here who are lifting them up in prayer.
As my son says, most of the news is fixed to look good and most of it is commercialized. He says it is the older people who thank them and say God Bless You. Most of the younger people do not even acknowledge them.
We find ourselves living in the last days and we see more and more garbage coming out in the name of religion, not in the name of God. People are again manifesting the Man Child Theory that has been put down time and time again, but now it is gaining a lot of followers. No sin, just that we are the godman, Jesus is not coming back, they will purify the earth and be the rulers for they are the godman, they are the christ.
Jesus warns us to watch, pray and be ready, for as we look around us we see total chaos. Never have I seen the likes of it as it is now.
I would like to give you an example from my granddaughter Amber, who has been accepted into so many universities that I can not even count them. Scholarships are flying in almost daily. Now she is afraid to go to a college, as she finds that there will be no one there to protect her from the evil, the rapists and the murderers. She is a very beautiful young lady and she says "I will be a prime target for the sickos out there". Can you imagine being afraid to go to college, even Stanford as you fear for your life. What has happened to the morals and ethics of today's society? The sickest of them all is the picture that the Church paints to the world.
My example for that would be, I worked as a waitress for many years and Sunday after church was the most miserable day of the week for all of us. The so called Christians, walked in demanding, rude, and insulting. Their children would make horrible messes and for our tip we got a tract. All the people in the stores said & still say the same thing. We act like we are better, rather than showing the love of Christ We show just the opposite of what the Bible shows us.
Anyway, just needed to get that of my chest as I see the things that are passing for Churchanity today. The Remnant need to get on their knees and pray until we find ourselves walking in holiness, as Jesus and His Followers walked. Willing to give up all for our faith, our reputation, our jobs, our wealth, and everything of this world which will are turn into rust and rot one day. We need to go back and walk in the light and be salt again. I think the salt has lost her savor in this country of the USA today. We are not a preserving force any longer. But, Praise God there is a remnant that is walking the walk, talking the talk and not deceiving or being deceived. I love and praise the fact that Jesus choose me and gave me what I need to walk in Him, with no sorrow or regret, but only getting closer to Jesus every day of my life. I want to know Him, to be like Him, I want to hear Jesus say to me "Well done my child!"
Your Sister in Christ!,
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