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DENIAL OF THE TRINITY= same as rebellion

Denial of the Trinity – Same as Rebellion Fundamental to the understanding of God’s triune nature, who He is, His attributes and abilities is our acceptance of the truth of all scriptures. Denial of God’s truth is tantamount to denying one or more of God’s natures which must be considered rebellion, period. Denying truth never eliminates truth. God’s truth is always our foundation, we start there. When we consider that the discernment of God’s inerrant word is imparted only to those who believe and trust Him, we realize our faith in God underscores all possible understanding of His word and who He is. “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth…And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” Genesis 1:1, 2. In the very first verse of the book of Genesis, God plainly states that He created the Heavens and the earth. Then He goes on to say that His spirit was upon the face of the waters. What’s so hard about understanding those two statements? Denying any


Here We Go Again A recent article circulating various news sites proclaimed 24% of American’s have made it known that they believe Barack Obama to be Muslim, not Christian, so the media is on a frenzy to prove his Christianity. The fact that everything he does is contrary to God and the fact that he promotes the Muslim faith every chance he gets couldn’t have anything to do with folks believing him to be Muslim, or could it? Perhaps the fact that he was born into a Muslim family with a Muslim father has something to do with what faith he embraces. Muslims claim that all children born into Muslim families are indoctrinated into the Islamic faith. So where would that leave Barack Obama? The truth is Obama has never publically denounced his Muslim faith, and the fact that he enjoys an especially close association with those who adhere to the religion of Islam could be part of the reason many consider him a Muslim trying to hide himself in sheep’s clothing (pun intended). As we t