Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Rose of Sharon is Jesus

From Sorrow to victory!
What a marvelous God we serve! Even in our trials and our tribulations He is there for us at all times. When people you love turn their back on you, Jesus is there to pick you up. He knows us as His children and when we wept bitter tears, He also weeps with us. Life seems to be a time of much sorrow and incredible joy. The trials once you get thru them are so small in the greater scheme of the plans of God in each and everyone lives involved in these times.
Jesus told us I will never leave You nor forsake you. I took a good look at Peter during my last trial. Although Peter loved the Lord He denied the Christ three times and when Jesus looked at him the third time Peter turned and wept bitterly. Our trials on this earth will seem so small when we get to eternity, Jesus tells us there we will have joy unspeakable and full of glory. All the pain will be washed away and how forward I look to that time in my own life.
To imagine being a disciple of Jesus Christ and to know that you were going to die because you loved Him and spoke the truth about Him. The early Christians faced the lions bravely singing praises to Jesus as they were attacked and eaten alive by the lions. Oh alas that we could be the same now. We suffer only when the brethren attack us and it hurts so very much, it is not Nero and the lions it is those of the house of faith that attack and try to devour us now. The question you must ask is why? We are all members of the same body and all of us have a different place in the body, but we are to be one.
I would like to say one thing to all, everyone that is born again before they came to know Jesus Christ , served satan. There are only two masters out there and to accuse a Christian of being of satan is a very dangerous thing. As Jesus Christ thru the Holy Spirit abides in them. The pharisees in Jesus time accused Jesus of this, they said He cast out demons by demons. How wonderful it is to be accused of the same thing that they accused my Lord and Saviour of.
I love the Lord Jesus with my whole might, spirit soul and body. I have spent over 35 years trying to help others get to know who Jesus really is. He is a God of love and a love so profound that we in our mortal bodies can not comprehend it. It is to marvelous and so above the human mind. Jesus came to do only the Fathers will, we are here to do only the Son’s will. Let us be busy doing the Father’s will, the Son’s will and the Holy Spirit’s will in our lives. we were set apart, chosen to be living Epistles to be read of all men. What do they read in our actions and our behaviour. Do we allow Jesus to be evil spoken of. I pray that we are to busy lifting Jesus up, for He said If I be lifted up I will draw all men to me. Please let us not stand one day before Jesus and be asked this question, I will know that you are my disciple by your love for one another, how did you show the body your love?
My fervor wish for all that in each of our lives,is we live according as Jesus lived. Yes we all have human weaknesses. But loves does not see the wrong, it loves past it as Jesus loves us past all of our sins as we commit them and confess them to Him.
We are not always right but we are all in the race striving to win. So to all my dear Brothers and Sisters run well. I Pray that all have the grace, mercy and peace of God abiding in their lives. Remember always that Jesus is Love and His Love will never fail you.
Zelma P.


Dorothy said...

Zelma, dear sister in the Lord, that is what we need to do, daily. Hold each other in prayer; for the time is short and we need to keep 'asking do you know my Jesus?'
You never know when it will be the time for someone to be ready to accept the grace and love of the Lord. I have heard it takes 6.5 times of telling the Good News. He loves us! Pray always for believers and the intercessory prayers for those who know and those we pray will know. Keep the faith!

Zelma Milller said...

I made an error in this post that I would like to clear up. I meant that every single one of before we were save served the God of this world. We were all in darkness until we accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Please forgive my typo. My dear brother Ken brought this to my attention so please will you forgive me for the typo error.

Ken Schweizer said...

Hi Zelma,

I like you blog, it's scriptural and that's all anyone can ask for.

Whenever someone stands up against one of satan's preachers you can bet he will respond. You have an added threat to him though; you came out of his church and have shared this with others. How much more is he going to try to destroy your uncovering of his wolves? I guess you have to expect it, but that doesn't make it easier to take.

As I read you blog and your posts, I see them written in love and not judgment. You simple uncover the un-truths (new word{sm}) being spewed out, either by a minister of satan or an unfounded child of God. If someone had done the same with Mr. Applegate, maybe 35 people would still be alive now.

God never said that women shouldn't teach, in fact He said just the opposite. So I say, teach on. We are the light of the world. So, light on.

In some ways I do like to think of our eternal life as a gig-saw puzzle though. We each hold a piece and can see our piece and the pieces of our friends, yet never seeing the whole picture. That's why we ask, why Lord so many times. It isn't until when we are with Him that we will see how that suffering puzzle piece we are holding today helped bring another to the Lord.



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