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the Number 17

                                                    THE NUMBER 17 The meaning of the number seventeen in the Bible is so distinct and vibrant that if we can not see our resurrected victory in Jesus Christ then some kind of misunderstanding is taking place somewhere.   I wish I could share these divine truths with people more often but my schedule has become more busy. When we go to heaven, I'm sure we will all have jobs to do; however, we will not be bound by time. We will be in eternity. The Christians around this world are pretty close to going home in the rapture to Paradise.   I like the fact that the Holy Spirit designed the Bible in a consistent way. The number 17 has the same meaning from Genesis to the book of Revelation.   I do need to say that this subject has enough detail about it's content that I will have to share examples through the divine design of the Word of God in the form of biblical mathematics. It is very easy to understand. What
Dear Brothers and Sisters;    I come to you to ask your forgiveness. While I was going over my blog I noticed that the last four blogs on Number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 4 part 2 were not given the author. I put his first name and last initial in. All the blogs on my page by Bob are written by this great man of God. Bobbie please forgive me. Jesus give honour where honour is given. Thank you all for your understanding. Agape Waiting for the COME UP HITHER Zelma