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From Darkness to light!

Blessings to all my dear brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ our Lord. I have finally decided to writ to you and tell you about my walk from darkness to light. First of I would like you to read the whole article and then make your judgment call.
I must first tell you my prior life and I hope that you will understand the miraculous working of Jesus Christ in one little woman life. I was trained by my grandmother to be a druid healer in which you grew herbs and etc for healing as I am 65 years old and this is passed down to from generation to generation. Your purpose in life is with natural ingredients to make things that heal from the herbs of the earth and they were highly respected in the villages. They were not only old hags that had pots that the put these various objection, The druid healer heals with the herbs from the earth. Back then it was the early 40, and we were taken care of at home and very rarely seen a Dr.. unless it was a severe disease. Many of the small towns did not even have have Dr's. I learned many things about different herbs that fixed different things and you grew you own herbs.
For example cough syrup was a onion bake and then sent through a sieve until all the liquid could be brought out and then you sweetened it with clover leaf honey. Your cloth were warmed and your bed warmed and you took this until the fever broke and the cough was gone.
Red wine was served at every meal for your heart. But it had to be a specific red wine.
I could go on and on in this,
But I will tell you what happened in my life. When I was young I was trained by the nuns in the Black Jesuit parts of the catholic church, as I saw things in the future and they wanted to use this gift for their gain.
When I was 18 I had a little girl who was a mongoloid. I stood outside my door and screamed to God if you are a loving God how could you punish my baby girl. What had she ever done to deserve this, and I told God I would never serve a God that punished babies like this. So I went full blown into the occult and into witchcraft. When you sell your self to satan the rath is rough. He is a cruel task master. But i climed the chain and was the high priestess of the western USA. Not something I am proud of. But I never sacrificed a human as that was not in at that time, we were in to power and money and we were getting it in massive forms.
So enough of that I will not tell you about my transformation, when I was 34 I took a trip across the United States to seer the country with a young boy that I had raised and He took me to New York. I had only been in Susan ville Ca and Nevada. I found myself walking a path somewhere around the Wisconsin Dells, you had to park in and walk and hike and I saw the most beautiful waterfall that I have ever seen. I heard this voice in my mind saying go and get your household in order. I had never heard this voice before but it was kind yet very powerful, so I thought that something was wrong with one of my six children that were spending their yearly two weeks with Grandpa and Grandma. So I instantly got to the nearest Airport and called my parents and told them to bring my children home. Now household what kind of a word is that?
When I flew into Las Vegas I had time to spend before the kids got home so I went to the nearest bar and ordered my favorite drink, and was going to enjoy and wait for the kids to get home. When I went to take the first drink the voice again spoke to me and told me to go across the street and get the husband that I had divorced and make a home for my family. I tried to fight this as my husband had committed adultery on me many times and I hated his guts, but I did not have the power in me to refuse the voice.
I lived a very high life style being the only female Casino manager in a big casino in Nev. But I obeyed the voice and got Lee and took Him to a hotel room and told him I would bring the kids to him and we would leave town within three days. I went and quit my job. I was then told that that I had to go to Ca. and I could only take the clothes that I needed, I could not take my new car I had To get a different one and that my past must be buried in Vegas. So I gave my car to my daughter and rented my beautiful home out.
Well to make a long story short I was lead by the voice thru my trip and told to go to church and make a different home for my kids. So I thought I was to go back to the Catholic church and I was told no. All of a sudden I ran into my drinking partner from Seattle and she is a Jesus freak. So being of a pretty high IQ, I decided to take her up on the Bible. I went to Gen. and got as far as Cain went to Nod and got himself a wife, now that did not quite make sense to me. So I figured well I will go to the middle of the Book and I ended up in Proverbs and found , these six things God hates no there is seven and I was quilty of most of them and now God hates me. So I figured there must be a way out so I went to the end of the Book and there was Revelation. WOW, no one will ever tell me that when God is dealing with you that you can not understand His Word. Revelation was as clear as glass and I was going to hell. At this time I did not want to go to hell.
I ended up one night by chance going to a dry dead missionary service, the preacher name was Billy Unger and he had on this red shirt with these huge white flowers and began to tell us what he needed to build houses for the people in Malawi Africa and I am sitting there thinking I have almost 4.00 in my pocket and it is wed and that will get me a bottle of brandy and I will get through to pay day on Friday and who in the world will but this story of a mud hut and a mud and straw hut and a wood hut, sounded like the three little pigs to me.
Now it gets exciting, I found myself giving this man my booze money and I was crying I did not cry. They then said said I stood up and cried out if there is a Jesus please help me find him. Well two and a half hours later I got off the floor as a brand new creature in Christ. They said I was very quiet and there was not alot of activity at the altar and I later realized that it would take a man who had seen demons to deliver me. I was clean, I was pure I belonged to Jesus and I have served Jesus with all I have ever since.
I guess the hardest thing is that people doubt the fact that I can be saved and will call and check on My Bible college degrees and my various other degrees as God put such a hunger in my heart that I could not learn enough, and I still am a student of His Word. Not many doubt my walk but a few do. I pray for them as I have so much love to give. I can spot a phony a mile away and I look for the love in whatever they do.
So never give up on anyone as God loves all of us and when He calls some of us pay close attention. God chooses the weak to confound the wise. What an Honor It has been to serve Jesus. God is always there for us and He is such a loving Father, learn to hear His Father's voice, it is so gentle and he always tells you how much He loves you and how proud He is of all of us.

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