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Our Blessed Hope Often Christians will talk about the rapture and only quote a few verses, but to my amazement there are a great number of verses that describe our blessed hope. Most of the verses that speak of the return of Jesus Christ are referring to the second advent. This is an event that happens at the end of the 7 year tribulation when Jesus Christ rescues Israel in all of His Power and Glory. The rapture is an event that takes place about 7 years before the second coming of Jesus Christ. My purpose for this article is to list all of the verses referring to the rapture from the book of Acts all the way through the book of Revelation, so readers will understand how to watch for our blessed hope with more clarity. I did not include Matthew through John for two reasons. There is too much conjecture in the gospels because some experts will say the verse is the rapture, and others will say it is the second advent (second coming). The other reason is there are 69 verses from Acts


Assigned roles for the glory of God The Apostle Paul starts out by complimenting a very dear friend by the name of Tychicus. He referred to him as a beloved brother, faithful minister and fellow servant in the Lord. Notice the order --- first Paul calls him a beloved brother. If we see our brothers and sisters in Christ as co - laborers in the Lord "First" then we have missed the point. The Apostle goes straight to Godly affection first and then acknowledges their work for Jesus Christ. I believe God matured Paul because he got really angry with Mark. When Paul and Mark were doing missionary work together the Apostle got very upset with him. There is no evidence that either one spoke to each other again on earth. It just goes to show you that even the very best servants of God disagree and lose their cool. Little by little the Holy Spirit shows us love and how to express Godly affection effectively in a righteous way. Paul was obviously the leader because he was the o


Let our speech be with grace and seasoned with salt The Apostle Paul just briefly touches on the subject of employees and employers but more specifically the boss is to pay their worker/workers what he - she - they deserve because the earthly head/boss has a master in heaven and His name is Jesus Christ. Of course this does not apply if you are an unbeliever in Jesus Christ because the Son of God is not your master. You will still be blessed if you follow this biblical principal but I would encourage you to read the rest of the article. We are commanded to continue in prayer which by the way is a discipline with the spirit of thanksgiving. Notice Paul keeps writing about thanksgiving. I think he is trying to tell us something about our hearts and God. He also desired the Colossians to pray for his ministry team so that God would open up a door of utterance for the purpose of speaking the mystery of Christ because we can never forget that Paul was in chains. He always wanted to


Obeying and serving God will be rewarded I went over so much biblical content in my last article because the Apostle Paul said so much in a few verses. I quoted Colossians 3: 18 - 19 (the last two verses in the previous writing) but not much was said in the last writing about wives submitting to husbands. One truth I found out is if the Triune Godhead set up an order follow through the basics of the setup because no other way will work. Husbands are called to be more aggressive in a nice way and love their wives. Paul warns the men not to be bitter against their spouse. To look at this scenario in the most basic way it is impossible to love and hold bitterness in our hearts. Paul urges children to obey their parents because it is well pleasing to the Lord. Another truth I found out the hard way is it is good to please God. To be in symmetry with the plan of Jesus Christ takes the burden off us and gives our hearts peace of mind and heart. The Apostle writes about fath