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Introspective  This is a Tough Lesson that God taught me, years ago and I wrote it down & decided to just now share it with others. This was a Lesson, personally addressed to me from God. At this time, I feel it Must be shared, as I see people going thru this same Self Pity also. The Israelites Whined and Complained as they Wandered around in the Wilderness. Self-Pity and Wilderness Living go together! Self-Pity is Idolatry! That sorta shocked me at first, but allow me to define Pity for you. Pity- to be sympathetic, or to have kindly sorrow, evoked by suffering, or misfortune of another: Often leading one to give relief or aid to the suffering individual. God puts Compassion in all of us and sometimes, Compassion translates to Pity. Jesus took Pity on the people, Oftentimes, He felt sorrow for them, but it's not like - Oh God ,Woe is me. Jesus' Compassion moved Him to Take Action. Matt 14:14 - And Jesus went forth and saw a great multitude, and was moved with Compassion to


THE MYSTERY OF SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY I would like to talk about a fascinating subject that not only ties in with our everyday living but also very much relates to the Rapture, Tribulation and Millennium. Just like this subject by nature has a progression to it the article will also take on a systematic order. I believe you will enjoy and relate to this writing. I would like to start with the practical interpretation and go into the prophetic implication towards the end of the article. If we don't understand the progression of what I am saying we will only have a surface understanding of the prophetic implication of some pivotal end-time prophecy verses involved in this subject.  I like writing articles to edify Believers in Christ but also to invite people that don't know Jesus Christ into their hearts. This present article was a search-quest for what I did not know. This has got to be one of the most amazing subjects I have ever had the privilege of writing ye