Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Rose of Sharon is Jesus

The Rose of Sharon is Jesus

How marvelous our God is when He allows us to go through trials and tribulations. He remains lifted up and shows the World that He is God. He tells us it is only thru trials and tribulations that you can enter into the Kingdom of God.
I look at the apostasy running rampant in the church and in the body today. Jesus tells us if you want knowledge to ask for it, if you want wisdom to ask for it. We are suppose to be a body of believers that love each other regardless on whether we agree of disagree on any one thing. We are one body and when you look at your own body you see the many different part they play. Yet in the church we can not see this. If one disagrees about something just push them out of your life and go on. How do you think that Jesus feels about this you are saying to that part of the body I don't need you anymore you are out of my life.
I wonder how we handle certain Scriptures and justify our actions in this world that is so perilous right now. The ones that you can not possible see why God would choose them. They believe a little different than you do or they raise their hand and praise God. Or they sit quietly bye while tears stream down their faces by being hurt by the ones that are suppose to love them. People they have trusted and relied on all of a sudden tell them they are not of God but of satan.
Do we realize that we may just have crucified Christ all over again for He tells us that if any seek Him he will no ways cast them out of His hand. Yet we as the body do this. Why?
What has truly happened to the love that we are told to have in 1 Cor 13. I have friends that I have had for over 30 years in the Lord and when they heard what was going on they said let me tell them about you. Why I asked they have already made up their minds and decided that I was worthless in the kingdom of God. But Gory to God I am His child and He does hold me in the palm of His hand. No man or woman can remove me or judge me for when they judge me they judge themselves. Romans 2:1 Therefore thou art inexcusable O man whosoever thou art that judgeth: for wherein thou judgest another thou condemnest themselves: for thou that judges does the same thing. 2 But we are sure that the judgement of God is according to truth against them which commit such things. 3 And thinkest thou this O man that judgeth them which do such things and doeth the same, that thou shalt escape the judgement of God. Pretty powerful scriptures to me. God tells us to judge ourselves. I have enough wrong in my own life to try and judge another woman or mans walk with God. I am just a human not a god and it is God that judgest not us.
When people tell me that the Holy Spirit has told them something I tend to listen and listen carefully then I discern. If what they say happens then God told them but if it does not what spirit were they listening to especially when we see it over and over again. That person is prophesying out of their own hearts not out of the Spirit of God. One day we will all stand at the Bema Judgement seat and God will ask what was the motive in your heart when you decided to do this or that. Or I would hate to be the one that when the rapture comes He closes the door on me and says I never knew you.
What an awesome responsibility we have before Jesus, He is the one that calls and chooses we do not.
What I learned by this is I loved the people more. Let us try to be Epistles of Christ to be read by all men. Let us not hastily look for something wrong or not read the whole of the context of something and think they wrote this to a specific person. Therefore you know who you are and I forgive you. My love ad prayers will remain with your families and I only wish the best for all. Let us all Lift Jesus up not a man or a a woman, Jesus said If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me. May God enfold His church in His great Grace, Mercy, Peace and His wondrous love.
Love to all in Christ

Monday, April 24, 2006

from Sorrow to victory

I would like to make a comment from my last blog that may have made it have made it hard for people to understand. I meant that everyone before they were born again, no matter who you were served satan. Their are only two master. Jesus said that satan was the God of this world so we all came out of darkness into the Light of the Glorious Gospel of Jesus christ. Please forgive me for not making it plain what I meant. I ask you forgiveness. Thank you all very much.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Rose of Sharon is Jesus

From Sorrow to victory!
What a marvelous God we serve! Even in our trials and our tribulations He is there for us at all times. When people you love turn their back on you, Jesus is there to pick you up. He knows us as His children and when we wept bitter tears, He also weeps with us. Life seems to be a time of much sorrow and incredible joy. The trials once you get thru them are so small in the greater scheme of the plans of God in each and everyone lives involved in these times.
Jesus told us I will never leave You nor forsake you. I took a good look at Peter during my last trial. Although Peter loved the Lord He denied the Christ three times and when Jesus looked at him the third time Peter turned and wept bitterly. Our trials on this earth will seem so small when we get to eternity, Jesus tells us there we will have joy unspeakable and full of glory. All the pain will be washed away and how forward I look to that time in my own life.
To imagine being a disciple of Jesus Christ and to know that you were going to die because you loved Him and spoke the truth about Him. The early Christians faced the lions bravely singing praises to Jesus as they were attacked and eaten alive by the lions. Oh alas that we could be the same now. We suffer only when the brethren attack us and it hurts so very much, it is not Nero and the lions it is those of the house of faith that attack and try to devour us now. The question you must ask is why? We are all members of the same body and all of us have a different place in the body, but we are to be one.
I would like to say one thing to all, everyone that is born again before they came to know Jesus Christ , served satan. There are only two masters out there and to accuse a Christian of being of satan is a very dangerous thing. As Jesus Christ thru the Holy Spirit abides in them. The pharisees in Jesus time accused Jesus of this, they said He cast out demons by demons. How wonderful it is to be accused of the same thing that they accused my Lord and Saviour of.
I love the Lord Jesus with my whole might, spirit soul and body. I have spent over 35 years trying to help others get to know who Jesus really is. He is a God of love and a love so profound that we in our mortal bodies can not comprehend it. It is to marvelous and so above the human mind. Jesus came to do only the Fathers will, we are here to do only the Son’s will. Let us be busy doing the Father’s will, the Son’s will and the Holy Spirit’s will in our lives. we were set apart, chosen to be living Epistles to be read of all men. What do they read in our actions and our behaviour. Do we allow Jesus to be evil spoken of. I pray that we are to busy lifting Jesus up, for He said If I be lifted up I will draw all men to me. Please let us not stand one day before Jesus and be asked this question, I will know that you are my disciple by your love for one another, how did you show the body your love?
My fervor wish for all that in each of our lives,is we live according as Jesus lived. Yes we all have human weaknesses. But loves does not see the wrong, it loves past it as Jesus loves us past all of our sins as we commit them and confess them to Him.
We are not always right but we are all in the race striving to win. So to all my dear Brothers and Sisters run well. I Pray that all have the grace, mercy and peace of God abiding in their lives. Remember always that Jesus is Love and His Love will never fail you.
Zelma P.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


What a great time to be alive!
The prophets would of loved to live in the time we are now living in. Everything in prophecy is being fulfilled faster than we can really count. We look around us in utter amazement as we hear about things and see things that are coming to pass daily.
We look at Secular Israel who fought and died to gain what little land she had and is now giving it away. Worst of all it is be given to her worst enemies. Does it ever make you wonder if she is just setting up the PLO to allow them to surround her so she can get rid of them in one sweep. I wonder about that sometime, for Israel is military very effective and very brilliant and hold some of the best ballistics know to mankind. She has technology farther advanced than most nations.
Then I look at the chaos that surrounds most land in the world including this land of ours. We have demonstrations where flags from other nations are raised up against the Flag called Old Glory that men and women have died for many times. The schools allow the children out of school to demonstrate but if a child is sick you must have a Dr. excuse.
Diseases are spreading like wildfire in many states. Mumps I have not heard of them for years. Viruses that they can not find the answers for. In Calif. Leprosy and TB. are greatly on the rise. Bedbugs in high dollar hotels. Young men dropping dead of heart attacks on their high powered jobs that are seemly healthy.
We have floods and wildfires running wild at the same time. Tornadoes greater than history has ever seen and this is happening worldwide so we are not in this fight alone. Perhaps God has finally moved His protective hand against this disobedience world. And is beginning to send His first arrows on the earth.
He told us everything that could be shaken would be shaken just before He gathers His Church to go home and be with Him. Will he find faith when He returns, as we see church after church promoting everything except the Gospel. It saddens one but at the same time puts great excitement in ones soul as we see the times are so very near. No man know the Hour or the Day but we can surely see the signs of the time all around us. We must occupy till He comes and pay attention that the day does not overtake us a thief. For He is coming quickly.
So let chaos run rampant and let all go to their prayer closet and seek the Almighty One that has all things completely under His control. For this to shall pass and we are ready to go to spend our lives in eternity with Jesus Christ. Put Jesus first in every aspect and sell out 100% to Him and recognize the signs and call out Come Quickly Lord Jesus, and surely He says back to us I am coming quickly. Keep you eyes on me I will never fail you. I will return and get my bride. Make sure your lamps are full of oil and you are ready to go at any time. Do not let your lamps go out at this final hour of all of our lives. To God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the beloved Holy Sprit let our voices sing out in glory to the three in one.

Monday, April 10, 2006


To All Trend and Date Setters!;

This will be the Most difficult article I have Ever had to write, but I am doing it for the Sake of the Pain that it can Cause Many.
First of all, I would like to give you an example of what I went through in my life. I knew for sure that Jesus was coming back in a certain year in the 80's. I had been Saved for many years, was a bible college graduate and had gained many degrees in different things of the Bible, as I had just a desire to study that was unquenchable. I just shredded all my degrees, for they are just pieces of paper and God is No Respecter of persons.
When this year came and passed, I was in Total Desperation! I called out to God, "How could I have missed the Timing of the Rapture, God? Are You still my God? Did I Ever Really Know You and If so, how could I have been So Wrong?" This was one of the Greatest Times of Dispair and Dismay in my Whole Entire Life. Had it Not been for God, I would of been Shipwrecked in the Faith. I Thank God that He Answered and Continued with me, out of the circumstances I had put in my life. I also praised God that I did Not share this with anyone, just kept it buried in my own heart, as it could have Destroyed Many.
I having been watching Dates and Date Setters, since the early 70's and they all sound good! But the question I will have for all of them, is the same question that God asked me at the time I knew He was returning.


Now I will give you the answer that I received of God many years ago- Are you Higher than Jesus or Higher than God? What do the Words of Jesus Tell you? Now we are all well Aware that we will know the Times and the Seasons and we All Know it is surely coming closely, but IF it is not on the 15th of April, how will You Answer to the Many Lambs that you have said "The Holy Spirit Told Me?"


But this I know, He is Coming and we are Not to try to go Beyond what God Said. We are Not to Try and Set Dates and Times, by Whatever Reason our human capabilities can Try to Fathom. For the last couple of years, I have watched many go and say every Feast Day, He would Come. Remember, we have Babes in our midst and if you Shipwreck their Faith, You Will Stand Accountable Before God!
I like to write about Love, Grace, Mercy and Peace, but at this time, I must write this. You will Lose ALL Credibility with All men, for you have Cried Wolf, Wolf! The Rapture Never Showed up on All Those Days! This may not Convict you, nor may it Bother you, but I would be Frightened to say I know more than God and I by my human brain have figured out the Mind of God. Charts & Dates have been around Forever. Bible Codes, now that is something different, for I see that no one puts in where they are getting these codes from the Bible. Those of us that Do have Bible Code Software can not check them out, for they do not give us Scripture and Verse. If they did, we could see them for ourselves and see if they are true or not. I find we are in Dangerous Territories.


The Bible is written, Line upon Line, Jot upon Jot, Tittle upon Tittle - Matt.5:18, Luke 16:17. The Bible is Not a Crossword Puzzle, where we Try & Jump Around to Try & Find Hidden Things. It is to be Read & Studied, as God's Holy Word! So all I can say is Beware, Lest You Stumble one of God’s "little ones" You are All Aware of the Payment for That!
I send this in Love and Not Condemnation, but Again I ask, " HATH GOD SURELY SAID?" May the Grace and Love of Jesus confirm my Warning. I leave it in His Marvelous Hands and He will judge me if I am wrong. Please No Longer Set Dates and say that Jesus Will Come on This Date, We Are Children of the Day and Not of the Night, that The Day should take us as a Thief. The Good Man, If he Knew When the Thief would have come, would Not have Suffered his house to be Broken into. Our Vessels are Filled with Oil & We are Waiting to be Called Up Hither.
And Then He Will Say "Come Up Hither!" (Just a little clue, the Spring Feasts have Already Been Fulfilled! ) Maranatha, Come Quickly, Lord Jesus. And Jesus says "Surely, I Am Coming Quickly!"


Sunday, April 09, 2006


From Darkness to light!

Blessings to all my dear brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ our Lord. I have finally decided to writ to you and tell you about my walk from darkness to light. First of I would like you to read the whole article and then make your judgment call.
I must first tell you my prior life and I hope that you will understand the miraculous working of Jesus Christ in one little woman life. I was trained by my grandmother to be a druid healer in which you grew herbs and etc for healing as I am 65 years old and this is passed down to from generation to generation. Your purpose in life is with natural ingredients to make things that heal from the herbs of the earth and they were highly respected in the villages. They were not only old hags that had pots that the put these various objection, The druid healer heals with the herbs from the earth. Back then it was the early 40, and we were taken care of at home and very rarely seen a Dr.. unless it was a severe disease. Many of the small towns did not even have have Dr's. I learned many things about different herbs that fixed different things and you grew you own herbs.
For example cough syrup was a onion bake and then sent through a sieve until all the liquid could be brought out and then you sweetened it with clover leaf honey. Your cloth were warmed and your bed warmed and you took this until the fever broke and the cough was gone.
Red wine was served at every meal for your heart. But it had to be a specific red wine.
I could go on and on in this,
But I will tell you what happened in my life. When I was young I was trained by the nuns in the Black Jesuit parts of the catholic church, as I saw things in the future and they wanted to use this gift for their gain.
When I was 18 I had a little girl who was a mongoloid. I stood outside my door and screamed to God if you are a loving God how could you punish my baby girl. What had she ever done to deserve this, and I told God I would never serve a God that punished babies like this. So I went full blown into the occult and into witchcraft. When you sell your self to satan the rath is rough. He is a cruel task master. But i climed the chain and was the high priestess of the western USA. Not something I am proud of. But I never sacrificed a human as that was not in at that time, we were in to power and money and we were getting it in massive forms.
So enough of that I will not tell you about my transformation, when I was 34 I took a trip across the United States to seer the country with a young boy that I had raised and He took me to New York. I had only been in Susan ville Ca and Nevada. I found myself walking a path somewhere around the Wisconsin Dells, you had to park in and walk and hike and I saw the most beautiful waterfall that I have ever seen. I heard this voice in my mind saying go and get your household in order. I had never heard this voice before but it was kind yet very powerful, so I thought that something was wrong with one of my six children that were spending their yearly two weeks with Grandpa and Grandma. So I instantly got to the nearest Airport and called my parents and told them to bring my children home. Now household what kind of a word is that?
When I flew into Las Vegas I had time to spend before the kids got home so I went to the nearest bar and ordered my favorite drink, and was going to enjoy and wait for the kids to get home. When I went to take the first drink the voice again spoke to me and told me to go across the street and get the husband that I had divorced and make a home for my family. I tried to fight this as my husband had committed adultery on me many times and I hated his guts, but I did not have the power in me to refuse the voice.
I lived a very high life style being the only female Casino manager in a big casino in Nev. But I obeyed the voice and got Lee and took Him to a hotel room and told him I would bring the kids to him and we would leave town within three days. I went and quit my job. I was then told that that I had to go to Ca. and I could only take the clothes that I needed, I could not take my new car I had To get a different one and that my past must be buried in Vegas. So I gave my car to my daughter and rented my beautiful home out.
Well to make a long story short I was lead by the voice thru my trip and told to go to church and make a different home for my kids. So I thought I was to go back to the Catholic church and I was told no. All of a sudden I ran into my drinking partner from Seattle and she is a Jesus freak. So being of a pretty high IQ, I decided to take her up on the Bible. I went to Gen. and got as far as Cain went to Nod and got himself a wife, now that did not quite make sense to me. So I figured well I will go to the middle of the Book and I ended up in Proverbs and found , these six things God hates no there is seven and I was quilty of most of them and now God hates me. So I figured there must be a way out so I went to the end of the Book and there was Revelation. WOW, no one will ever tell me that when God is dealing with you that you can not understand His Word. Revelation was as clear as glass and I was going to hell. At this time I did not want to go to hell.
I ended up one night by chance going to a dry dead missionary service, the preacher name was Billy Unger and he had on this red shirt with these huge white flowers and began to tell us what he needed to build houses for the people in Malawi Africa and I am sitting there thinking I have almost 4.00 in my pocket and it is wed and that will get me a bottle of brandy and I will get through to pay day on Friday and who in the world will but this story of a mud hut and a mud and straw hut and a wood hut, sounded like the three little pigs to me.
Now it gets exciting, I found myself giving this man my booze money and I was crying I did not cry. They then said said I stood up and cried out if there is a Jesus please help me find him. Well two and a half hours later I got off the floor as a brand new creature in Christ. They said I was very quiet and there was not alot of activity at the altar and I later realized that it would take a man who had seen demons to deliver me. I was clean, I was pure I belonged to Jesus and I have served Jesus with all I have ever since.
I guess the hardest thing is that people doubt the fact that I can be saved and will call and check on My Bible college degrees and my various other degrees as God put such a hunger in my heart that I could not learn enough, and I still am a student of His Word. Not many doubt my walk but a few do. I pray for them as I have so much love to give. I can spot a phony a mile away and I look for the love in whatever they do.
So never give up on anyone as God loves all of us and when He calls some of us pay close attention. God chooses the weak to confound the wise. What an Honor It has been to serve Jesus. God is always there for us and He is such a loving Father, learn to hear His Father's voice, it is so gentle and he always tells you how much He loves you and how proud He is of all of us.

Where is the Salt

Just had the honor of having my Son home from Iraq for ten days. He had been there for a year and a half and is scheduled to return there in Sept. One thing I would like to share, is that the Soldiers are praying in the name of Jesus all the time. They witness amongst each other have their own Bible studies and are thankful for any words they get from people here who are lifting them up in prayer.
As my son says, most of the news is fixed to look good and most of it is commercialized. He says it is the older people who thank them and say God Bless You. Most of the younger people do not even acknowledge them.
We find ourselves living in the last days and we see more and more garbage coming out in the name of religion, not in the name of God. People are again manifesting the Man Child Theory that has been put down time and time again, but now it is gaining a lot of followers. No sin, just that we are the godman, Jesus is not coming back, they will purify the earth and be the rulers for they are the godman, they are the christ.
Jesus warns us to watch, pray and be ready, for as we look around us we see total chaos. Never have I seen the likes of it as it is now.
I would like to give you an example from my granddaughter Amber, who has been accepted into so many universities that I can not even count them. Scholarships are flying in almost daily. Now she is afraid to go to a college, as she finds that there will be no one there to protect her from the evil, the rapists and the murderers. She is a very beautiful young lady and she says "I will be a prime target for the sickos out there". Can you imagine being afraid to go to college, even Stanford as you fear for your life. What has happened to the morals and ethics of today's society? The sickest of them all is the picture that the Church paints to the world.
My example for that would be, I worked as a waitress for many years and Sunday after church was the most miserable day of the week for all of us. The so called Christians, walked in demanding, rude, and insulting. Their children would make horrible messes and for our tip we got a tract. All the people in the stores said & still say the same thing. We act like we are better, rather than showing the love of Christ We show just the opposite of what the Bible shows us.
Anyway, just needed to get that of my chest as I see the things that are passing for Churchanity today. The Remnant need to get on their knees and pray until we find ourselves walking in holiness, as Jesus and His Followers walked. Willing to give up all for our faith, our reputation, our jobs, our wealth, and everything of this world which will are turn into rust and rot one day. We need to go back and walk in the light and be salt again. I think the salt has lost her savor in this country of the USA today. We are not a preserving force any longer. But, Praise God there is a remnant that is walking the walk, talking the talk and not deceiving or being deceived. I love and praise the fact that Jesus choose me and gave me what I need to walk in Him, with no sorrow or regret, but only getting closer to Jesus every day of my life. I want to know Him, to be like Him, I want to hear Jesus say to me "Well done my child!"
Your Sister in Christ!,
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Friday, April 07, 2006

I have sat here over the past few months, pondering many of the things in my own walk with Jesus Christ. Knowings always that he must always be my first priority. My first love. My all in all.
as I see the world spin out of control around me i can feel safe wrapped in the arms of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Chaos ruling all over the world destroying the lives of many men and women of God. Our children dying in a foreign country and coming home in a flag draped coffin. The other ones coming home with a hardness about them that my human eyes have never see. The carnage of a world gone amuck by the ways of the master of this world satan. The things they have seen, the smells they have smelled and the fact that the war goes on with their bravery in believing that they are fighting for our freedom. While here at homes we see them try to destroy any image of God that is left in this desolate world. They fight daily day by day and our country fights to take God out of our lives and the only true freedom we have in in the Lord Jesus Christ, without Him there is no freedom at all.
How many of us fight for the the race, to run the race that is within us to run, to set aside self and the world and to allow the Lord Jesus to sit on the throne of our hearts? How many of us have grown cold in our walk and quite the race entirely. How many of us blame the church for our own lack of discipline in obeying the Word of God and seeking out our own salvation with fear and trembling? How many of us long to get into the Bible and read the Word that the Father has given to us to exist in such a world as this? How many of us are so wrapped up that we cannot even find an hour in a day to give to our Saviour.
It amazes me that we live in such perilous times yet the world spins around and around and we are not even attuned to what God is doing. We look for everything to blame it on but we forget that God is in control and always has been in control. This is His earth, His people, we are the creatures, He is the Creator. He is the potter, we are the clay. Do you ask yourself daily what kind of a pot is God making with my life, or are we so busy to give the potter a second to even speak silently to us. To hear that sweet small voice saying you are Mine, I will keep you, I will protect you, I love you, I sent my Son to die for you so that you could be free.
There is no freedom in this cruel cold world, the only freedom any of us have is in the Precious Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. He died so that you could be free. What value do you place on the blood that poured out of His body. Do you think of that time of the scourging post, where He opened not His mouth daily, or that cruel cold cross that He hang upon, completely innocent, that you would free in Him. Do you worship Him from afar, or do you find yourself so hungry for more of Him that He takes all the things of the world and shows you truly what they are. Do you find yourself growing daily and trying more and more to be like Jesus? What will He find in your life when he return to get you.
Run the race to win, to cross the finish line and say I have fought the good fight, I have finished my course. Unto your Hands Jesus I commit my body. Will you greet Him in gladness or in fear of the time wasted here on earth, when He only asks for a small part of your live, but truly desires all of it. My children run the race with all that it within you, giving Jesus the throne in your life and not allowing anything of this world to unseat Him. The prize that awaits you is more than you could ever think, imagine or hope for. Do you cry out I will not be satisfied until I awake in your likeness.
Prepare my children to meet your God. For surely He is hovering on the horizon. Do not let any opportunity pass that He is not in charge. He stands at the door of your heart and knocks, please bid Him a greeting and open the door and say here" I am Lord Use Me". The day is at hand the night is far spent, Watch, pray and be ready, for Jesus said surely I come quickly and surely He is coming quickly. Can you say with all honesty come quickly Lord Jesus, I am waiting and ready.
Zelma Pack


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