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The Rose of Sharon is Jesus

The Rose of Sharon is Jesus TO GOD BE THE GLORY! How marvelous our God is when He allows us to go through trials and tribulations. He remains lifted up and shows the World that He is God. He tells us it is only thru trials and tribulations that you can enter into the Kingdom of God. I look at the apostasy running rampant in the church and in the body today. Jesus tells us if you want knowledge to ask for it, if you want wisdom to ask for it. We are suppose to be a body of believers that love each other regardless on whether we agree of disagree on any one thing. We are one body and when you look at your own body you see the many different part they play. Yet in the church we can not see this. If one disagrees about something just push them out of your life and go on. How do you think that Jesus feels about this you are saying to that part of the body I don't need you anymore you are out of my life. I wonder how we handle certain Scriptures and justify our actions in this world th

from Sorrow to victory

I would like to make a comment from my last blog that may have made it have made it hard for people to understand. I meant that everyone before they were born again, no matter who you were served satan. Their are only two master. Jesus said that satan was the God of this world so we all came out of darkness into the Light of the Glorious Gospel of Jesus christ. Please forgive me for not making it plain what I meant. I ask you forgiveness. Thank you all very much. Agape Zelma

The Rose of Sharon is Jesus

From Sorrow to victory! What a marvelous God we serve! Even in our trials and our tribulations He is there for us at all times. When people you love turn their back on you, Jesus is there to pick you up. He knows us as His children and when we wept bitter tears, He also weeps with us. Life seems to be a time of much sorrow and incredible joy. The trials once you get thru them are so small in the greater scheme of the plans of God in each and everyone lives involved in these times. Jesus told us I will never leave You nor forsake you. I took a good look at Peter during my last trial. Although Peter loved the Lord He denied the Christ three times and when Jesus looked at him the third time Peter turned and wept bitterly. Our trials on this earth will seem so small when we get to eternity, Jesus tells us there we will have joy unspeakable and full of glory. All the pain will be washed away and how forward I look to that time in my own life. To imagine being a disciple of Jesus Christ and


What a great time to be alive! The prophets would of loved to live in the time we are now living in. Everything in prophecy is being fulfilled faster than we can really count. We look around us in utter amazement as we hear about things and see things that are coming to pass daily. We look at Secular Israel who fought and died to gain what little land she had and is now giving it away. Worst of all it is be given to her worst enemies. Does it ever make you wonder if she is just setting up the PLO to allow them to surround her so she can get rid of them in one sweep. I wonder about that sometime, for Israel is military very effective and very brilliant and hold some of the best ballistics know to mankind. She has technology farther advanced than most nations. Then I look at the chaos that surrounds most land in the world including this land of ours. We have demonstrations where flags from other nations are raised up against the Flag called Old Glory that men and women have died for many


To All Trend and Date Setters!; This will be the Most difficult article I have Ever had to write, but I am doing it for the Sake of the Pain that it can Cause Many. First of all, I would like to give you an example of what I went through in my life. I knew for sure that Jesus was coming back in a certain year in the 80's. I had been Saved for many years, was a bible college graduate and had gained many degrees in different things of the Bible, as I had just a desire to study that was unquenchable. I just shredded all my degrees, for they are just pieces of paper and God is No Respecter of persons. When this year came and passed, I was in Total Desperation! I called out to God, "How could I have missed the Timing of the Rapture, God? Are You still my God? Did I Ever Really Know You and If so, how could I have been So Wrong?" This was one of the Greatest Times of Dispair and Dismay in my Whole Entire Life. Had it Not been for God, I would of been Shipwrecked in


From Darkness to light! Blessings to all my dear brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ our Lord. I have finally decided to writ to you and tell you about my walk from darkness to light. First of I would like you to read the whole article and then make your judgment call. I must first tell you my prior life and I hope that you will understand the miraculous working of Jesus Christ in one little woman life. I was trained by my grandmother to be a druid healer in which you grew herbs and etc for healing as I am 65 years old and this is passed down to from generation to generation. Your purpose in life is with natural ingredients to make things that heal from the herbs of the earth and they were highly respected in the villages. They were not only old hags that had pots that the put these various objection, The druid healer heals with the herbs from the earth. Back then it was the early 40, and we were taken care of at home and very rarely seen a Dr.. unless it was a severe disease. Many o

Where is the Salt

Just had the honor of having my Son home from Iraq for ten days. He had been there for a year and a half and is scheduled to return there in Sept. One thing I would like to share, is that the Soldiers are praying in the name of Jesus all the time. They witness amongst each other have their own Bible studies and are thankful for any words they get from people here who are lifting them up in prayer. As my son says, most of the news is fixed to look good and most of it is commercialized. He says it is the older people who thank them and say God Bless You. Most of the younger people do not even acknowledge them. We find ourselves living in the last days and we see more and more garbage coming out in the name of religion, not in the name of God. People are again manifesting the Man Child Theory that has been put down time and time again, but now it is gaining a lot of followers. No sin, just that we are the godman, Jesus is not coming back, they will purify the earth and be the r
I have sat here over the past few months, pondering many of the things in my own walk with Jesus Christ. Knowings always that he must always be my first priority. My first love. My all in all. as I see the world spin out of control around me i can feel safe wrapped in the arms of the Lord Jesus Christ. Chaos ruling all over the world destroying the lives of many men and women of God. Our children dying in a foreign country and coming home in a flag draped coffin. The other ones coming home with a hardness about them that my human eyes have never see. The carnage of a world gone amuck by the ways of the master of this world satan. The things they have seen, the smells they have smelled and the fact that the war goes on with their bravery in believing that they are fighting for our freedom. While here at homes we see them try to destroy any image of God that is left in this desolate world. They fight daily day by day and our country fights to take God out of our lives and the only true f