Saturday, June 24, 2017


Love, Grief, and Pain

Within the last 8 weeks, I lost my beloved husband of 51 years. My life seems so empty, so lost, so alone and it hurts to the very marrow of my being. I move, I cry and I think.

I am not one that cries and carries on but I feel as if someone came in and cut a chunk of my heart out of my spirit. I can not seem to find this void. It is not as if I do not know where my love is (my husband). He is with the love of his life who is the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven.

The loss is so very intense. I do not want to be alone because I must think about this very difficult pain. If I do this I am heartbroken and I find myself a weeping mess. I ask myself, "How can this be?" How can I feel this great loss when Lee ran the race for the glory of His Lord and finally made the last mile stretch home?

He left me here alone and I want to be with him. He was my partner to fight every battle with me. I have faced death many times and with Lee holding my hand I knew I could not let go. I need him because he has been there by my side for a long time. Even though we had our ups and downs Lee was always there for me or maybe I should say always within the reach of my hand. Now I extend and I feel a great expanse of space.

Do you realize the trip that Satan is playing with me? I do not have the strength to fight him on this one. I always had my helpmate because my leader was always there showing me the direction that I should go in my life.

I can write poems and tell you how great I am doing but that would be the biggest lie of my lifetime. I did not know that I would be a mass of splintered pieces and that sleep would not come. Rest only lasts for a few moments. I am a sobbing mess.

I know it is a pity party for myself but how do I fight this battle in my life? I sit in my home over ten hours a day. There is not a soul to be with or talk to, not even a whisper in the wind. I feel the Lord softly telling me it will be O.K. You can climb this valley but the mountain is so far away.

I just wanted to warn my beloved friends that this is a very strange battle. You have no plan on how to face this dark and dreary world without human contact. I know my Lord Jesus is holding me and teaching me a great lesson. I can share with so many people that this war will be won through the Blood of Jesus Christ that covers me.

I know the Father holds me, rocks me and whispers tender love songs into my heart. God will carry me through this for I can not walk this path alone. Jesus will softly take me in His arms and run the mountains with me on His great white stead.

I will again be free but until then may I never forget the blood that runs from Calvary and Covers me even in my pain. Tears are a language that God understands and for ever one I that shed Jesus sheds one with me. He knows how much I hurt.

I will stay under His Covering waiting for the day when I also will go home with all of you in the rapture of the Church. It is coming very soon and we must all be watching, praying and ready for the Bridegroom's voice. Take heed my friends the battle is almost over and let us all shout and worship the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

I pray I have written this in the simplest form that people reading this writing will understand what I am trying to convey to you. God is greater than any battle the devil will toss at your feet. Our lives will go on forever in heaven with Jesus Christ.

We will all soon be with Jesus so please dear one run the race as hard as you can and if you see someone slipping just tell that person you love them. Let that individual reach down and grab on to you for awhile.

I will be here for each and every one of you. I know what grief is and it is not easy to deal with in our life.

To God be the Glory because Great things He has done. Thank you for rescuing my precious husband Lee and give him the ability to breathe deeply once again as opposed to what he went through in life. I know Lee is now free from the entanglements of this world.

I am waiting for the sound of the Trump. Please hang on tight and wait with me.


Saturday, June 17, 2017


To the glory of God through Jesus Christ

Many of the brethren in the Lord waxing confident by my bonds." 1:14. The mature Christians in the Philippian fellowship who were called to preach or teach did so with extra vigor because they saw he was doing the right thing which inevitably lead them to praise the Lord in a stronger more sincere way. These particular teachers were not afraid of being thrown in prison because they observed Him and had extra boldness in obeying God. Wow this is the place to be and I'm glad the Apostle Paul did everything he could to explain his earthy plight which was nothing more than a heavenly design.

The term ... "Waxing confident in my bonds" means that Paul was actually able to be encouraged even though His enemies meant this for evil. Remember in the Old Testament Joseph told his brothers that you meant this for evil but God turned the whole situation around for good.

I have not been an angel in my life if you know what I mean but every time I endeavored to do something good for the Lord I eventually received opposing resistant evil from people that really did not like Christianity and God always turned it around for good in His way and in His timing. We ask why but God responds," I am going to do something greater because you were the recipient of evil and my plan is going to turn it around for good." The "Good" is usually multiplied many times over than the original commission from the Lord. At the very least these verses are a model for anybody out there reading this article in how God operates in a situation like this in our labor for Jesus Christ.

(15) "The one preach Christ even of envy and strife; and some also of good will. (16) The one preach Christ of contention, not sincerely to add affliction to my bonds." Philippians 1:15-16. Why is Paul belaboring the point? Because what was happening was big in their world and he wanted to break down each point so there would not be any confusion.

Paul had enemies that wanted to undermine him but there were also people that admired Paul and desired to teach the gospel with the right motives. The enemies were described in the part of the verse that read ... "To add affliction to my bonds." There were others that saw Paul was suffering and preached really powerful sermons because the phrase ... "And some of good will." The Bible says, "But the other of love, knowing that I am set for the defence of the gospel." These people that observed Paul standing up for the gospel through persecution became more bold and many converts came forward to accept Jesus Christ into their lives.

In the next verse Paul gives two motives that a person can have when they teach but he still was rejoicing at both scenarios for one reason. "What then notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and I therefore do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice." 1:18.

Paul was saying that the people that had center stage teaching biblical precepts with the wrong motives were completely out of his jurisdiction and he knew that God was going to judge their erroneous reasons for doing what they were engaging in which was the right message with "Me" in their hearts instead of Jesus Christ. Paul was still rejoicing because people were still inviting Jesus Christ into their hearts. Of course he was even more glad in his spirit toward the teachers that had such conviction about themselves for the right reasons.

"For I know that this shall turn to my salvation through your prayer, and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ." 1:19. In simple terms God can bring good out of evil. At the risk of repeating myself remember in the story of Joseph in the Old Testament he said to his brothers when in charge you meant this for evil but God turned it around for good. Paul knew that God was going to judge evil and turn his whole situation around for a Godly purpose. He was not blind to this but are we able to see this in our own life?

Notice the phrase,..."Through your prayer, and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ." People in the Philippian fellowship were fervently praying to God that the gospel would be expanded through ministers presenting Jesus Christ to others but I don't even think they were expecting people teaching in pretense would win converts over to repentance. By the way the spelling of pretense was spelled different in the first century (Pretence).

"According to my earnest expectation and my hope, that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but that with all boldness, as always, so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life, or by death." 1:20. This whole thing is all about giving glory to Jesus Christ. If we are a true Christian this is where our priority and empathies should be in our heart. It is not about us so in these broken down bodies the Son of God is supposed to get the honor but our soul has to be in the right heavenly pure place.

Paul talks about boldness in this verse but we are used to seeing this spirit in the flesh. A boss hammers down on an employee or a fist fight breaks out over there but in the power of the Holy Spirit Jesus Christ gets the honor and the glory. Christians get confused on what hope is but this is the answer. Our hope is to be in the glory of Jesus Christ. If this is truly our goal then this will become a reality in our lives. How many people have this aspiration in their life? Not many but on rare occasion we will be able to notice this in a Christian but we need to start with ourselves.

Notice in this verse Paul did not care if he lived or died because he knew this whole scenario was about the Lamb of God who died for our sins and this Apostle was just a vessel for God. If he lived he was going to labor if he died he was not going to suffer. Either way it was for Jesus Christ. That is why Paul was able to say, "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." 1:21.

The thanksgiving and praise should be at the center of our hearts and at the end of our lives. Notice how Paul went from flesh to spirit. He starts out explaining a very bad situation and now he is in the throne room of God giving praise and glory to Jesus Christ. We need to incorporate this principle in our lives. Yes we have lingering problems but can we see the whole blueprint of God and allow the Holy Spirit to have first place in our focus? When we are going through problems where is our empathies? Is it on our dilemma or do we want to end up thanking and praising God out of the ashes in the fire.

The Apostle Paul was willing to stay on earth to minister to others but knew that if he died no evil would be in the next life for him. Remember he is only speaking about himself.

If you don't know Jesus Christ as your very own personal Savior and Lord it would be wise if you invited Him into your heart by repenting of all your sins and asking Him to come into your life.

As you can see the wise believer incorporates his or her problems for the glory of God. How would you like to be walking with Jesus Christ in the middle of your issues while traveling through life? If you made that all important eternal decision then realize you now have an opportunity to give thanks and glory to God through Jesus Christ when you face issues, problems and dilemmas. This will give glory to God because often times our problems can become an idol in our life. Jesus Christ does not desire this for anybody. He is our Creator and wants to be first place in our life. Do not take life into your own hands because Jesus Christ wants to take our problems so the burden will not be on us. In return we end up praising God because that was the plan all along. What lifestyle sounds more appealing to you?

Love in Christ,
Bob D.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Godly love and expansion

The Apostle Paul had an affection for the Philippian body of believers. "Inasmuch as both in my bonds, and in the defense and confirmation of the gospel, you are all partakers of my grace." 1:7.

Did you ever know somebody just so dear to your heart? This is how Paul felt because they joined with him in labor and persecution. Togetherness in good and bad is something we can feel in our spirit. It is just present although it is hard to define. It is similar to freedom because it is just there in the sense that nobody can market it, bottle it up and call it freedom. People may be foolish enough to believe it but that is besides the point. Togetherness is something we can recognize and realize because it gives us comfort. This warm emotion is our witness that a body of believers is bound by the spirit of love in Jesus Christ.

It is certainly better than a divided church with seven different doctrines running around and people fighting all the time. People recognize togetherness so in this case Jesus Christ was at the center of this unity. Some of the characteristics are sympathy, concern and availability but it goes deeper than this because there is an openness in the spirit of the family; however, it is always backed up with responsibility and accountability for the welfare of the other person. If this is the case everybody will receive a reward in heaven because life is a test and they probably received an A.

For God is my record how greatly I long after you in the bowels of Jesus Christ.1:8. Not everyone was nice in this fellowship but he even had an affection for them. The phrase ... "In the bowels of Jesus Christ" ... is the soft concern that our Lord has for us as His children. If we can have the same spirit that Jesus Christ has for us toward other people even if our discernment from the Holy Spirit knows the bad in their heart then there is no doubt we are a man or lady in the very heart of God.

"And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment."1:9. Once again we see the most important truth listed first that we are to have in our hearts.

This love comes with an attachment because love is really supposed to abound in all knowledge and judgment. The reason why Paul said this is because he knew that love can not grow without these two qualities. If we do not have biblical knowledge and judgment then love would be blind. If I only had love that is dangerous because people can get hurt including myself. It is certainly not the will of God to just have love without studying the Bible and coming to sound conclusions for your life.

"That ye may approve things that are excellent; that ye may be sincere and without offence till the day of Christ."1:10. We need to understand the laws of God through His Son Jesus Christ, settle with them in our hearts and apply them to our life. How many Christians go to church and do this in their life? Not many but it is a practice that must be done daily if the sanctifying process is to take place in our lives through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The reason why Paul uses the word "Sincere" is because God wants us perfected and honest before Him and other people If this is not happening in our hearts and lives the last part of this verse will not come true because we will be with offence. It is a good idea to always be mindful not to offend God or people. Can Jesus Christ be offended by something we do? The answer is yes and I think it is more than obvious that we can do something to another individual that hurts them either on the inside or outside.

If you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord then consider repenting of all your sins and inviting the Son God in your life. You may be saying, "I'm not a bad person" but we all sinned before God so we need a new birth through the Lamb of God who shed His blood for the remission of our transgressions.

The truths that the Apostle Paul is sharing in this passage is for believers in Jesus Christ for the purpose of being sanctified through proper application to the word of God in their lives. You can also pursue this excellence in Jesus Christ by first accepting Him into your heart and then apply what the Bible teaches for your journey on earth. Even the greatest Christian often falls short of living the Christian life through the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit. I read the Bible and talk to the Lord about my shortcomings all the time. The struggle is evidence that we are truly redeemed through Jesus Christ. It is the person that says, "Yes O.K maybe I will get to that one of these days" and just goes about his or her business. May I say that is the easy way out and I learned the hard way that nobody gets away with anything. That is not the way God programed the universe. If we just obey Jesus Christ we would save ourselves much hardships.

"Being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God."1:11. Let me ask you a question. When you walk through life do you feel you are filled with the fruits of righteousness? Answer honesty. Being fruitful is being useful for God but we can only receive it from Jesus Christ so we should ask God directly for this because this can not be conjured up on our own. We do not have one ounce of righteousness in and of ourselves. If we could do this on our end the last part of this verse will never come true which says ... "Unto the glory and praise of God." We would just give ourselves the trophy. We obey by faith and God grants us the fruits of righteousness.

"But I would ye should understand, brethren, that the things which happened unto me have fallen out rather unto the furtherance of the gospel."1:12. Paul was concerned that his imprisonment in Rome would be a stumbling block to the people that got saved through his ministry. He wanted this church to explain that the message that Jesus Christ redeems people from their sins is expanding because of this confinement he was now facing.

I noticed something very interesting. Every time I see a sincere Christian get martyred in one way or another (it does not have to be physical death) I see the gospel being expanded in a different form. It is like God is saying He is honoring that "Death" and life is given to people that don't even know Jesus Christ. The antitheist of what evil intended to do is taking place and God is getting the glory.

"My bonds in Christ are manifest in all the palace and in all other places."1:13. Did you ever notice that people are just curious by nature? Individuals started asking questions and groups were getting answers about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

That is my prayer for this ministry and others that people will start asking questions about Jesus Christ. He died a horrible death on the cross for you and rose from the dead on the third day. Jesus Christ is the perfect sacrificial atonement for our sins and I just hope anyone out there in internet land will make sure they are right with God through His Son Jesus Christ.

God Bless you,

Monday, June 05, 2017


A wonderful reunion

The book of Philippians has so much wisdom from the Holy Spirit that it just staggers my mind that God would be able to say so much in only four chapters. I'm going to start from Philippians chapter one verse one. I am going to quote the verse but I am not going to keep typing Philippians 1:1 and
then go to verse two and say Philippians 1:2. I need the space.

Stay with me on this verse by verse analysis because this book in Scripture is so simple yet incredibly profound. Believe me you won't be disappointed. There is no doubt
a supernatural blessing from God Himself will transpire in our life if application is applied through faith and obedience in Jesus Christ. We need to listen to what the Holy Spirit is trying to portray to us as Christians in this amazing set of four chapters.

" Paul and Timothy, the servants of Jesus Christ, to all the saints in Christ Jesus which are in Phi-lip'pi, with bishops and deacons: 1:1.

The order of this verse is very interesting to me. Paul uses the word servants right away. Remember a superstar and a servant have nothing to do with one another.

As believers in Jesus Christ if there is ever a time we don't see ourselves as servants to everyone even if we are the leader then something is wrong. The result will be human strength as opposed to a transparency that emanates from our spirit that is available to meet the needs of others.

Very few people have this quality about themselves but I can notice it every single time. I certainly recognize when I don't have this attitude about myself but always try and correct this by becoming a man that is available to people.

The body of believers in this fellowship are mentioned first because the bishops and deacons are for the church. The highest call is to be a servant and this principle will be a reality throughout eternity in heaven.

If you will notice the phrase ... "Saints in Christ Jesus" we need to understand that everybody was included from the most spiritual to the infant Christian. We need to make sure even the least feel included because they are part of the kingdom of God. If everybody overlooks him or her it would be very "Spiritual" if we extended our hand to make the lowest feel warm. If you feel deep inside they are not a true Christian this is the perfect opportunity to give them the gospel of Jesus Christ in a very clear but meek way so their names can be written in the Lamb's book of life.

"Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ." 2:2. Some people refer to this as the apostolical benediction because this introduction is written in almost every epistle. This is the free favour from God and it is because of His goodness. We as Christians are the recipients of both grace and peace. We do not deserve this so remember your friend who does not know the Lord will not have this divine sustenance working through him or her as they travel through life. They have to fill the void inside them with something worldly which is usually some sort of sin.

I remember talking to one of my doctors who has multiply degrees in so many different subjects. He understood there is a void in everyone's heart and asked me, "How do you fill the void in your heart?" I responded the Holy Spirit gives me His supernatural peace because I accepted Jesus Christ into my life. He said a couple of sentences and then replied, "I don't know what you are talking about." I tried to share Jesus Christ with him but sensed he had many preconceptions about the subject. Remember a person has the choice of accepting or rejecting God in his or her life.

I noticed this man throughout the years jump from one thing to another and never seemed to be satisfied. Everyone has emptiness but only Jesus Christ can fill the void because that is the way God created us on the inside.

The world has so many choices for this emptiness but none will ever satisfy. I can not even count the times when young kids fresh out of high school and into college said," There are so many choices yet nothing." That is kind of interesting and I believe it ties into what I am talking about but realize that nothing but a strong devotion to Jesus Christ will meet our needs and desires.

"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you." 1:3. Paul was mistreated at Philippi yet that did not seem to be an issue to him. When people say, "I will pray for you" but don't really put much thought into the person how sincere is that when nothing but words are uttered? When we care for someone we put some thought for or about the person or group even if we are busy.

I remember buying some cards for family members and said, "Just buy anything because nobody reads these words anyway." I received this response from a lady who said, "Yes we do." I never knew that but I did not forgot what she said because sincere individuals do think about words and people. Paul thought and prayed. My time is very limited so this message is at the very least for me. I need to remember this principle.

"Always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy." 1:4. Joy is something so rare in this world. This comes from God so we should specially pray for this to be an intimate part of our life. Notice the word "Request" in this verse. Making specific requests before God is far more powerful than most Christians will ever realize. This is not the very fiber of who we are as believers in Jesus Christ but it is something that should be incorporated in our prayer life. The request could be intimate or altruistic (for the bigger and greater good of a person or group) and God hears them all and will give us the desires of our hearts in His way and timing.

"For your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now." 1:5. It is always of tremendous comfort when a minister sees a new Christian continue in the truths of the Bible. Then Paul goes into one of the most popular verses in the entire word of God. "That He who has begun a good work in you will perform it unto the day of Jesus Christ." 1:6. This verse is an example of the grace of God. It is a good work that makes us more like Jesus Christ Himself. The very moment we invited Jesus Christ into our hearts God started beginning a good work in us but this is an unseen process that the triune Godhead executes in our life.

If you don't know Jesus Christ then understand there is a dead nature in you that is sinful. Everybody at one point was dead in trespasses and sins and no person in this condition can raise themselves to life. This is why you have to accept Jesus Christ into your life as your very own personal Savior and Lord by repenting of all your sins and invite Him into your heart for the remission of your transgressions. God will then transform you through His Son Jesus Christ from being dead in your sins to being alive in Jesus Christ.

This good work that is talked about in Philippians 1:6 will begin to take place in your life but please do your part by reading the Bible and trying to obey the precepts in the word of God. This way it is a two way relationship (you and Jesus Christ working together) and that void that I was telling you about in the beginning of the article will be filled the Godly way. If we try and fill it any other way we will remain empty in one way or another.

If you made that all important eternal decision remember the working of the Holy Spirit is not through with you because if God begins a good work in you He will have to complete it because it would forever go unfinished.

It is truly amazing to me because God is teaching me patience. When I'm just anxious and sitting in limbo I know God is working in me even if I can not feel His presence. No matter how much pain you are in remember there is resurrection on the other side through Jesus Christ.

There will be dry valleys and tall victories in our life but walk through both knowing with confidence God has begun a good work in you and will finish it but don't try and write the script for your life. This is the role and function of God because He is the only one who sees our life from beginning to end.

I was just told by a dear lady in the Lord that Jesus spoke to her verbally about me being primed for this particular job of writing before the rapture of the church. I don't know when the Lord is coming but we are certainly in the general vicinity of His return for His bride. Here I am writing articles just as the Lord prophesied years ago because at the risk of repeating myself God sees our life from beginning to end and then we go into eternity available to be a willing vestal for Jesus Christ in heaven. I challenge you to desire this for your life and forever will be a good ending as opposed to the other place which has no purpose because being eternally separated from God means that Jesus Christ will not be in your existence. No beginning, no middle and no end.

If you desire that closure in Jesus Christ like I do then accept Him and live for God knowing that He will do a good work in you. Have a silent confidence of faith that this particular biblical principle is a daily reality in your life and it will enter into the wideness of eternity.

God Bless you,
Bob D.

Sadness yet Joy comes in the Morning

As you all know by know I lost my husband on Saturday and made his reunion home to spend eternity with His heavenly Father. I will get Bob D. article up in a day or so as things calm down but wanted to let you all know. Thank you for your love and kindness over the years.


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