Friday, May 05, 2006


As I see what is going on I am surely amazed about the reaction of the people of these days. Where is the church cry as the Baptist cried " REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND". We are so busy doing all the things that the world wants us to do rather than to reach out to the lost frailty of humanity. There are souls out there aching for the answer to their problems. The USA is going thru the most difficult time they have ever seen.
We just watched parades of Illegal aliens marching through our streets stopping business all over the USA. How are we reacting to this? I know that the USA is in the
most dangerous time we have ever thought off. We have no idea of how much we are truly hated by most of the world. While we have lived in the lap of luxury, we have forgotten the God of our youths. We have people all over the nations ready to wipe us of the map and they do not care about the young, the old and people in general. We are the great white satan and lets wipe them out. You cannot stop terrorism by talking. There are cells all over the USA just waiting to strike. We have let down our guard since 9/11. Our borders are open and people are coming in from all over the world and all of them have their own agenda.
Where has been the outcry of the Christians? We stood back and let them take God out of our schools and out of our Govt. and then we expect God to protect us. We lift up all kind of filth and throw it in the face of the living God and say surely you will not touch us.
Our children are no longer safe in the classrooms as there are those who want to take them out and some are getting caught but how many others are being planned. Men and women go into the workplace and just kill people. Where is their conscious. Have we so hardened our hearts by what we have seen that we have become just like Sodom and Gomorrah. How many of our righteous souls are vexed daily by the things that we see going around about us.
Our heroes are no longer decent human beings but our heroes are movie stars and great sportsmen. They are paid millions for their acting and that is what it is acting. The average family can no longer go to a game as they are so far out in the prices that only the rich can go. Then of course we have the stars which are so far left that they do not even recognize that we have the right to worship God and would just as soon see Him taking out of everything. The movies are almost pure filth and our kids watch them every day. They are even now reading homosexual books to second graders in the classroom. I think the god of this world is doing quite well.
But God has a remnant of people who are still praying and are still going on in their walk to serve Jesus and to be more like Him in everything that they say and do. They can not take Jesus out of our hearts no matter what they try and throw at us for we are standing on the solid Rock Christ Jesus. There will be those of us that will disagree on some issues but we all agree on this one thing it is by the Blood of Jesus on Calvary Hill by which we are all saved and called into the Glorious Gospel of Christ.
There is no other way into the Kingdom of God except by the spilt Blood of Jesus.
So as the world turns more and more against the God of our youth, we the called out ones turn more and more to Jesus and His Word and try harder to walk the walk that He calls us to walk.
Let us lift up and edify the Brethren for Soon and very Soon we are going to see our King Jesus. Let our faith in Him carry us through the trials that we face. It will be worth it all when we see Jesus. Blessing to all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ. When you have done all still stand. WE WIN because at the cross IT WAS FINISHED.

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