Thursday, April 13, 2006


What a great time to be alive!
The prophets would of loved to live in the time we are now living in. Everything in prophecy is being fulfilled faster than we can really count. We look around us in utter amazement as we hear about things and see things that are coming to pass daily.
We look at Secular Israel who fought and died to gain what little land she had and is now giving it away. Worst of all it is be given to her worst enemies. Does it ever make you wonder if she is just setting up the PLO to allow them to surround her so she can get rid of them in one sweep. I wonder about that sometime, for Israel is military very effective and very brilliant and hold some of the best ballistics know to mankind. She has technology farther advanced than most nations.
Then I look at the chaos that surrounds most land in the world including this land of ours. We have demonstrations where flags from other nations are raised up against the Flag called Old Glory that men and women have died for many times. The schools allow the children out of school to demonstrate but if a child is sick you must have a Dr. excuse.
Diseases are spreading like wildfire in many states. Mumps I have not heard of them for years. Viruses that they can not find the answers for. In Calif. Leprosy and TB. are greatly on the rise. Bedbugs in high dollar hotels. Young men dropping dead of heart attacks on their high powered jobs that are seemly healthy.
We have floods and wildfires running wild at the same time. Tornadoes greater than history has ever seen and this is happening worldwide so we are not in this fight alone. Perhaps God has finally moved His protective hand against this disobedience world. And is beginning to send His first arrows on the earth.
He told us everything that could be shaken would be shaken just before He gathers His Church to go home and be with Him. Will he find faith when He returns, as we see church after church promoting everything except the Gospel. It saddens one but at the same time puts great excitement in ones soul as we see the times are so very near. No man know the Hour or the Day but we can surely see the signs of the time all around us. We must occupy till He comes and pay attention that the day does not overtake us a thief. For He is coming quickly.
So let chaos run rampant and let all go to their prayer closet and seek the Almighty One that has all things completely under His control. For this to shall pass and we are ready to go to spend our lives in eternity with Jesus Christ. Put Jesus first in every aspect and sell out 100% to Him and recognize the signs and call out Come Quickly Lord Jesus, and surely He says back to us I am coming quickly. Keep you eyes on me I will never fail you. I will return and get my bride. Make sure your lamps are full of oil and you are ready to go at any time. Do not let your lamps go out at this final hour of all of our lives. To God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the beloved Holy Sprit let our voices sing out in glory to the three in one.

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