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Feasting with Jesus Christ Part Two


Jesus said in this passage mine hour is not yet come which perhaps was a rebuke. He was not ready to start His miracle ministry but for the sake of strengthening His infant disciples He did this miracle.


His mother moved Jesus but the wine began to fail. Remember the extremity of people is the opportunity of God. It is so sad to see so many false ministries out there deceiving helpless sheep disillusioned by the spectacular. In this particular miracle of the Son of God people became empty and when this happens we do not know what to do; however, Jesus did not delay His mercy to help the guests. When we are empty and do not know what to do we must pray and get very specific with God. This of course is predicated on that we have an earnest spirit.


In verse five Mary said to the guests observe His orders. Mary understood that the Son of God would help and in like manner we as His children need to comprehend that Jesus will help us in any situation we are in as long as we obey Him with purity in our hearts.


It is interesting that Mary took the mild rebuke from Jesus very submissively because she let her peace return back to her spirit. Meekness with a quiet spirit is way better than talking back to the other person. We do not have to always be right because often times we are wrong.


Where was her hope? It was in the mercy of Jesus Christ. I cry out for mercy before God all the time. Many people see this as foolish but I have found that God answers in the affirmative more often than not in favor of helping His children. 


Mary told the people to look at Jesus, not her in her total inability to fix this situation. When we face an impossible task do you really think we have the ability to solve the problem? The answer is no and often times God is the author of the trial. This is to test our faith and Godly character. Now Jesus was in a position to give the orders. The Son of God was now able to apply the method to the need because of His mercy. 


The miracle itself was turning water into wine. He ordered the water to take on a new form. Jesus Christ was showing Himself to be the God of nature. According to verse six there were six water pots of stone. The miracle was obviously turning water into wine. 


What does this miracle represent for all practical purposes? Jesus Christ came to bring the grace of the gospel which is as wine instead of the shadows of the law which were as water. Remember theses were water pots that had never been used to have wine in them so this is one clue to understanding the New Covenant of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. Another piece of evidence is these were water pots of stone which were not even able to retain the scent of former liquors if there was ever wine in them before the miracle. Jesus Christ gives abundantly according to the riches of His grace.


Notice there were six water pots probably prophetically representing six thousand years of mankind working, sweating and laboring in turmoil. There are so many examples of these stories in the gospels that this story is just one. 


In Creation God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. This was a model of human history. God could have easily created the world in one minute but desired to explain the general timeline of human history. This will be specific but we are not privileged to these details. 


When people said for example that Jesus would come back in the year two thousand that is way to simple and obvious. God would never design the timeline to be that easy. As I consult the biblical experts in this area (there are not many) they all say we are in the general vicinity of the return of Jesus Christ.


Are we feasting with Jesus Christ (having intimate fellowship with Him). We had better not only be justified in the eyes of God but sanctified (living pure and obedient lives before God) so we can go up in the rapture. I had a Christian women tell me that she can live any way she wants and still go up in the rapture. I blame this false teaching on the pastors but I also fault this ridiculous notion on the Christian just blindly taking and accepting this message. Be a wise virgin as opposed to a foolish virgin. 


If you have not done so now would be a good time to accept Jesus Christ into your heart as personal Savior and Lord by repenting of all your sins and inviting the Son of God into your life. If you just made that decision live for Jesus Christ by abiding in Him daily and being the profitable servant for the Son of God for the right reasons that line up with heaven. Objective good for the kingdom of God. God really needs loyal servants for Him. Much of the church has drifted away from the word of God.


God bless you,

Bob D.    



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