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Behold the Lamb of God takes away the sin of the world Part Two



John the Baptist tells them of Jesus Christ's preference above himself. He said the true Messiah comes after me and is preferred before me. Then he goes really humble and says whose shoe - latchet I am not worthy to loose. John the Baptist was a great servant before God and he accounted himself unworthy of the honor and comfort of being near Jesus Christ. How unworthy then should I account myself of fellowship with my Lord and Savior? Yet the Bible commands me to draw near to God.


We need to understand that the Pharisees did not come to John the Baptist for instructions to get right with God because they never even asked where Jesus Christ was so what does that tell us? They were not concerned in getting right with God.


This took place in the location of Bethabara beyond Jordan and this place signifies the house of passage. This place was perfect for the way into the gospel state through Jesus Christ. This was the perfect place to baptist because John the Baptist made this confession as he was baptizing people and pointing to Jesus Christ. Our house of passage is through Jesus Christ.


We need to remember that when John was baptizing people Jesus Christ was abstaining from food in the wilderness for forty days. Most people that I know cry so to speak when they miss two meals. After this experience Jesus Christ comes to John the Baptist.


There are several testimonies given in the Bible. In verse 29 Jesus Christ is referred to the Lamb who takes away the sin of the world. This makes Jesus Christ the ultimate sacrifice by which atonement is made for sin and people are reconciled to God. Many people understand the Old Testament and remembered a lamb was always used for the sins of the people but at this point the Lamb of God physically was on the earth. His name is Jesus Christ. He is the only One that can take away our sins. This is why we need to earnestly repent to God through Jesus Christ. 


Notice John the Baptist constantly called people to repent of their sins because this is the place remission takes place in our hearts. We engage in this practice because Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God. He can take away the guilt and power of sin by the merit of His death. Remember Jesus Christ raised from the dead and defeated sin and death.


Sin does have power but we have the Spirit of His grace. Notice the way this is phrased in the Bible. He is taking away the sin of the world which denotes it is a continued act so He is always taking away sin. This is just one reason we as Christians should always be repenting of our sins.


The Lamb of God was offered to be a propitiation for the sin of the whole world. One of the greatest wonders is Jesus Christ has the power to take away my sins. Jesus Christ can do this because He took sin upon Himself on the cross. God designed a way of abolishing sin in our life but He spares us as the sinner by making His Son sin for us.


If you desire to be redeemed through the shed blood of Jesus Christ accept the Lamb of God who takes away your sins. This requires repentance and then He takes away your sins which by the way is supposed to have the effect of us abstaining from our transgressions. We are human with a sin nature but this is where Jesus Christ comes in through our repentance and removes our sins before God. This process is designed to have the result of our love for Jesus Christ.


I just gave the invitation for anyone who does not know the Lord Jesus Christ but the same precept also applies to us as Christians. We are also to be confessing our sins and returning to fellowship in Jesus Christ. It is through holy living that the Holy Spirit is able to work His presence through our spirit.


God bless you,

Bob D. 






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