Sunday, June 24, 2007



A gift from God...on Hold?

As we are obedient to GOD'S PURE WORD
HE is forever faithful to perform it for our good.
So many lessons to learn, so much faith to obtain
for life is full of burdens too great to contain.

Man's greatest need is to 'know' HIS Love,
His provisions, His Joy, HIS PEACE from Above
the HOPE that is in us is for His purpose and glory
and, for US to dwell forever IN HIS House...Oh, such JOY!

HOW GREAT A GOD IS THIS, that first loved us,
a gift so cannot be measured---
HE sacrificed HIS wonderful life for ours...
a precious gift all 'man' should treasure.

His WORD was given so that man would go on living
He gave instructions for all HIS Children to follow...
NOT to control them or to add extra burden
rather, that man would live abundantly...without sorrow.

BUT, would Man heed his Lord and Master's plan--
obey HIS Word, use wisdom, take a stand?
Would he properly use each precious gift
God masterfully provided for his use?
OR, entertain demons unaware,
thus, to remain in deep despair--
neglecting the URGENT gift of PRAYER?

With nine gifts his God made available,
there is one used seldom but most dependable.
THIS gift is offered to HIS every child
to protect and keep him for 'awhile.'

This most precious gift is given freely
for those who exercise it assertively.
It is not Faith, though this is A MUST surely...
It is not wisdom or knowledge, though a necessity...
nor is it prophecy, miracles, healing or tongues
NOT even the interpretation given to some.

Rather, it is the least requested or used --
most have forgotten it, its use they refuse
What's this mysterious, least used 'gift of nine?'
Discernment, DISCERNMENT, needed ALL THE TIME!

With Wolves in Sheep's clothing devouring the 'unaware,'
discernment is man's protection used with caution and care.
soon many will enter HEAVEN's Gate...
DON'T be deceived. . .unaware of your pending fate!!!

©Copyright August 21, 1996, by W. Kaye Pocklington ><><><

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