Sunday, June 24, 2007



PRAYER of Shame ç¿ç [tears]

OH Lord, I am truly ASHAMED
For all my guilt and weaknesses, YOU CAME
For all my indifferences and my lack, I AM ASHAMED!!!
The world is dying without hope,
Without YOU, Dear Lord, NONE can cope.
What am I doing to bring 'change,' to show I care?
Am I really so busy as not to share :::>
Am I too busy to daily WORSHIP at YOUR FEET?

Many people miss weekly fellowship,
Many neglect daily worship.Many neglect Your Word...
the GOOD news they have not heard.
Many can't see the SIGNS...
Of YOUR soon coming, they are blind.
They give ETERNITY no thought of mind.
Many are focused on earning 'a dollar.'
For love and attention...their kids holler.
Some think they need everything...
yet, of 'substance' they have "NOTHING!"

THEN we wonder, LORD
WHY is there so much discord?
Children are out-of-control,
Counselors, [even psychics] parents seek ...
daily in danger of losing their soul.
Pain, suffering, disease, brokenness,
Substance and spousal abuse,
"Gotta live, Gotta make 'that' dollar"... is their excuse!

We all are "GUILTY" and I AM ASHAMED ...

LORD, the WORLD is so SAD
Its wickedness brings tears and makes us mad.
HEALING comes when we can face our LORD,
SEE our SIN, Repent and Live in ONE Accord!
"Share your Heart, your Love, your Concern
afterall, we are ALL here on Earth to learn."
Mistakes we make daily, but, my prayer is this:

Give me extra BOLDNESS...
[To ALL, I pray you give this!!]
COURAGE to me, please GIVE
HELP me keep things IN PERSPECTIVE.
HEAL and RESTORE 'our' Families,
Help me utilize my time WISELY.
Remind me daily to PRAY for those less fortunate...
That I might offer my time, concern or just connect.
Restore me to Serve and Honor YOU
in all that I say, think and DO!
To remain forever GRATEFUL
for ALL You have given me.
To Gather THOSE Called by YOUR NAME,
Of that, I AM NOT ASHAMED!!!!
This I Pray, IN JESUS' NAME!

This was written today, December 20, 1999, by W. Kaye Pocklington For "ALL those who have an EAR to hear WHAT the Spirit saith to the Churches!"
Are WE listening? Do WE care?

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