Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Invitation


This is a Personal
Invitation for YOU to COME to the most
Glorious Event EVER >> to take place SOON....
"Make Your Reservation TODAY."
The Cost to you is FREE....Paid in FULL by JESUS, THE CHRIST!
He is NOT willing that ANYONE miss this most WONDERFUL
The time:
Now thru Eternity....NEVER ENDING JOY and PEACE!!!
The place:
~~The Holy of HOLIES~~
Won't YOU set aside your "busy-ness,"
A NEW ATTIRE, Pure and White, awaits you ... PERFECTLY FITTING for this EVENT!!
Hope to SEE YOU THERE, My friend...

Oh, by the way, You may also invite Your friends [and any others],
and THE MOST GRACIOUS HOST hopes you will!!!
AMEN and Halleluia.
Love, "SIS" Kaye {Soon-to-be-Bride} :::::>>

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