Thursday, March 08, 2007

What is Happening in the World Today?

What is happening in this world today:
As we silently look around the world that we live in today. All we can see is the darkness that surrounds every nation and every country. None are unaware of this.
We see the enemy at work very furiously as he knows that his time is short. But we also see our God at work because His Children are protected by His loving Grace. From the youngest to the oldest we are held safe and secure in the hands of Jesus Christ.
God is aware that Daniel is being fulfilled as is Isaiah and Jeremiah and all the prophets and we watch them unfold daily before our very own eyes. We See all the prophecy’s merging toward the end times. The Christian feels it in the middle of his being and is rapidly trying to occupy till Jesus takes us out of here. We must try and reach as many as we can for the Lord’s sake.
It is time to put all differences down and come together as a Church full of Passion and energy as was the early Church. Always remembering that there is a great prize set before us and that is we get to see our Lord Jesus Christ. That is all in the Long Run that will matter to any of us. To see our Heavenly Father and His Only Begotten Son.My one question is this will we see Jesus as John saw Him in Revelation like a lamb lead to the slaughter. Will that be the first thing that we will see in heaven, is the Bruised and Battered Body of our Lord and then we He takes the seal and begins to open them We will finally see Him in His Glory for we will begin like a great choir to sing our Praises to Him.
I find myself wondering just what heaven will be like. Just think Church no more trials, no sorry, no sickness, no tears just pure Joy as we are with our Gloriously King and we are being honored in His Father’s House. We will receive our inheritance from the Mighty God. But in all reality they will seem like nothing compared to being with the Father and the Son and The Holy Spirit. We shall see our God and hear His voice and feel His love that allowed Him to send Jesus to the World for each and every on of us.
Sometimes I often wonder If I Praise and Honor my Father as I should. Before the foundations of the world He chose me and you and every child of God that is under the Blood of His Son. He knew then every mistake and every wrong doing that we have done yet His Angels broke forward in Song as each of His chosen came to Him. He knew the day the hour and the minute that you would find Him. He was watching and waiting Patiently as an earthly father does for all His children to be home and in safety.
The love of the Father and the Son knows no bounds, we find from the greatest sinner to the worst sinner He loves us all equally. Do We Love Him Back as He loved us. Do we have the Faith that we hang on to every Written Word in the Bible and make it our Home. Our Father left us His Word to Love and Feed us daily and to keep us running the race. No matter what the situation is, you must realize that God is completely in control. There is no battle to fierce for Him. No sickness that He can not heal, No home that He can not make well. He is truly all in all.
As we see the night getting darker and the days getting dimmer and sin fostering like a gangrene we must realize the we will face heavy trials in these End Days. But Beloved Ones Keep You Eyes on Jesus not on the Circumstances in your life. You are a Child of the King, You are washed and adopted into the royal bloodline of Jesus Christ. Give all these things coming our way to Him and just lift up your hearts in Praise. Jesus and The Father hear every prayer that we pray and They answer everyone to Their Glory. You must realize that the minute you pray the Father sends an angelic being with the a answer, but that they must have a war getting through the principalities and powers of the air. God answers every prayer for your best interest. So keep on keeping on. The Word of God tells us to Ask Seek and Find. Don’t give up. You've come to far to not finish the race no matter the circumstances we may all face.
I ask you all to Keep your Eyes upon the Great and Glorious Prize at the end of the Road. Father is holding You and He is telling you Press on My child Press on. Soon and very soon we are going to see the King. God’s blessings be upon each and everyone of us in this world that Love and Serve Jesus. He is more than worth every trouble, every heartache, every circamstances that we have faced. Remember that
Jesus was tempted just as we are and He overcame and gave you the power to also overcome.

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