Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Are You Prepared to meet Your God?

Are You Prepared To Meet Your God?

As we sit here in the world that we are living in now, we find that we must ask ourselves some Questions! Are we Prepared to Meet our God? Have we lost our First Love? Do we still love Jesus, as much as we did the first day He found us? Are we ready, watching and praying? Or has the world sneaked in and you find yourself, less in Love with God and more in love with the things of the world? Do we find our selves not in shock, as we see what goes on in the daily news, does it burn at your soul, the evil that you see there? Is your righteous soul vexed with the evil that surrounds us? Could it be that we have allowed ourselves to be desensitized, to what is happening? Have we seen so much carnage in Iraq, that the rows of dead bodies no longer wound our souls? Do we weep over every lost soldier of ours, that comes home in a Flag Draped Coffin or do we say, this is war, you can Expect Casualties?
Are you clamoring away at a job that is not only killing you, but Killing the Spirit that Resides in you? Do you stay for the money, as you climb the ladder of success, not realizing that you are selling your very soul to get up that ladder? When you get there, will you find happiness or will you have Lost Everything, that mattered in the first place? Is Jesus still, the Lord of Your Life?
Do you know that happiness is only for a fleeting moment, but that the Joy of the Lord lasts a Lifetime and then Infinity? We have a Father in Heaven, that Loves us and will meet our every need. He did not promise us a rose garden. He promised us, that only thru trials and tribulation, would we enter into the Kingdom of God. That we would daily fight a bloody battle, against the unseen enemy, the enemy that comes to steal, kill and destroy us? Is that enemy of your soul, a foe that you are fighting off daily to walk the walk of Faith in the Living God? It has never been a walk of ease, but a walk of trials, but who else walked the same walk? A Solitary Man, called Christ Jesus. He Walked and Overcame, so that we could walk and depending only upon Him, also overcome the things in this evil world.
Yes, this world is evil, but the God that says I AM is Perfect and Has Provided a way for us to walk and run the race that He set before us. He gave us Jesus, for our example and then allowed the Precious Holy Spirit to come and indwell in us, so that we could have the power to overcome all the arrows the enemy sends our way. But we must have our eyes fixed on Jesus and Jesus alone. We must love Jesus with all of our heart, mind and soul and and we must Love our neighbor, as Jesus Loved us. Can you say, that you are keeping the Commandments that the Lord Jesus, set for us to follow? Do we look for the good in everyone, realizing that it is the sin that we hate, not the person behind the sin? We are to pour out our very souls to them and try and lead them to the Rock, Christ Jesus. It has never been our job to judge them, but our job is to love them. God will judge everyone!
Do we moan and complain about the gifts that God has given to others, while we hide our own gifts under a bushel? Does our light so shine that people say, there is something about that person? I just do not quite know what it is, but they are different, they are always smiling, no matter what is going on in their lives. They have this Peace and Comfort about them. They are just different than we are, I want to be like them. Do the people in our jobs, know that we are the children of God or have you failed to admit that you serve Jesus? Do You stand up for Him and allow no one to trample on us, in our walk. Do we stand proudly saying, I serve the King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ!
The time is running short my friends. We must jump into the Bible with Everything within ourselves and be ready to meet our God. He is coming soon. Will He say "Well done my faithful servant" or will he close the door in you face? Prepare to battle to the end. What will it profit a man, if he gains the world and loses his own soul? Jesus is coming, I beg you, be ready.

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