Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Battle Between Good and Evil has started

The Battle Between Good and Evil Has Started!

In this cold cruel world, that we live in, we can feel in our spirits the battle that is raging all over this world. Even Creation is crying out to be Avenged from the Blood that has been spilled on it. We feel the Powers of Good and the powers of the principalities and powers of the air fighting all around us to try and wedge the control of this world out of the Hands of God. But that will Never Happen! Satan may have gotten the title deed to the earth, when he defeated the first Adam in the Garden, but he lost it when he tried to defeat the Only Begotten Son of God. Jesus won it back and said - "It is Finished."
We will see Jesus open the title deed to the earth as He will then unleash His Wrath in the first of the Seals. This is the beginning of the End. As we see wars looming all over the globe, there is starvation and pestilence. Diseases that the new antibiotics will not even touch, let alone cure. They are finding them everyday. People dying and falling over with heart attacks, in their early thirties. Do you not think that we live in a world of fear? Depression and suicide and evil on every side of us, yet it does not touch us. For we are the children of the Living God and we do not fear for we have a future that is Secure in Jesus Christ. But lest we forget from whence we have come and what our mission is on this earth, let us remember that it is to bring the lost and hurting souls to the Lord Jesus Christ. To Learn about the the Love Book that Jesus gave us and the purpose of our lives. Being religious and going to church or having a quick Bible study once a week, will not do it. We must be wrapped up in the Word of God for it is our Daily Bread. How many of us would starve our selves all week and get a quick snack for lunch on Sunday and the not eat, until the next Sunday? How long do you think that we would live? How long do you think that we can live Spiritually, without the Word of God?
How many of us are so tied up in our hobbies and the other things, that satan has robbed you of your time with God? If you find yourself spending more time on anyone thing in your life, than you do in the Word of God, then that is your god. Stop and think children! What you feed your mind, is what comes out of your mouth. Garbage in, garbage out. The enemy wants to steal your soul and have you so busy, that you can not even think straight. He will bring all against you that he can, just like he did with Job. Are you strong enough in your knowledge, that you can quote Scriptures and Praise your way out of the trials that he sends your way? Or do you moan and complain like the children of Israel did, as they came out of Egypt? Do you not realize that your salvation was your coming out of the wilderness? Have you praised the Living God for everyday that He has given you on this earth or do you find yourself moaning and complaining about your lot in God? This is a very serious question and demands a serious answer. God will not be mocked, you will reap what you sow, remember that! Remember that the Children of Israel did not make it into the Promised Land. Will you make it into Heaven, with the attitude that you have in your life right now? Are you looking to God or are you running in the other direction, looking for all the things wrong in your lives? Do you not realize, that you could not take your next breath, unless God allowed you to? He is the Potter, you are the clay, you can not remake God but you can allow Him to not remake you. Are you a servant of God or do you think of God as someone you can call in, when you find it is just a little to much for you to handle? What kind of God do you serve? Does he come out of the TV, out of the Internet or out of your own mind? Have you made your own graven image of the Living God?
Do you remember to thank Him daily, for the fact that He choose You and then, He gave you a Free Will to obey Him or disobey Him. I would like you to remember that Judas Iscariot was in His hand also, but He had to let him go, what about you? Do you think that you can continue to displease God and get away with it and that no matter what, even if you Crucify His Son afresh and walk Over Him, that He will say "Well done my Faithful Servant." Or will He say depart from me, I never knew you? These are questions that you and you alone can answer. Our God is not a trophy god that we put on a shelf and bring Him up and down when we need Him. He is a Living Being that delights, in the Praises of His people. When is that last time that you took the time to Praise God for all that you have? Your life, your limbs, sight, touch, smell. and all the many things that He has given You? Do you Delight in every Sunset and every Sunrise, knowing that He made them to show you His Beauty? God is good to you, How Good are you to Him? We say come quickly Lord Jesus, but in your heart if He does come quickly, are You ready to Go?

Maranatha Dear Jesus My Lord and My Saviour.
Zelma P


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