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Ezekiel 38 &39

For this study I will be using only the King James Bible and verses out of this. This study is my opinion and the research will be mine and mine alone. I will not be using any other material other than my own mind. Therefore I will be writing on a literal understanding of the Chapters and also on the prophetic context that I see in them.
I do not care to debate the issue at all, so this is why I say this is my opinion.
Ezekiel means God Strengthens.
As you read the Book of Ezekiel, you must see the strength and character of this man. He went thru many things during the years that he prophesied for the Lord Jehovah. He starts in the reign of King Jehoiachin in captivity. He ends with the Shekinah Glory of The Messiah.
His leading characteristic is realizing determined energy; this admirably adapted him for opposing the "rebellious house" "of stubborn front and hard heart," and for maintaining the cause of God’s Church among his countrymen in a foreign land, when the external framework had fallen to pieces. His style is plain and simple. His conceptions are definite and the details even of the symbolical and enigmatical parts are given with lifelike minuteness. The obscurity lies in the substance, not in the form, of his communications. The priestly element predominates in his prophecies, arising from his previous training as a priest. He delights to linger about the Temple and to find in its symbolical forms, the imagery for conveying his instructions. This was Divinely Ordered, to satisfy the spiritual want felt by the people in the absence of the outward Temple and its sacrifices. In his images, he is magnificent, though austere and somewhat harsh. He abounds in repetitions, not for ornament, but for force and weight. Poetical parallelism is not found except in a few portions, as in the seventh, twenty-first, twenty-seventh, twenty-eighth, twenty-ninth through thirty-first chapters. His great aim was to stimulate the dormant minds of the Jews. For this end, nothing was better suited than the use of mysterious symbols expressed in the plainest words. The superficial, volatile and willfully unbelieving would thereby, be left to judicial blindness (Isa_6:10; Mat_13:11-13, etc.); whereas the better-disposed would be awakened to a deeper search into the things of God by the very obscurity of the symbols. The attention to this Divine Purpose, has led the modern Jews so to magnify this obscurity as to ordain that no one shall read this book till he has passed his thirtieth year.
Ezekiel lived and prophesied for twenty two years at the same time that Daniel and Jeremiah were prophesying. But they lived longer and prophesied longer than Ezekiel. God called Ezekiel to live his life according to his prophecies. I wonder just how many of us, if God told us our mate was to have a stoke tomorrow and we were not to grieve, if we would obey? To really understand where we are at in 38 please read 36 thru 39. To get the context of what is being written in these Chapters.
Now Just a brief Outline and then I will continue.

EZEKIEL 38, 39


A. Israel had to become a nation again.
1. God began giving details about this in chapter 34.
2. Chapter 36, he speaks of the agricultural developments.
"The desolate area has become like the garden
of Eden."
3. Chapter 37, valley of dry bones and two sticks.
B. There were to be forests again. 34: 25 / 39: 10
1. The Turks in their long occupation denuded the land.
2. The Israelis in one of the first major projects began
planting trees.
3. Millions of trees now planted - they proudly point out
their forests.



A. 5 / 6 of invaders destroyed. 39: 2
B. Weapons cache will provide fuel for Israel for seven years.
C. Seven months in burying dead.
D. The end of Israel's backsliding and blindness. 39: 22

A. He speaks of ten of that day that will come.
Ez. 20: 41 / 28: 22,25 / 36: 23.
B. This promised day comes when Russia and Allies destroyed.
C. Ez. 39:27-29.

A. Romans 11: 25 - "Blindness has happened to Israel till the
fullness of the Gentiles be come in."
B. 2 Thess. 6: 7. The restraining force holding back the power of the
anti-christ. "That which hinders shall hinder until He
be taken out of the way."



A. "When I have brought them again from the people and gathered
them out of their enemies' lands, and am sanctified in them; in the sight of many nations" Ezekiel 39: 27, Ezekiel 28: 25, Ezekiel 38: 23 & Ezekiel 36: 23.
1. Or when Israel becomes a nation again.
2. Ezekiel 37 - valley of dry bones.
"Behold I will take the children of Israel
from among the heathen where they have gone,
and will gather them on every side and bring
them into their own land, and I will make
them one nation in the land."
3. This has been done as of May 14, 1948.
B. "And am sanctified in them in the sight of many nations."
This is when God destroys Russia's army that is
invading Israel.
1. Ezekiel 38:8, 18-23.
2. Special note on vs. 23 - "sanctify Myself" -
known in the eyes of many nations.

A. The vast majority of the Jews in Israel are not religious.
1. They blame the Holocaust for their atheism.
2. "Where was God when 6 million Jews were killed?"
B. They were proud and cocky after the Six Day War in 1967.
They would not acknowledge God's help.
C. The 1973 Yom Kippur War brought a different attitude.
1. Much of the arrogance was gone.
2. Many began to suspect maybe God was helping them.
D. Once God destroys the vast army led by Russia, there will be no

III. THE PROMISES. Ezekiel 39: 29
A. God's time clock has been standing still.
1. Daniel 9 - seventy sevens determined on the Nation Israel
to finish transgression - to make an end of sins - to
make reconciliation for iniquity - to bring in
everlasting righteousness - to seal up the visions and
prophecies - to anoint the most holy.
2. These 70 seven year cycles were to begin with the
commandment to restore and rebuild Jerusalem.
3. After 69 seven year cycles, or 483 years, the Messiah
would come.
4. The Messiah would be cut off and receive nothing for
5. Jerusalem would subsequently be destroyed, and the
people dispersed.
6. That part was all fulfilled.
7. We still have one more seven year cycle determined for
the nation of Israel.
a. It will surely begin when God once more puts
His Spirit on the nation.
b. It will culminate with the return of Jesus
Christ in power and glory.
B. Another prophet foretold God's pouring out of His Spirit on
Israel after their re-gathering in the land. (Joel Chapter 2.)
1. Drive far off from you the northern army - vs. 20.
2. Restoration in the land - vs. 25.
3. Acknowledgment of God - vs. 27.
4. God's Spirit poured out - vs. 28, 29.
5. Followed by events of great tribulation, culminating in
the great and terrible(awesome) day of the Lord's Coming
- vs. 30, 31.
C. What does this mean to us, the church?
1. It means we will be gone.
2. The church is the agency through which God's Spirit
works today.

Now to Discuss - Ezekiel 38 & 39

My first question here would be - are we living in this time now? We find these nations mentioned here- Russia, Islamic Nations, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Iran, Iraq, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Yugosolovia and Romania. Verses 1 thru 6. But keep in mind verse one, God has set His face against these lands.
Now we find a huge army coming with all sorts of Armour, Shields, Bucklers and Swords.(speaking of the modern warfare items of today, but in Ezekiel's terms.) God is speaking of the latter days here, in the which, I believe that we are living in now. Right now, as we see in verse 8, many nations, out after Israel. Muslims surround Israel and their greatest desire, is to annihilate them. When a nation threatens to annihilate another one, we best pay heed, because the great "white satan" is in there with Israel. We to the Muslim world, are the "great white satan", the USA.
Verse 9 - They are going to come like a storm to cover the land and bring all these nations with them. They are coming after Israel because of the bounty of the land.
Verse 10 - God is now going to put an evil thought in their minds in the which, explains to all of us, that God is completely in control here, as He always had been in the control of All Things pertaining to this world.
Verse 11 - This tells us, to keep our eyes on the West Bank now. As many have seen, Israel is tired of war. This is all she has ever known and now the USA is pushing her to a road map of peace, with people(Arabs), with which, there will Never be peace . If they can't kill others, they will kill each other, as we see in Iraq right now. Israel is not walled, She just sits at the hand of the enemy, surrounding Her. Which we could call the heathens, the Muslims or the Gentiles.
Verse 13 - Now we are going to find other nations, going against Israel, to spare their own lands. People are coming out of everywhere, to this little nation of Israel. To Bad, that they do not know, that they are about to touch the "APPLE OF GOD’S EYE!" God will protect Israel and we all know this. They will come, but instead of Israel, they will meet the fury of God and in His jealously, there will be a great shaking in the land of Israel.
Why is all of this happening, it is not Armageddon, as verse 23 answers the question for us - "Thus will I magnify Myself, and sanctify Myself; and I will be known, in the eyes of many nations and they shall know that I am the Lord. If the heathen were all going to die, why would God magnify Himself, in their eyes. God at this time, is still dealing with people to repent and come to Him.
(Between chpt 38 and 39, I believe that the gathering of the church takes place and we are removed from the earth.)
Chapter 39: 2 - 6 In the beginning we see 5/6 of this army wiped out. How is it wiped out? Does Israel fire a shot? Nope, But God does this - Verse 3 -"I will smite the bow out of the left hand, and will cause thine arrows to fall out of thy right hand." Verse 4 - Then God smites them all and gives them over to the beast and the Ravenous birds of the field. I believe that this is the beginning of the tribulation period, when the horses begin to ride, for at this time, one fourth of mankind will be killed. (Rev. 6: 8). God said they would fall on the open field. Amazing, what an awesome God we serve! Verse 6 tells me of the possibility of a nuclear exchange. Verses 11 thru 16 are the ones that talk about the burial of the people and it will be to the east which places it in the Jordan. We see Professional Grave Diggers, here which does point to nuclear possibilities (contamination). Again, you see Ezekiel repeating the verses which is in verse 4, again in Vs 17-20, but deeper, this time!
Now to verse 21- 29

Eze 39:21 "And I will set my glory among the heathen, and all the heathen shall see my judgment that I have executed, and my hand that I have laid upon them.
Eze 39:22 So the house of Israel shall know that I am the LORD their God from that day and forward. Also see Romans 11: 26!
Eze 39:23 And the heathen shall know that the house of Israel went into captivity for their iniquity: because they trespassed against me, therefore hid I my face from them, and gave them into the hand of their enemies: so fell they all by the sword.
Eze 39:24 According to their uncleanness and according to their transgressions have I done unto them, and hid my face from them.
Eze 39:25 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Now will I bring again the captivity of Jacob, and have mercy upon the whole house of Israel, and will be jealous for my holy name;
Eze 39:26 After that they have borne their shame, and all their trespasses whereby they have trespassed against me, when they dwelt safely in their land, and none made them afraid.
Eze 39:27 When I have brought them again from the people, and gathered them out of their enemies' lands, and am sanctified in them in the sight of many nations;
Eze 39:28 Then shall they know that I am the LORD their God, which caused them to be led into captivity among the heathen: but I have gathered them unto their own land, and have left none of them any more there."
Eze 39:29 Neither will I hide my face any more from them: for I have poured out my spirit upon the house of Israel, saith the Lord GOD. Also see Romans 11: 26 & 27!
If this is after the tribulation and God has set up the Milllineum Kingdom, why does he say what he says in verse 21? Why does He want the Heathens to know that He is God and also the House of Israel, if there were no time left for the plan of salvation, to all mankind still going on? Much to question oneself about! Can’t get a metaphor, simile or symbolic nature in these verses, Can You? The final rest of the chapter, deals which what I believe, will happen to Israel during the final tribulation period. The blinders will be removed and Israel will have to flee to Petra. Revelation 12: 10-17 & Romans 18.
Now as we start the following Chapters 40 thru 48, we see the third temple being rebuilt which I believe will be the covenant that the antichrist will make with Israel, in the first part of the Tribulation period. I believe that this is the temple that Jesus Christ will rule out of, during the Millenium - Ezekiel 48: 35 I was round about 18,000 measures, that the name of the city, from that day shall be "The Lord is There" ( Jehovah Shammah ), this Temple will be cleansed, by the Lord, Jesus Christ, The Messiah & He will Rule & Reign from there.
As I have already stated I do not care to debate this. I have given to you the best that I have to offer. Maranatha Lord Jesus
Jesus Christ is my Lord & my Saviour!

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