Thursday, July 27, 2006

My younger life and my life now

Good morning to all:
I just thought that this would touch people heart upon waking up this morning. Oh God I pray for the Peace pf Jerusalem. My heart breaks on what I see happening over there now. So many death, so many innocent victims. All because the Lord choose a nation and a people to be His. In my spirit I am weeping over the devastation over there in all countries. War is horrible in any case but as we all know Israel will be victorious as she has the Lord on her side while the others are ruled by satan. Just another sign that we are living in the ends of times.
I was talking to my Mom yesterday and our generation now is 94 years old. My Aunt just turned 94 and my Mom 86 and they are spry as bumble bees. How I love them so and the baby is now 6. I look back and my childhood was so precious to me that I remember even when I was little bitty. Mom is amazed at what I remember and share with her and she will say yes that is exactly what happened. God has given me such grace to be born into a family that shows love and still remains so close. My Sisters are my dearest friends and I long to go and visit with them and hope to go in August to spend some time there. Not many can look back and only see love but that is all I knew in my life from all of my family. I guess that is why I can love Jesus so very much as my only examples in life were a family of love. My Dad who was my stepfather was the most loving man I ever knew and when I was three year old he sat down and talked with me and told me that he would like to be my father. Out of all the lil girls in the world he choose me to love and would I love him back and be his daughter. He told me he would always stand by my side no matter what and Lois no matter what I went thru in my life my Dad was there. He stood and wept over me in a hospital bed many times and would not leave. Others would go to rest but not Dad He would stay and I knew when I opened my eyes that he would be there. That made my conversion so glorious as if my earthly Father loved me that much how much more does my Heavenly Father love me. It would break my heart when I was little if I disappointed my Dad so now it breaks my heart when disappoint Jesus. How fortunate I was to have that kind of love and to still have it going from generation to generation. I look at my brothers now passed on and my sisters children and I see the same love that flows from the fountain so freely. So I have always in a way had the touch of God in my life and How I praise Jesus for that.
Life passes so fast and I can only try and share the love of God with others. He will never leave us or forsake us. Thou we all go thru dark valleys He walks besides us and urges us on simply saying because of you I died, because of Me you live. Oh what praise sing out of my heart to God! May you all have a precious day in the Lord and remember that Jesus loves you beyond belief, Oh Lord help our unbelief. Always my dear ones Look up because Jesus is looking up with You just reach out and touch Him. He is there for us all. Love is the key and it mst start at home. Wrath is not evr allowed in the family of God.
Blessings to all in Jesus Name;

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