Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Prayer...

My Prayer

Father, as I prostrate myself at Your Feet, I beg that You look into every crevice of my heart and cleanse me from all iniquity.
Jesus, I want more of You and less of me. May You, Precious Jesus increase in all areas of your children’s lifes. We are only children, Dear Lord walking thru a strange world and sojourning in a strange land. This world is not our home, we are just passing thru. Please help us to remember that, Lord Jesus, as we fret seeing what is happening in this wicked evil world. Give us your Grace, Mercy and Peace as we walk in these Last Days. May we always put You and Your Will, first and bring to death the deeds of our flesh. Father, we see all of our imperfections and all of our mistakes, that we have made in this life and we humbly beg that You intercede, especially in our children’s lives. We have all made mistakes, Dear Lord Jesus, but some of them have done great damage to the ones we love the most. Especially when we walked in the world and did not teach our children the Ways of Righteousness. We look at our lives now and blame ourselves even knowing that there is nothing we can do to change the past. The enemy of our soul, loves to torment us in this area. May we place our families in Your Precious Hands and Believe that you Can Touch them & Call them into Salvation.
Father, Your Word teaches us that tho our sins be as Scarlet, You will Wash us and Cleanse us and make us White as Snow. Teach us, Heavenly Father to love all the Brethren as You have commanded us. Even tho we see all their shortcomings. Love covers their sins as it covers our sins. Please teach us to Love as You Jesus have Loved. Who are we, that we would judge one another, do we not know that with the measure we judge, we will be judged? Not one of us can look inside another persons heart. So Help us Jesus to follow your Word and not our Fleshly Will. Help us with a pure heart to Love each other, even tho we may not know or understand anothers ministry. All of the members connect together and all of us have different functions in the Body. Teach us to Respect and Honor those that are the lowest in esteem. Father God, teach us not to do harm or cause Strife in the Body of Christ. Let us be more like You and less like self, let us Crucify this Worthless Flesh that tries to kill us. We must keep the spirit on the throne, the soul subject to the spirit and the body must die to all fleshly lust. Let us all realize that Love is of God and anyone that Lovest not his brother, Lovest not God.
Father, teach us to be obedient to You, Jesus. Teach us to hear that Still Small Voice and to Obey when You tell us to Obey and to Keep Still when you tell us to Keep Still. God, we know and realize that you are In Charge and In Control of all areas in this world. Do not let us be shaken as we see what is happening in this world around us and not to fret, because all these work according to how you have commanded them to work. Let us rest in the knowledge that You have all things in control.
We look to the Mideast and we wait paiently for You, Precious Jesus to move as You have preordained in this world. Let us be aware of what is going on and let us be aware of what the Word teaches us in Prophecy. Only you, Jesus are in control, but we fret within, anyway. I do, because I see the Rapture so close. But Lord help me to remember that I must Occupy till You come. Let us pour our hearts out to You Dear God, that You will get us ready and to You Jesus who will present us to Your Father without spot or wrinkle. Let us always walk as You walked. Remember that is You, God that pulls the strings, not us. We are His servants, He is our God. We are His slaves, He is our Master. He is a Good and Kind Master and Always takes care of us. Let us remember to always give the Glory where it belongs, to God. Never to the person, for they are only the vessels that God uses.
He is the potter, we are the clay. Mold us and Make us Dear God. Break down all the areas that need to be broken down. Cleanse us from All iniquity. Build us our Faith, that You can do and keep us thru all things that come into our lives. Be the Lord of our lives. Let us take Joy when we are tested. Let us remember that God is Love.
Maranatha Dear Lord Jesus and Jesus says to all, SURELY I AM COMING QUICKLY!
Blessings to all the Dear friends. May God Enfold you all in His Grace, Mercy and Peace. Thank you Father for hearing us and we ask all these things in the Precious Name of Jesus, Your Beloved Son that Died and Rose Again that we might Live and have Eternal Life thru Your Sacrifice.
Zelma P.

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