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he 70 weeks of Daniel

Hi Everyone. I am going to try and put down the seventy weeks of Scriptues as I learned them many years ago and being that I have them on a kinda Zelma chart they may not turn out as well if I just type them out. I believe that this is a study well forth checking out and it is proven by history and also Scriptures.

The Seventy weeks or 490 years.

1 From the birth of Abraham to the Exodus.

1ST 70 week=from Abraham Birth to the Exodus

Abrahams Birth BC 2111

a. Abraham walked 75 years with the Lord then he was give the promise. Gen. 12:4

b. Gen 16:16 Ishamael conceived BC 2026. Ishamael was a usurper for 15 years.

c. Isaac born Gen 21;15. BC 2011

Now we have the actual amount of years as 505, then we will go to the 15 uears that Ishmael was the usurper, and subtract and we will go to the Exodus. Total time being 490 years.

2 Seventy weeks or 490 year

From the Exodus to the Dedication of Solomons Temple. 490 Years

This is the time of Servitude, or the 2nd 490 years.

a The jews were in servitude to Mesopotomia 8 years. Judges 3;8

b. the jews were then in servitutude the second time to the Moabites 18 years. Judges 3; 12-14.

c. Third servitude Cananites for 20 years. Judges 4; 2-3

d Forth servitude Midianites 7 years. Judges 6;1

e Fifth servitude Philistines and Ammonites 18 years. 18 years. Judges 10: 7-8/

f Sixth servitude Philistines 40 years.

Now we have the building of the Temple BC 1015 1 Kings 6; 1-38, this took 10 years.

Actual time counting the servitude 591 years, remove the time of the servitude and you have your second 490 years.

3 From the Dedication of Solomons Temple to the edict of Artaxerxes or 490 years.

a. From B.C. 606 the Jews were in captivity till B.C 536

b. Now we come to the Edit of Artaxerxes March 14 B.C. 445 Neh 21.

Actual time line, counting the 70 years of capitivity 560 years but since God does not count time when Israel is out of favor with God we then have another 490 years.

4. From the Edict of Artaxerxes to the second coming of Jesus Christ.

a. We begin with the edict of Artaxterxes. Neh 21 March 14 445 B.C.

b we have seven weeks from 445B.C. to 396 .

c Daniel 9; 24-26 62 weeks

d Now Neh 2;1 tells us the exact day that the Messiah was cut of, 173,880 days from Neh 2;1 A.D 32 Jesus was then crucified.April 10 32 A.D.

e Now we come to the future we have been in the Church age since the Messiah has been cut of, we will remain in this age until the fullness of the gentiles be come in. Romans 11;25.

f then the rapture,

g. Now the final seven years comes Antichrist comes on the scene in daniel 27 and makes a covenant of peace with Israel and then we go to Revelation 6 and there is the future.

Antichrist makes and breaks the cioenant and demands that he be worship as God. This did not happen in 70 as, as titus took a statue of Zeus his god into the temple and demanded that the people worship his god not him. He then killed millions of jews and took many of them into capativity.

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