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The righteous return of Jesus Christ

I have had the privilege of studying and analyzing each number very slowly from a biblical perspective and have indeed learned more than I ever could have imagined. I was able to apply each number practically but also showed how some numbers related to end time biblical prophecy and current events.
I am now at the ordinal perfection of ten and the righteous return of Jesus Christ. Perhaps I can give some good news to the soon to be rapture of the Church in light of the bad news regarding a few dear beloved Christians that just passed on to be with the Lord. When a godly person dies it always makes me think of my faith in Jesus Christ and the reality of eternity.

Ten is a very interesting number in the Bible because it speaks of an entire cycle being completed (1 through 9).Ten is the third of the four perfect numbers in the Bible (3,7, "10" and 12).
If one were to add 3+7(the first two perfect numbers in Scripture) he or she would conclude that 10 would be the answer. The first perfect number (3) added to the second perfect number (7) equals the third perfect number (10). 3+7=10.
I start to see a divine design right from the beginning. There is a sense of completion in the biblical meaning of this number and it certainly follows the same theme starting from the book of Genesis all the way through the book of Revelation.
Hopefully one will look at perfection from heaven rather than some so called earthly sense of accomplishment. In fact it is kind of interesting to me that 4+6=10. 4 (the world) +6 (evil) =10.Remember in the first paragraph I showed you this heavenly perfection of the number ten.3 (divine completion) +7(spiritual perfection) =10 (ordinal perfection).
If you were to talk to a carnal person that is so preoccupied with the world he or she would rather relate to 4 (the world) +6 (evil) =10.This is the result of the world (4) and evil (6) gathering together to form a corrupt law (10). It just goes to show you that people have a choice as to how they are gong to look at ordinal perfection.
One view is from God Himself (3+7=10) and the other is from the backdrop of a corrupt world (4+6=10). This is exactly what I see when I study the subject of end time Bible prophecy in connection with the number 10. Jesus Christ in all of His Pureness presents some truths regarding this number and then there is the distorted version of ten on this planet.

The number 10 means ordinal perfection from God. Five is the number for grace. If you were to add 5+5=10. Ten stands for testimony. We are now twice as responsibly for the grace that God has given to us. This is a difficult task to maintain because we are only human but we do have Jesus Christ living inside of us.
Luke 19 portrays "10" servants with "10" pounds but only one was able to be responsible and accountable to the call. He was rewarded by ruling over "10" cities. We can only do this because we have the love and resurrection power of Jesus Christ working through us. The other nine laborers for our Savior probably tried to do this in their own strength. It makes me think. True testimony comes from grace not works or merit.
Ten originates from God. From the 10 plaques in the Old Testament to the 10 virgins in the New Testament. I don't believe anyone can truly understand end time Bible prophecy unless they realize that the biblical meaning of ten means the law of God.
People always rebel against this and as a result the soon to be 7 year tribulation will start because the war between man and God comes to the surface in a very strong way according to the Bible.
The truth comes out and judgment is exacted by God on this planet as time progresses. "And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plaques yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk." Revelation 9:20. The wrath of God would cease if man repented but this verse is saying that people will continue to rebel against God, His law and reject His grace. 
This is a short article with no Part Two because we had several computer crashes and were unable to retrieve many of the full articles. If you look at the last paragraph I said as a basic reality people will rebel against God and not honestly repent of their sins before God but that does not have to be us . Our first call in these last days is to be ready for the rapture of the Church so we won't have to go into the seven year tribulation period. I don't know about you but I have a hard time just getting through the age of grace which is the time period we are living in now and cannot even imagine going into the next dispensation which starts with the seven year tribulation. We should be living for God everyday as we watch for His return for His Church better known as the bride of Jesus Christ. Not every Christian is doing this and some are so bold as to say I really don't even care. Do you think they are going up in the rapture? I don't believe they are because God will honor their will. The Bible says we should be watching and ready.
In these very last moments we have left in this age of grace let us be in the will of God and watch for His return as we prepare ourselves to be right with God . To do this we have to obey God and live pure. To watch and be ready for the Blessed Hope which is the rapture of the Church is a wonderful pursuit that should be the first concern of our life. May the Lord bless us as we live for Him because time is so short.

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