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The judgment and objective good of nine Part One

The biblical meaning of the number 9 is very intense but necessary for our lives because God is Sovereign and we are not. In simple terms God knows what is best for our lives and we don't understand objective good from a divine point of view.
If we are a true authentic Believer in Jesus Christ then that point I just made is paramount to understanding how the number 9 applies to our life.
I would even take this subject to another level. In simple terms we don't know what is truly good for our life. We may think we know but would we give approval for God to sanction all of these strange hardships to happen in our life? No way because God sees our journey. Not only that but we would bargain with God to less trials and most of the time God does not listen to this because He knows what is good for us and we do not. God has put valleys in my life that I would never agree to but it is not my choice. 
Only God sees the whole picture from beginning to end. I used to think I saw my life but then realized the impossibility of this insight. That should be of great comfort to us because regardless as to what happens to us God is in the process of working out objective good for those that love Him and are called according to His purpose.
If life is going very fast and we don't understand what is happening to us then think back to the meaning of this very important number (9) in the Bible.
It is more probable than possible that if a bad hardship comes our way as a true Believer in Jesus Christ you will have the peace of God through His Son Jesus Christ.
It is very difficult for me to believe that anybody who understands this principle that God is working "Good" in their life regardless as to what "Bad" takes place then he or she would not have some peace of the Holy Spirit flowing through their inner being.
There are two types of trials that can effect our life. Self imposed trials or foreordained trials. If we are true Believers in Jesus Christ don't you think it is pretty obvious that embracing our Savior and Lord would be the answer regardless as to how we arrived at this crisis in time. God works all things out for good for those that love Him and are called according to His purpose. If you don't believe me just read Romans 8:28.
Sometimes when I study this number I have to remind myself that to grasp the magnitude of what God is doing is pretty much impossible; however, the principle of the wheat (true Believers in Jesus Christ) and the tares (Unbelievers) is a reality that starts in the book of Genesis and goes all the way into the book of Revelation. In fact it is the last book of the Bible that enhances the whole biblical meaning of nine as Believers and Unbelievers coexist together with a different purpose before and after the rapture of the Church. 
I am so excited as I research this number in the Bible because there is indeed evidence that we are very close to the rapture of the Church from the backdrop of this subject. I would like to talk about that now but I can't because this would be putting the cart before the horse. I need to give you some background before I get to the foreground of end time biblical prophecy and current events.
Let me just say that the biblical interpretation of nine is very interesting because it has two meanings at the same time. Judgment for the unregenerate (Unbelievers) but a refining process for the regenerate (Believers in Jesus Christ) which ultimately leads to true fruit bearing for God.
Most biblical numbers books seem to be one sided in that the author will take a position that nine exclusively means judgment from God. Another will say that this number is referring to fruit bearing for the true Believer in Jesus Christ.
The problem with this approach is there are two different categories of people on the earth (Believers and Unbelievers) and the context of nine always speaks to "One" because God sees a born again saved person for the purpose of pruning away the bad through refinement. God in all of His love conforms His children to the image of His Son Jesus Christ.
God sees an Unbeliever as separated from Him. To speak in blunt terms the Unbeliever is under judgment and the Believer is in boot camp. As I continue with this subject ask yourself one question. Why is it that good and evil cohabitate in this world right next to each other? Where are you in this scenario? A look into this subject will help us understand the answers to these questions.
One of the obvious things I can say is the number nine is the last of the unit digits. It seems pretty clear to me that a conclusion is implied.
I can give you some examples to show you that nine in Scripture means judgment. In the ninth year of Nebuchadnezzar the house of God was burnt. In the day of Hosea Samaria was taken by the king of Assyria and Israel was carried away in the ninth year. It was the ninth hour that Jesus Christ died on the cross. Our Lord was being "Judged" for our sins. The New Testament is broken down into 3 sections of nine.
The first nine books (Matthew to Galatians) seem to be Jewish in nature. The second nine books (Ephesians to Philemon) seem to be a collection of writings that is more to the gentile with overtones of the rapture of the church taking place in the last book (Philemon) which is the middle section ending the age of grace. The third section of nine (Hebrews to Revelation) is Jewish in tone. Hebrews starts the "Nine" remaining books describing and unveiling the mystery of Melchichek probably for the 144,000 Jews right before or at the beginning of the 7 year tribulation period.
James through Jude (books 2 through 8 of the last collection) in the New Testament describe each year of the tribulation prophetically (year 1 through 7) in chronological order from year 1 (James) and ending with year 7 (Jude). The book of Revelation is the "Ninth" book which primarily describes and focuses on the "Judgment" of God. It also focuses on objection good for the saints of God. By the way don't get intimidated if you have trouble understanding what I am saying. Just look for the simple meaning.
God looks at His children in a different way because they received the new birth (8) or accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Eight stands for our salvation experience in Jesus Christ. The biblical meaning of number nine goes deeper into our faith in our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.
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