Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas to All

A gift of a smile is worth more than words.
A Merry Christmas is saying we are proud of His Birth.
We stand tall together and declare it on high
Jesus was born that you cannot deny.
You can shout from the housetops;
but we shut up our ears.
The child of God will say Christmas is near.
We look to our Father'
from heaven above
And all shout together as we proclaim His dear Love.
We will all sing together and the carol will ring
As the Heavenly hosts join with their wings
The activity are happening
up in heaven above
As Jesus looks down and sends us His love
He looks at His Father
A smile on His face
He laughs so very softly
As He hands us His grace
My Children won't deny me
of this you can see
To them I am Saviour
Not just a tree!

This is just a short little thought from my heart. Merry Christmas to all! Jesus soon will be in Sight.

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