Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Greetings to All in the Name of Yeshua:

The one thing that I would like to tell you all is this - You are the second greatest miracle that has walked on this earth, next to Jesus Christ. We now find ourselves facing very perilous times and are we ready, watching and praying to see Jesus' face and hear His voice say to us "Come up Hither"? We look and we know the Word of God has prepared for us to see the signs of the times. Now as we see tiny Israel standing alone against every Mideast country there is, we know that our Redemption draweth nigh. I often wonder God do I have the faith to withstand the evil days ahead that will see our own nation collapse in front of our eyes and I know the answer is yes. You have prepared me for over 38 years to see this time in my life.
We rant and rave at the things we see going on, but do we thank the Heavenly Father for them? Do we know that God is in complete control? All powers that be are created of God and we are getting ready to see a man that has done nothing, not even sure if he is an American, take the greatest office in our land. His resume will not even fill a single piece of paper. Yet we see him as the pre-cursor to the antichrist for that is what he is. I have never seen people flock to a personality as I have seen them flock to this one. I am old enough to remember the hordes of young people that cheered and chanted for the Beatles, and now I see it again. The only difference is it is just not the young, it is the old alike. As I watched with a weeping heart, as this man came in to accept the office as our president and all the signs of the worship of satan there bright and bold before our eyes, how many people saw this? We are a nation that has turned our back on God and yes there is a remnant that still serves God, but it is just a remnant. Most of the main line churches have boldly walked full form into apostasy. We as a people and a nation have walked away from the God of our forefathers also just as Israel did. God allowed them to walk and worship their idols in the groves, yet we do it full force in many of our churches. You may think I am bringing in doom and gloom, but I stand here telling you the Truth. Are you so wrapped up in Jesus that no matter what happens you will be able to stand and be courageous and still stand? Are you ready to see all of your rights that you have always had gone away? You must be! New Years is 45 minutes away from now in Israel. Who do you all think will stand and pray and weep over the apple of God's eye? Will we, the gentiles because of the blindness of Israel's eyes, who have been grafted in, take heed all of my beloved friends, as you will see many of the craftsmen out of work? We already see everyone that worked in the construction business of building houses, out of work, out of unemployment benefits and no jobs in sight. How many more will enter into this sphere as God wraps up the final days of Grace on this earth? Prepare Yourself to Meet Your God whether it be on the side of Grace or on the side of Justice. For He will protect Israel. They are His Chosen people and His Chosen land. My Prayers and Love are with you all: No matter what, Be Courageous and Stand and when you can no longer do nothing, still Stand Up for Jesus!

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