Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Woman with the baggage

the Woman with The baggage: Written by a Beloved Brother IN the Lord.

My mother having been in an awful marriage finally had enough when bones started to break. My older brother of two years had the last broken leg and even with the Church of her days telling her not to leave she did what was so hard to do over 40 years ago. She left with four children at her side and two in her loving arms. The church supported her after seeing our condition. Yes I was the lucky one that was only two and a half not having to remember
She met my step father who stepped right in to fill a void where no such father figure was present. In the future I will talk more about this great fathertype that I can only hope to emulate. He passed away just before 911 as it is called today. I will say he saw a woman with four children at her side and two in her loving arms and chose the rest of our lives as his own.
Baggage? Sorry this was his life's choice and even the thought he would be thinking baggage is appalling to myself. Ok so now for my take on baggage:
My mother was a Sunday school teacher for many years of my life. She loved bringing as much as she could to church for the enjoyment of others children's learning. The problem was she did not drive and my Step father was not always around with working and all. (Most of the time he drove her) She at times was dependant on others for a ride even though we lived real close and walked to meet her there.
One day after Sunday school while waiting for my Daddy, as I called him back then, she realized he did not arrive. We were all with my mother at the time for she had needed help with all the items she had brought. My mother started asking a few others for a ride only to be told "sorry but you have too much baggage today." Other hearing this and seeing her standing with six children never saw the real bags at her feet. (((I guess we all can blame my mother for starting one of the worst terms I have ever heard in regards to our children as single parent.)))
This story has so much truth it just needed to be told. My step father never saw the baggage but the love that we all learned to give back as his REAL family. Soon I will tell you all more about this wonderful man and all the love he had inside. When I was taking a speech class in college he was an easy (A). My personal speech was on step fathers. The type that step in not because of a Biological need, but step in out of love to fill the void where there was a need. Yes I even mentioned in my speech a reference to Joseph being the worlds greatest step father of all caring for our Fathers child.
Wish I still had this speech for my heart was within every word. At least it was written long ago and my Daddy was able to know how much he meant in my life. I would not be the man I am today without him seeing only a woman with six children needing a man like himself years ago.
I hope I have written this well but trust me it still hurts to write. He is gone now and this still brings tears to this child's eyes.

Will my step daddy ever truly be gone? No he lives inside of this heart wanting to share every day. He is still watching over me and someday we will be together again.

God Bless and may we all understand what baggage is not.

The Trembling Man

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