Monday, September 24, 2007

The Glory of God

The Glory of God

I got a call on Friday night that my mother was dying ad was very ill and I needed to get home right away. So I instantly begin to make plans to go home. I wanted to leave but it was storming and you do not go over the passes here in the storms especially the first one of the year. But Saturday was suppose to be a day of clearing so I told my two Beloved Sisters that their oldest sister would be there by 4 tomorrow.
So I hastily packed remembering to take dress suits and the like and get out my winter clothes and was up and on the road at 6 the next morning with very little sleep. When I got about 5 miles out of town it started to drizzle and I thanked God for I told Him I was all cried out and now He was showing His tears for me. I instantly hit the fog which can be really dense here and you crawl along the road. I was in complete Praise and thanksgiving to God for the peace that He had put on my heart. I had placed my Mom in His hands and what better place could she be. Jesus was or will be waiting for her.
As I hit Donner Summit the rain begin to really pour and the weather report said clear. But I know the weather here and how slick the roads are with the first real rain ad I was thanking God for the rain as we really need it. We had a very dry summer and even our garden did not do well as the fruit was very small. I knew it would stop the wild fires.
As I entered the interstate Highway or freeway three lane one way highway, I was paying cloth attention and at 55 I was slipping a little so I slowed down so I was not slipping at all as I was not in a hurry and I knew that I had to be alert in the weather. I passed a blue car on the side of the road and knew it was a road maintenance car and I thought it must be bad if they are manning the summit. So I am listing to the Tommy Coombs band and their worship songs and not even getting a drink of coffee as I needed both hands on the wheel and I was driving in the slow lane. Well too make a long story short this big loaded truck came by me going very fast and the minute he passed me water came from every direction and I was hydro-skidding all over the place. I made at least four complete circles and ended up on the proper side of the hill and my left hand side of the car is kinda on the mountains. I lifted my hands and praised God as the traffic could have been heavy and I could of hit another car or they could of hit me and I was completely unharmed.
The road maintenance car was almost there instantly and told me he had already radioed ahead to stop this truck as he knew that he could not stop him as he would be in the same place I was. I was on the phone with my Insurance Company and he asked to speak to them, he told them I did not cause the accident but was put in the path of an accident waiting to happen.
Needless to say it was a truck from the other side of the Border and they have no insurance or care for what harm they cause on the road. He told me I was the third car that had been effected by this. But thank God that I have full coverage on my car and it is in the shop and will be fixed in a couple of weeks meanwhile I am in a rental car.
What Praise and Honor and Glory belongs to my Father who sent a Host of Heavenly Angel to guide and protect me. At the time this was happening my Mother begin to get a little better. She is still not out of the woods and I will be able to get there in the next 14 days as soon as I take care of my car. The damage is close to $5,000 dollars and it will be covered and fixed like new.
I guess the lesson I learned is this God is there in the storms of this life when you find yourself in an impossible situation that you are completely unable to handle. For some reason God stopped me at that place at that time and I am safe. I am not worried about getting to see my Mom as no matter what happens I will see her again and if need be with the rental I can get my sister to meet me half way as the rental must be turned in the day I pick my car up.
But the unseen expenses of this are rather daunting but it could of been so much worse. What if I did not have full coverage. I would find myself without a car completely. What if God did not protect me when the enemy wanted to slay me? God often closes door to protect us and I am in great praise that not only is Mom getting a little better but He as He has done for so many years saved my life in an unseeingly impossible situation.
I was telling a Beloved friend of mine that God has not given us the Spirit of Fear but of power , love and a sound mind. When I got into the rental car today it was different kind of car and I was so afraid that I crawled all the back ways home and I do not know if it was because it was different from the cars that I drive but I was uncomfortable. Yet I got in my Grand Son truck which I was use to yesterday and felt fine. I am a little sore and still kinda shaken but I know that my Heavenly Father will get me thru this one step in my life time and I want to give Him Praise Glory and Honor for the Storms that come in my life. He is always there and always holds me just like my earthly Dad did and sets my feet on solid ground if I am a little edgy at times. So to God I give Him so many thanks for keeping me safe and keeping the others that might have been hurt if there was a lot of traffic. Thank you my Precious Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You for holding me in Your Hand and not letting go. If God can do this for me, He can handle all the storms in your life. Trust and rely on Jesus and Jesus alone. He is always there all the time.
So Please all of My Dear one join with me in Praising the Almighty God that we serve. We are and were created for His good purpose. I thank everyone who prayed for me and my Mom cause God heard your prayers and answered them. So think of the Miracle He did because of the sweet prayers of all of you. I do not have the words in the Human Language to tell you how much I felt your prayers saved my life and all I can say is I think you all got a crown or you sure earned a jewel in your crown. Agape to you all so very much. I love you all with the Love of my Saviour Christ Jesus and I end this tears streaming Blessings I ask of God the Father for all of you.
Agape now and forever more
Agape my beloved Brothers and Sisters. Thank You Lord Jesus Christ and you are always there all the time every moment every day every second. I praise you from the depth of my heart.
Agape Beloved Ones
Zelma P

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