Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Dear Beloved Ones in the Lord, Jesus Christ:
As I have sat here this morning watching our first rain fall, I know that now, Winter is here. I saw all the things of nature in my yard. The wild turkeys were out and the domesticated geese next door, were trying to fly. The horses next door, were galloping up and down in the delight of the rain. On my lawn, were the Robins, Blue Birds and Magpies and just listening to the amazing sounds, surely showed me the Greatness of the Creations of God! The Birds were bathing in little rain puddles and the whole outside was so full of activity.
It reminded my soul, what kind of activity are we doing for our Lord Jesus Christ? Do we run and delight in the things of nature, as do the animals or do we put Him on the shelf for the next time we might find time to call upon Him? How much Praise and Worship was sung out of the mouth of the Kings children this morning? Did we delight in the day and the fresh sweet smell of the rain or did we think, Oh what a messy day this is going to be?
My heart is overflowed with the Great Joy that I find in the Lord and in His Marvelous Creation. Knowing that before He created all these things, He thought of me and called me by name. Oh, How Truly Blessed we really are! We do not have time to bicker about things, only time to sing unto the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. How God delights in the Praises of His people. Because He loved me, I can sit, read, write and feel all that I will allow myself to feel of the Almighty God that we serve. Knowing that we are just in this land for a short space of time and while we are here, we will be strangers and aliens to the way the things of the world are. Things here will shortly change and we will be Home in our Heavenly Mansion with our Beloved Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, waiting to be presented to His Father. He will present us as Pure as white driven snow, to His Father and the Father will say "Welcome Home my children. Welcome home. Please sit down my little ones for I have prepared a place for you, sit down and dine with Me. Did you know My children, that from now on you will be with Me Forever? You may now Rest from your Labor and take Great Joy in My beloved Son, who Choose you out of all the people. He Choose and Called you and Now as His Father, I Welcome you into your Heavenly Home. Your Inheritance is here, waiting for you. I have kept it in a safe place, until you could join Me and become My Heirs, Oh my Dear Children, Welcome Home, Welcome Home."
Soon, my loved ones, we will hear the call of our Bridegroom saying Come Up Hither, I can hardly wait as my spirit fills with the Anticipation, that Soon, I will See my King for the very first time! I will meet my Bridegroom and sit down at the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. Oh, How I thank You Father, Son and Holy Spirit! I desire to come Home! So, Maranatha Dear Jesus and Jesus tells us Surely, I am Coming Quickly. The day draw nigh soon, it will be over. See You In the Air and we will Sing the Beloved Song to the Lamb together! Blessings to all!

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