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Jesus the Great Captain of our souls never lost one battle in His whole life time. No matter how the Scribes and the Pharisees tried to trap Him in their various questions, He always came out victorious! They could not trap Jesus in anything! No matter what the master enemy of Jesus soul threw against Him, He always overcame them by the Word of God. He always pointed to the Father.

Do you realize that we overcome things the exact same way? We always point to our Saviour, Christ Jesus and we win every war sent our way. The enemy cannot attack a soul that is rooted and grounded in the Word of God. God's children will recognize the battle form, as soon as it comes and will count it as great joy to be tried as their Saviour Jesus, was tried. To be tempted the same way Jesus was tempted and to overcome the same way Jesus overcame by the Word of God.

We can be attacked every way and on every side and people will say very terrible things against the true child of God, but God will always stand behind the Captain of their soul, Jesus Christ and will always direct them to be ready for these types of battles. People try to trap us in words that we say or accuse us of being of the devil, the same way they accused Jesus. What an honor this should be to us, for Jesus tells us if they persecute Me, they will persecute you, because you follow Me. He also tells us to forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Do we truly realize that when we say cruel harsh hateful words against a child of the Living God that we are saying these things about Jesus Himself who has sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in them? Why do you think we use these things against a child of God? Is it because they disagree about something that we have been taught and do not give them the chance or the time to explain what they mean? Maybe they are from a different denominations than we belong to, so they have a different viewpoint than what we have. Do we take the time to reason this out together like Bereans to reason the Scriptures together? Do we really understand where they are coming from? Could God use someone like them to bring Light to the world? Do we truly look at the personalities that the people God used, were all humans with various human personalities? There will Never be two of us that agree on any one thing perfectly, but we can agree that we stand behind the Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ! Our gifts varying from time to time as the Holy Spirit decides to use us. We are all different parts of the Same Body!We have the control of the sign gifts but not the control of the other gifts, they remain in the hands of God. If God gives you Knowledge or Wisdom, God gave it, it did Not come from you. You were only the vessel that God was using at that time. If God gives you a revelation on a scripture that you have read over & over, & He Shines His Light on it and you hide it in your heart , then you will never forget the revelation you have seen on it. We see this when the Holy Spirit teaches us as we read the Scriptures. We are only the vessel, He is the potter that makes us to be vessels of honor or dishonor. Which one would you rather be?

The first people that taught me were 5 and 6 year olds that had more knowledge of the Word of God that I did. I sat in utter amazement at what they knew. I was like a dummy compared to them, they took to me to places that I had never seen in the Bible and explained them to me and I realized that a little child can teach all of us, for they do not doubt Jesus in any way. It is only that as we get older and seem to gain more knowledge, that we seem to doubt the truth of the Word of God. People will attack you for the truth even when you prove them wrong, then they will hide for a time and not show their face again for a while, for they have to realize that they have listened to another spirit and not the Spirit of God. But they will return with another perilous doctrine and try to put in on you.
I was truly amazed when I recently read Acts and found that before Paul, that Peter was the Apostle to the Gentiles. He boldly proclaims it throughout Acts. Then we find Paul and he goes to the Jews first and then the Gentiles. Now we have another teaching, saying that we should only listen to Paul's Epistles written to the churches while he was in prison in Rome. There he turned many of the Centurions into believers and we then really have to go to the to the first person that preached to the Gentiles and that was Jesus!

Do we truly realize that the steps of a righteous man or woman have been ordained of God? Why do we not pick their brains to see what they know? These gifts are not their gifts, they are from the great Captain of their souls Christ Jesus. These are the ones who find their noses in the Word of God continually and looking for all truth that they can find of Jesus. They are well read and well versed and can converse with anything about God with you. They have no special thing to give to you but the purity of the word of God. They may agree with you of many things and others things they have no idea of. For example I can not understand the cubes of God. I have tried, but God in His mercy has not revealed them to me, but then I also know that men are much more mathematical than women. I may never understand them, but I will not come against something that I do not have the light on.

We must all come to the realization that God had given different gifts and callings to different men and women of God and if they find any error, they must expose it or answer to God, for they have not used the Truth that God had given to them. Please realize that they are not against one specific teaching or one person but an error that thy have found and they will as the Father gives them instructions, the same as he gave His Son, point them out. So do not throw them in the dung heap, think what have you done to Jesus in them. Does He belong in the dung heap?

If you can prove them in error when they give you a warning about a False Teaching that they say that the Holy Spirit said would come to pass, then when it does not occur, do they go to the person that gave the the Warning and ask their forgiveness, for you were wrong or do you go about getting others to come against them also?. Do you act like the Pharisees and go to the other Pharisees and stir them up to rail against this child of God, just like they did against Jesus? Is this coming from The Captain of your soul or is it coming from another source?

I beseech you to go back to your first Love of Jesus and start all over again. Am I telling you that I have never made mistake? I have made so many, that I can not even count them, but I have the assurity that Jesus will direct me and that His correction is not always easy to bear. But I go on and I continue to run the race that is set before me as you see I know the Captain of my soul edges me on run harder, my child go back to the Word and learn again the foundation, do not lose your first love and keep running. Jesus the Captain of your soul, will lead you into victory thought Him and Him alone.


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