Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Battle is the Lords

In the past few months I have been talking to so many of my Christians friends and I would like to share with you what I am finding out. It seems like every day the battles with our enemies are getting stronger each and every moment in our lives. We find ourselves in the valley continuously, but this is a great sign if you are truly looking for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.
We find that if we are sick our physical bodies are getting worse. Some of the people in different business such as selling ponies are losing a lot of the new fillies at birth. Some are having deep spiritual battles thinking the church is safe and finding that because they do not have what the church wants they are being sifted out like trash. Others have went to the same church for years and finding that the teaching is no longer of God but of nickels, noses and numbers. They no longer want the people that are deep into the Word as they can not turn them away from the doctrine of the true and Living God.
We are seeing new doctrines of demons and many have their own little flocks even on the Internet and they are deceiving many that are not strong into the Word and teaching them strange things. We must remember that perilous times are here and the enemy will use anyone to deceive you. I could name the names of the false doctrines but that would not help. But this I will tell if anyone tells you that the Words that Jesus Christ did not teach, are false or not meant for us, get away from them instantly for they have Been deceived. The Bible wants you to take the whole council of God not just little parts and pieces of it. We must study all of it and be seriously if we want to make it through this time of testing. Jesus told us that judgment will begin in the church, It has now began, are you knowledgeable of the whole counsel or do you just have a few little pieces and parts of it. That will not do, you must study and not believe anyone. The Bible is the one thing that confirms itself, God has already done that. Look up what people say and then go on your own search if they are wrong in one thing you will probably find them wrong in many.
Be careful of people that tell you to stay away from the Gospel, If Jesus owns Words are not to be trusted, whose are. There is only one way into heaven, Jesus says I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father except thru me. Believe in Jesus before you believe in the hirelings out there. It is in very difficult we find ourselves in, You will also see the people that want you away from everybody but themselves especially people that are deep into the Word. You are a great threat to them and they must get you out of the way. So they will take pieces of this and pieces of different things that you have said and call you liars even tho the cirmstances are completely different. They will mix them up and then try to make you look evil and call you satan.
People that are strong in the Bible will always tell you that you walk with God and Jesus should be Love, Joy, Grace, Peace and Mercy in Jesus. They will also tell you of the love of Jesus and no matter what they go through they have their faced fixed firmly on the Lord Jesus Christ and know that He is in complete control. So you will not see a spirit of fear or a lack of faith, they make get weak but it will only be for a short time till they have prayed themselves thru their battles. They are ready to face what their Captain has told them what to face. You will also find their house is in control with the headship of the Lord and their families will be close unless one has deliberately rejected Jesus Christ and then they will ask them to leave and give the Lord the chance to deal with them. They will allow no one to curse Jesus regardless of who they are. Do they quite loving them of course not they just pray more and leave them up to Jesus for Jesus is the only one that can change peoples life.
So to all my beloved ones if the battles are great remember Jesus is greater. Also know you have been chosen or you would not have one battle after another. The enemy would not fight so hard for someone that already belongs to him so do not fall into his lie that you do not belong to God. Be careful of what you hear and learn to trust only in the Word of God not the words of a man or a woman. Also be sure and keep you eyes on Israel and remember to always pray for the peace of Jerusalem. As we find the world swirling around us in chaos you are being held firm in the hand of the Living God. He will get us all through these times and soon dear ones we will be going Home. Run the race harder than you have ever run before because Jesus is running right before you and when you get to tired to run stand and remain standing on the Word of God. He will be there and soon you will hear, Well done my good and faithful Servant welcome into My Fathers house. Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Put Jesus always first ad let your flesh die to the lust that want to kill you. Jesus is watching over you and He will take care of you if you only Believe and Believe in Him and Him alone not in any church, or any other person,Jesus is All in All, He is the I AM!
Love in Christ to all
Zelma P

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