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A wonderful reunion

The book of Philippians has so much wisdom from the Holy Spirit that it just staggers my mind that God would be able to say so much in only four chapters. I'm going to start from Philippians chapter one verse one. I am going to quote the verse but I am not going to keep typing Philippians 1:1 and
then go to verse two and say Philippians 1:2. I need the space.

Stay with me on this verse by verse analysis because this book in Scripture is so simple yet incredibly profound. Believe me you won't be disappointed. There is no doubt
a supernatural blessing from God Himself will transpire in our life if application is applied through faith and obedience in Jesus Christ. We need to listen to what the Holy Spirit is trying to portray to us as Christians in this amazing set of four chapters.

" Paul and Timothy, the servants of Jesus Christ, to all the saints in Christ Jesus which are in Phi-lip'pi, with bishops and deacons: 1:1.

The order of this verse is very interesting to me. Paul uses the word servants right away. Remember a superstar and a servant have nothing to do with one another.

As believers in Jesus Christ if there is ever a time we don't see ourselves as servants to everyone even if we are the leader then something is wrong. The result will be human strength as opposed to a transparency that emanates from our spirit that is available to meet the needs of others.

Very few people have this quality about themselves but I can notice it every single time. I certainly recognize when I don't have this attitude about myself but always try and correct this by becoming a man that is available to people.

The body of believers in this fellowship are mentioned first because the bishops and deacons are for the church. The highest call is to be a servant and this principle will be a reality throughout eternity in heaven.

If you will notice the phrase ... "Saints in Christ Jesus" we need to understand that everybody was included from the most spiritual to the infant Christian. We need to make sure even the least feel included because they are part of the kingdom of God. If everybody overlooks him or her it would be very "Spiritual" if we extended our hand to make the lowest feel warm. If you feel deep inside they are not a true Christian this is the perfect opportunity to give them the gospel of Jesus Christ in a very clear but meek way so their names can be written in the Lamb's book of life.

"Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ." 2:2. Some people refer to this as the apostolical benediction because this introduction is written in almost every epistle. This is the free favour from God and it is because of His goodness. We as Christians are the recipients of both grace and peace. We do not deserve this so remember your friend who does not know the Lord will not have this divine sustenance working through him or her as they travel through life. They have to fill the void inside them with something worldly which is usually some sort of sin.

I remember talking to one of my doctors who has multiply degrees in so many different subjects. He understood there is a void in everyone's heart and asked me, "How do you fill the void in your heart?" I responded the Holy Spirit gives me His supernatural peace because I accepted Jesus Christ into my life. He said a couple of sentences and then replied, "I don't know what you are talking about." I tried to share Jesus Christ with him but sensed he had many preconceptions about the subject. Remember a person has the choice of accepting or rejecting God in his or her life.

I noticed this man throughout the years jump from one thing to another and never seemed to be satisfied. Everyone has emptiness but only Jesus Christ can fill the void because that is the way God created us on the inside.

The world has so many choices for this emptiness but none will ever satisfy. I can not even count the times when young kids fresh out of high school and into college said," There are so many choices yet nothing." That is kind of interesting and I believe it ties into what I am talking about but realize that nothing but a strong devotion to Jesus Christ will meet our needs and desires.

"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you." 1:3. Paul was mistreated at Philippi yet that did not seem to be an issue to him. When people say, "I will pray for you" but don't really put much thought into the person how sincere is that when nothing but words are uttered? When we care for someone we put some thought for or about the person or group even if we are busy.

I remember buying some cards for family members and said, "Just buy anything because nobody reads these words anyway." I received this response from a lady who said, "Yes we do." I never knew that but I did not forgot what she said because sincere individuals do think about words and people. Paul thought and prayed. My time is very limited so this message is at the very least for me. I need to remember this principle.

"Always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy." 1:4. Joy is something so rare in this world. This comes from God so we should specially pray for this to be an intimate part of our life. Notice the word "Request" in this verse. Making specific requests before God is far more powerful than most Christians will ever realize. This is not the very fiber of who we are as believers in Jesus Christ but it is something that should be incorporated in our prayer life. The request could be intimate or altruistic (for the bigger and greater good of a person or group) and God hears them all and will give us the desires of our hearts in His way and timing.

"For your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now." 1:5. It is always of tremendous comfort when a minister sees a new Christian continue in the truths of the Bible. Then Paul goes into one of the most popular verses in the entire word of God. "That He who has begun a good work in you will perform it unto the day of Jesus Christ." 1:6. This verse is an example of the grace of God. It is a good work that makes us more like Jesus Christ Himself. The very moment we invited Jesus Christ into our hearts God started beginning a good work in us but this is an unseen process that the triune Godhead executes in our life.

If you don't know Jesus Christ then understand there is a dead nature in you that is sinful. Everybody at one point was dead in trespasses and sins and no person in this condition can raise themselves to life. This is why you have to accept Jesus Christ into your life as your very own personal Savior and Lord by repenting of all your sins and invite Him into your heart for the remission of your transgressions. God will then transform you through His Son Jesus Christ from being dead in your sins to being alive in Jesus Christ.

This good work that is talked about in Philippians 1:6 will begin to take place in your life but please do your part by reading the Bible and trying to obey the precepts in the word of God. This way it is a two way relationship (you and Jesus Christ working together) and that void that I was telling you about in the beginning of the article will be filled the Godly way. If we try and fill it any other way we will remain empty in one way or another.

If you made that all important eternal decision remember the working of the Holy Spirit is not through with you because if God begins a good work in you He will have to complete it because it would forever go unfinished.

It is truly amazing to me because God is teaching me patience. When I'm just anxious and sitting in limbo I know God is working in me even if I can not feel His presence. No matter how much pain you are in remember there is resurrection on the other side through Jesus Christ.

There will be dry valleys and tall victories in our life but walk through both knowing with confidence God has begun a good work in you and will finish it but don't try and write the script for your life. This is the role and function of God because He is the only one who sees our life from beginning to end.

I was just told by a dear lady in the Lord that Jesus spoke to her verbally about me being primed for this particular job of writing before the rapture of the church. I don't know when the Lord is coming but we are certainly in the general vicinity of His return for His bride. Here I am writing articles just as the Lord prophesied years ago because at the risk of repeating myself God sees our life from beginning to end and then we go into eternity available to be a willing vestal for Jesus Christ in heaven. I challenge you to desire this for your life and forever will be a good ending as opposed to the other place which has no purpose because being eternally separated from God means that Jesus Christ will not be in your existence. No beginning, no middle and no end.

If you desire that closure in Jesus Christ like I do then accept Him and live for God knowing that He will do a good work in you. Have a silent confidence of faith that this particular biblical principle is a daily reality in your life and it will enter into the wideness of eternity.

God Bless you,
Bob D.

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