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                        ELEVEN AND THE JUDGEMENT OF GOD

Most people just associate the biblical meaning of eleven with confusion
 but disorder
 is always connected with the judgment of God. This is not only a difficult
 article for me
 to write but it is personal because the world is close to judgment; however
, confusion
 is already here in almost every country around the globe. Leaders are
cutting off the 
very limb they are sitting on and the average person does not understand
 or acknowledge
 the real issues in life (Confusion). There are only a few that understand
the disorder in 
life and see that judgment is coming. When I talk to the average person
 the most common
 response I get is everything is normal.
  The biblical meaning of number eleven is disorder and judgment.
 The most obvious passage
 in Scripture would be found in Revelation chapter 20: 11-15.
“(11) And I saw a (One) great
 white throne, (Two) and Him that sat on it, from whose face
the earth and the heaven fled 
away; and there was found no place for them. (12) (Three)
And I saw the dead, small and 
great, stand before God; (Four) and the books were opened
 (Five) and another book was 
opened, which is the book of life: (Six) and the dead were
 judged out of those things which
 were written in the books, according to their works. (13)
(Seven) And the sea gave up the 
dead which were in it; (Eight) and death and hell delivered
 up the dead which were in them
 (Nine) and they were judged every man according to their
works. (14) (Ten) And death and
 hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.
 (15) (Eleven) And whosoever
 was not found written in the book of life was cast into the
lake of fire.” Notice Jesus Christ
 deliberated "Judgment" at number "Eleven" for all eternity.
  There is also an example of this in the Old Testament.
 When Moses was the massager
 from God to the Pharaoh, God sent ten plagues and
 then one final judgment which 
killed all the attackers at the Red Sea. Jesus Christ
deliberated "Judgment" at number 
"Eleven" for all the Egyptians who were relentlessly
attacking the Israelites.
  (1) The plague of blood.( Exodus 7: 19-21) (2) The
plague of Frogs.(Exodus 8:1-7) 
(3) The plague of lice.(Exodus 8:16-17) (4) The plague
of flies (Exodus 8: 21-24) (5) 
The plague of Murrain (Exodus 9:1-7) (6) The plague
 of Boils (Exodus: 9: 8-11) (7) 
The plague of Hail (Exodus: 9-22-25) (8) The plague of
 locusts (Exodus: 10:12-15) (9) 
The plague of darkness (Exodus: 10:21-23) (10) The
 plague of firstborn 
(Exodus: 12: 29-30). The "Eleventh" judgment was th
e overthrow at the 
Red Sea (Exodus: 14: 24-28). Jesus Christ deliberated
 "Judgment" at number
 "Eleven" for all eternity.
  First the Egyptians hold the Israelites for 400 years
 as slaves then 10 horrible
 plagues from God take place and their hearts were
still hardened to the point
 that they attacked them when they were leaving.
 Evil is relentless. It will stop
 at nothing unless God intervenes which He did and
 that is called "Judgment."
 At number "Eleven" God judged the Egyptians. The
 Bible says harden not your
 heart. God was patient but He finally had to judge.
We see leaders and people 
like that today. I see them all the time. I don't think
the judgment of God is to
 far off for this world.
  For those of you that are being pursued by evil
 because you are good then 
I would suggest that you give the whole situation over
 to God. If we have to 
we should pray a couple times a day, "Lord I really need
 to give this whole 
thing in your hands because this chase from evil to my
life is to much for me 
to carry. I am giving this weight over to you." God allows
 evil in this world to
 refine the righteous.
  Noah pronounced judgment on Canaan in Genesis
 9:20-25 and sure enough
 in Genesis 10:15-18 Canaan had "Eleven" sons. God
controls birth. God
 operates this whole universe but He does give us a
free will. We should
 ask God to help us make the right choices.
  "There are eleven days journey from Horeb by the
 way of Mount Seir 
unto Kadesh-Barnea." Deuteronomy 1:2. The reason
 it took them "Eleven" 
days is because judgment was pronounced at
Kadesh-Barnea because the
 children of Israel refused to possess the promised
 land because of fear. 
This journey was the signature of God because of
His previous judgment. 
God has already provided the victory for us. He just
wants us to possess
 it by faith. When fear replaces faith then this is when
 the problems start
 to take root in our life. We should pray to the Lord
and ask Him for more 
  There are a couple more biblical truths I could give
 you but it is not my
 purpose to make this complicated. My motive is to
keep it simple. If the 
biblical number ten stands for the law of God then
 one added to ten is
 eleven. If we do that in our life then disorder, confusion
 and judgment 
will take place.
  Twelve is the number for governmental perfection
 but if one is subtracted 
then the total is eleven. The same principle applies
because there was 
perfection, now there is disorder and judgment.
 Remember Jesus choose
 twelve Apostles but Judas defected. He betrayed
 Jesus with a kiss because 
he allowed the devil to get into his mind. Look at
 everything that happened.
 Jesus went through horrible torture and He endured
that for us. They crucified
 Him on the cross and Jesus Christ Himself was being
 judged for our sins.
  Judas felt so guilty that he hung himself. He was judged
after he died because
 he certainly did not make it to heaven. There is not one
 piece of evidence that
 he repented. He didn't even give himself any time to repent
. The worst thing
g we can do is defect from the perfect government of God.
 We should be content
 with what God gave us and pursue what He has told us to do
 because that is obedience.
  Last I just want us to think about the fact that Jesus Christ
died for our sins. He took 
our place by being the perfect sacrificial atonement for our
 transgressions against God
. We are invited to repent of our sins and accept Jesus Christ
 into our hearts as our very 
own personal Savior and Lord. We can only do that because
Jesus died for our sins and 
rose again from the dead on the third day. I trust that anyone
who has not made this
 decision today/tonight will make that eternal choice right now
. This is the most important 
decision you will ever make because it is an eternal choice.
God does not want anybody
to perish. He wants us to have everlasting life with Him in heaven
 Bob D.

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