Sunday, June 19, 2016


God is Agape

Pure love is Agape:
I am writing this to a group of young people whom I dearly love. I will not mention names as this should speak to all of us young and old alike.
We are living in a world in which we look to the young for the future. There was always a time that we did this we knew when I was young that the day would come where we would be the ones who made many of the choices that would not only touch our lives but touch the lives of many around us.
In today's world we look at the young people and they see this world as a hopeless mess. These are not the children and youth that steal to and destroy these are the children that God has put callings on their lives and they are well aware of it. They live a life of loneliness that mere words cannot explain it. They try to look for a future but they are faced with the dilemma what future. Many of them in their lives are still living with Mom and Dad as there is no way that they can afford to go and get out on their own and live. The lap of luxury in the world and the love of mammon are strangling the young people of today.
They look for love but they can only find in all the wrong places as the church has gone into such apostasy that they only look to further their own coffers. They seem withdraw and sullen, but they are not they just do not know what to say. How do they tell us that they can see our nation on the brink of complete Ruin. They look to Conspiracy theories to see if the answers are there. But again they still hit the same brick wall.
They look to us as their parents and grand parents and we can not answer them. All we can do is tell them to go to the Word of God and place all their faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as He and He alone is the only one that can give us Peace. But before you can have the peace of God you must understand the Grace of God. God so loved He gave. He gave us Jesus and Jesus is the only answer.
You can search any place yet you cup will come back empty unless you seek Jesus and the Word of god for only there will you find the answers to all that is happening today. He is pure love, we as parents tried to give you love but many times we failed. We loved you so much yet we failed. We did not plan to fail but we did. You failed also when you did not heed our voices as we tried to warn you to detour from the world as all is held was harm. In doing that we sent you into the world and now you see the hell of it in your own lives. As it indulged, all the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the Pride of Life. You wanted to be a part of something, wanted to be looked up to by your friends, but this you must know friendship with the world makes you an enemy of God.
God is a God of Agape Love but He is also a God of Justice and He demands that we as His children kill the flesh and live after the Spirit of God that resides with in us.
So Dear Young Ones do not fear the world but fear Him who is able to kill both body and souls. Let Jesus deliver you from the things of the World and literally soak in all of Him that you can. Never be ashamed of Him as Jesus is not ashamed of You. Hold your heads up high and remember always that You belong to the King. You are The King's Kids in the Heaven lies and who cares about the earthly. It all turns to rust and mold no matter how hard you try to keep us. Remember that your family is all you have and then again you have a huge family in God that will reach out and pick you up and never condemn you but always show you love. Love is of God and every one that Loveth is born of God. We are always here for you as well and yet far away from the point that Jesus is just a voice away from hearing you. Call on Him, He will do far beyond what you can even imagine.

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