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the Number 17

                                                    THE NUMBER 17

The meaning of the number seventeen in the Bible is so distinct and vibrant that if we can not see our resurrected victory in Jesus Christ then some kind of misunderstanding is taking place somewhere.
I wish I could share these divine truths with people more often but my schedule has become more busy. When we go to heaven, I'm sure we will all have jobs to do; however, we will not be bound by time. We will be in eternity. The Christians around this world are pretty close to going home in the rapture to Paradise.
I like the fact that the Holy Spirit designed the Bible in a consistent way. The number 17 has the same meaning from Genesis to the book of Revelation.
I do need to say that this subject has enough detail about it's content that I will have to share examples through the divine design of the Word of God in the form of biblical mathematics. It is very easy to understand. What makes this particular subject of victory so interesting is that God clearly does not want His children dying or going up in the rapture feeling defeated.
Seventeen is the 7th prime number. That means the number is indivisible. 1,3,5,7,11,13 and 17. Notice that 13 is the 6th prime number (6-13). 6 (the number of man apart from God) leads to 13 (apostasy). Notice that 17 is the 7th prime number. 7 (the number of spiritual perfection) is in connection with 17. When a person accepts Jesus Christ into his or her own heart he or she has the perfect (7) resurrected victory (17) of the Son of the Living God inside their spirit.
When a person does not have Jesus Christ in his or her heart the combination of 6 (the number of man apart from God) will lead to 13 (apostasy). When a person accepts Jesus Christ into his or her heart that individual has the perfect (7) resurrected (17) victory living on the inside of them. Where would you rather be?
Since 17 is the "seventh" prime number then we need to add the difference which would be "Ten." 7+10=17. Seven (the number of completeness) + Ten (testimony) =our [ complete (7) testimony (10)] or Seventeen, our victory in Jesus Christ (17).
Remember I just wrote about the (6 and 13) and the (7 and 17). Well if we move forward "from" 17 into 153 God paints a more vivid picture. 153 is the number in the Bible that stands for fruit bearing. After Jesus Christ rose from the dead, "Simon Peter went up, and drew the net to land fall of great fishes, and hundred and fifty and three: and for all there were so many, yet was not the net broken. "John 21:11. Why didn't the net brake? Because God is in perfect control. When we throw the net out in obedience to God and  see the results people will be standing on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. After Jesus Christ rose from the dead Peter was able to catch 153 fish. This represents fruit bearing. If it did not the net would be empty. It is no big issue if you do not believe 153 means fruit bearing but I do hold the opinion that is does mean this wonderful truth.
1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17=153. God could not have stayed at 16 because the victory section ends at 17.God could not have stopped at 18 because this is the number that symbolizes bondage. It is not for Believers in Jesus Christ. It is for the Unbeliever. God desires us to be victorious in His Son Jesus Christ.
This is why the perfect mathematical design of God had to stop at the number 17 as it relates to 153 because the meanings of the numbers in the Bible actually relate to one another just like one human being talks to another person either in a good or a bad way.
It is amazing because 17 x 9=153. Seventeen (victory) x 9 (fruit of the Spirit) = 153 (fruit bearing). I hope all this math is not talking away from the actual subject of our resurrected victory in Jesus Christ (17). God is explaining our journey as Christians in a perfect way through His biblical numeric structures. We are only able to bear fruit for God (153) if we are living victoriously through Jesus Christ (17) in the fruit of the Spirit (9).
Remember I was talking about 17 being the 7th prime number. I also explained that 7 (the number of completeness) +10 (testimony) =17 our [ complete (7) testimony (10) ] in Jesus Christ which is victory (17) in Him.
I remember when I was studying the meaning of the number 15 in the Bible which symbolizes our peace in Jesus Christ. I noticed that 14 (salvation), 15 (peace), 16 (love) and 17 (victory) is a progression that takes place in our hearts through the person of Jesus Christ. Each number represents a higher level that God desires to take us to through the resurrected victory of His Son. It was only until recently that I allowed the Holy Spirit to work peace (15) love (16) and victory (17) through me. It is all God. That is the only way I know how to explain this truth.
I like the fact that the Holy Spirit actually shows us models in Scripture of 7+10 =17. One example would be that Enoch was the seventh from Adam and Noah was the tenth from Adam. Both Enoch and Noah were saved from the flood. Enoch was raptured right before the flood. Enoch lived 365 years which is a gentile number. Enoch represents the Church being raptured before the flood or the future 7 year tribulation period. Noah represents Israel being taken through the rocky waters of the future 7 year tribulation period. Both the Church; true Born Again Believers in Jesus Christ (7,Enoch) and National Israel (10;Noah) will be victorious (17) according to the Bible.
The world has one definition of victory but God has the exact opposite reasoning as to what a winner means and represents. The world bases victory on
competence, success and money. God measures victory in a different way.
If an individual allows God through His Son Jesus Christ to take them through a trial then he or she becomes victorious through the resurrected power of His Son. The world basis victory on what we can do in our flesh. God bases victory on what we allow Jesus Christ to do thorough our lives.
Two different definitions on the road to two different destinations.
Jesus looked at the Widow. He saw that she gave 1 penny and praised her because she had the proper motive but the people around this lady thought she was a nobody. Lazarus was a beggar yet he sat with Abraham in the afterlife according to Luke chapter 16.
This is one reason why if you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord it would be wise to do so because you will never have true victory apart from the Son of God.
Not only does the world and God have different definitions of victory but Eternity has two different places. One is a place of victory where the love of Jesus Christ works through us forever. This place is heaven. The other place defines defeat. If a person dies without accepting Jesus Christ as his or her personal Savior that individual dies with a fixed character away from God. This is called an unregenerate state. Their spirit is dead so as a result they go to a place of death. Nothing is alive in Hell. It is the ultimate place of defeat.
There are more examples of 7+10 =17 in the Bible. In Romans 8 there are 17 truths that can never separate us from the love of Jesus Christ. This passage is broken down in the form of 7 and 10.
In Hebrews 12:18-24 the Old dispensation and the New are compared. First the Bible says, "For ye are not come"...and then lists 7 truths of the Old Covenant. In verse 22,"But ye are come" and then lists 10 truths of the New Covenant.7+10 = 17.This is how exact God is in His Word.
Noah's Ark stopped twice. Once in Genesis 7:11 when ..."The fountains of the great deep broke up"...on the seventeenth day. The Ark finally rested on Mount Ararat on another 17th day.
The Holy Spirit gave a model in the Old Testament of the cross and the resurrection. Remember Jesus Christ died on the 14th day of the month but He rose from the dead on the 17th day of the month. The meaning of the number 14 in the Bible is salvation (Jesus Christ died on the cross) and three days later on the 17th of Nisan, He rose from the dead and was victorious over sin.
When Moses took the Israelites across the Red Sea they started on the 14th day but did not cross until the 17th day. God needed to show a foreshadowing of the cross (Passover) and the resurrection (Firstfruits). This is why the number 17 in the Bible is our resurrected victory in Jesus Christ.
Anytime somebody or a group of people tells you that victory is apart from the resurrection of Jesus Christ they are giving you a false gospel message. Run in the other direction. The only way we will be victorious (17) is through the resurrected Son of God who now sits at the right hand of God The Father in heaven. "If ye be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.' Colossians 3:1.
If you are like me, confused between victories and defeats let Jesus open up your spirit in your loss. He will speak and work through you. I guess what I am saying is we should be very open in how our Savior and Lord is communicating to us as opposed to what we have to endure in our defeats. The reason for this is because the peace and love of God transcend our circumstances.
Of course our greatest victory will be the very soon to occur rapture of the Church. If we can't quite appreciate our victories and defeats take heart because we as Christians are going home to heaven very soon!

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