Monday, July 20, 2015


Hi All:
Everything is well in my world. Gary left today for his week fishing trip to Alaska. Traveling first class and going with big shots. I guess that one of perks of his job. I pray they have a wonderful time. Lee is doing well as I am also. I have just been in deep study. Perilous times are in and I have become a voice of warning. I am now taking names and naming names of the antichrist pastors whether they like it or not. As a Christian you should have just five tenant's of faith. If one is lacking then it is not a church of our Lord Jesus Christ the Word of God, the Son of God, Emmanuel. I even see mature Christians posting about people ministries and I want to cry and say where is your discernment. Hillsong is about to ok the homosexual community to join and become full members of their church regardless of Romans Chapt one. So sad such a vibrant and such a loss to the Kingdom of God. Yet the antichrist spirit works like wild fire. We all have Bible is yours dusty and when is the last time you obeyed your Heavenly Father and studied it? The kingdom of God is at hand and the Church is just like the world or just like it was in the days of Moses Murmuring and complaining about their lot in life. We all suffer, we all get ill, we all run thru the fiery trials but they have been promised to us so we should not shake it. Where is the glory in ones life going.
Let me give you the five tenant's of our Faith and see how many agree cause you must have them all.
1. Who is Jesus?
2. Was He born of a virgin?
3. Was He Jesus Christ crucified on a cross?
4. Did Jesus Christ arise again?
5. Did He Ascend into heaven with the promise to come back and get You?
Gang that is it in a nut shell. I could give you a list of pastors that do not believe this preach against it yet some here publish and recommend them. I sit back and say God I have loved the gift of prophecy the gift of knowing much of the future the gift of knowing now. I could write and fill this list with pages of what is happening now and what is soon to happen but where would I be. Disliked, ignored, or better yet asked to leave which God may do to many. I will tell you this there is a separation going on right now, Seward know this Janice can ask Him. God is separating the church from the world and many of the world are in the church. We need to quit blaming God jag and thank Him that you are alive and able to make it into the Kingdom of God where you will be whole again as well as the rest of us. People including Dr. make mistakes and if you had bad results from cancer many of us have also we just go on with our life. I have lost the whole tip of my nose and part of the side. But I am alive and Jesus is Rises and coming soon. Get ready. I love you all and this is not personal to anyone just what the Lord said to say. The ecumenical Church does not believe the five tenant's of our faith Rick Warren said he does not even know if Jesus exists, the Mormons say Jesus is Lucifer brother, the JW say Jesus is a prophet, the Muslim say Jesus is a prophet and mention him 28 times in the Koran. Who do you say Jesus Is ???


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