Saturday, May 10, 2014


God thru Jesus and the Holy Spirit blew my mind away yesterday as I spoke with my oldest son David.
In a life of sin I lost my children in a very bazaar way I lost two sons. One has already passed and I pray Stevie is dancing on Streets of Gold with my Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus.  Meanwhile after 43 years of wonderment Davy found me. My heart leap for joy within me as I slowly dialed my phone and waited to hear his voice and learn of Him. Knowing that I had missed many years and that will always haunt me. As with a Mom heart you can never lose a child and not often weep over the loss in no matter what way it is.
With a joy that was truly amazing I found I have a Daughter Debbie whom I will so dearly love as she has taken and loved my Son for me. She will hold a very special place in my heart. She has given me also three wonderful Grand Sons, and a Great Grand Son and a Great Grand Daughter (soon to be born.)

We often wonder about the plans that God has for our lives but He is a Good God , He mends broken people and broken Hearts and makes them whole again.  He gives us the desire of our hearts if we only Believe. My greatest desire was to at least see my two Sons again and God has allowed that for me. God always knew how  much I loved them and the pain I suffered over losing them. I talked with my Father in Heaven and I knew He understood as He gave to Us His Only Son and had to separated from Him while Jesus hung on that Cold Cruel Cross. I know that God knew my heart and He counted every tear that has flown including the ones yesterday. Sometimes when the days in our life seem to get dark and dreary we just have to look back to the many miracles that God has given to us. To find Davy was a pure miracle to me and as I called the one friend that knew the whole story she laughed and cried with me also for I knew only Davy, I, and Her, and Jesus could understand the fantastic miracle behind all of this. God has given me a wonderful family.

Davy Family, will complete all my children being together once more. He will get to know and remember his big Sister, and meet his two younger brothers and realize how much alike they are. I look so forward to this. I wish to Give Jesus Christ all the Praise, Glory and Honor for mending my family and making it whole again. Thank You Jesus, I love my Lord God so very Much. Please remember that God will also do the same kind of miracles in your life if you will just Pray and Believe and Trust in His Wisdom and let His will be done in your life.


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