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When Will We Ever Learn
“With my soul have I desired thee in the night; yea, with my spirit within me will I seek thee early: for when thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness.” Isaiah 26:9. God’s judgment is not only currently and firmly on American soil, but on planet earth as a whole. As this world’s civilization moves ever closer into the arena of that of the antediluvian world we shall see heartache and pain move from the micro to the macro. Then “the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness.”
I peruse various news sites on the web attempting to get an idea of what’s happening around this globe, this is something I’ve done for quite some time now. The comments which appear at the bottom of many news articles are disturbing to say the least. They are consistently overwhelmingly posted by folks who are either fed up with the Fed or sick of the current administration’s attempts at regulating their lives. The comments themselves are filled with disdain for our American government’s leadership. This may be difficult to comprehend by folks in other countries as our government’s leadership is elected by a majority of voters here in America.
Almost immediately after the election of 2008 a bombardment of complaints began concerning America’s then current leadership and pointed, in particular, at the newly elected president who had determined that America was headed in the wrong direction. It became apparent that he had an agenda which included correcting the path the US had been on for many years. He ran his campaign on the premise of change. For a large part of the last four years I continually read and heard the mass cry “Anyone but Obama” as an alternative to Obama’s apparent mismanagement of our Federal Government. All this came from a fed up populous of voters who were excited as they fully anticipated a change in leadership would befall the US on November 6, 2012.
Interestingly, by a huge majority of delusional American’s this man with his agenda of change was re-elected, I presume so that he might continue his agenda unimpeded. Even before this man was inaugurated for his second term in office the voices and rhetoric of distain had begun again. As I stated, the current president was re-elected by a huge majority, and I might add that for all intents and purposes he destroyed his opponent’s political career.
So, what does this mean in terms of the future of America? It means that the people of this great nation have spoken, and quite loudly I might add. What this man did in his first four years in office will be seen as nothing more than political maneuvering compared to the changes he’s poised to make in his next four. There are those in leadership who are now calling for a change in the United States Constitution so this man can be placed in office for a third term, or even be re-elected for life.
So the question, which is also the title of this commentary, “When Will We Ever Learn” seems quite appropriate at this juncture. We now have a newly enacted law that covers our healthcare in this country. Apparently, unbeknownst to many, it includes some very restricting language that will eventually affect every American. This legislation which was and is very unpopular with the very same electorate who placed this man in office for a second term will be the undoing of many of our God given rights. Now we see this president pushing to remove guns from the hands of every law abiding American citizen (watch for the confiscation of our Bibles with huge bonfires to follow).
Taxes have skyrocketed with the beginning of 2013 and not just for the wealthy but for all, and of course the lion’s share will come as usual from those who cannot afford them. Our current leader has been rejuvenated by his success at the voting poles and now feels fully justified in his liberal agenda, which includes an aggressive push on the following: the promotion of the legitimacy of homosexuality which of course includes same sex marriage, abortion on demand, and the trimester murder of  fully developed and perfectly healthy human beings (all incidentally funded by the government) and now we see the push to fully open our borders to all, free healthcare along with welfare payments for all new arrivals from other countries, but not for the natural born citizen, and of course it goes on and on.
At a recent prophecy conference in Texas, Hal Lindsey had spoken about how America as it was purposed and as we once knew it is already gone. I agree, and I’m sure there are other writers who will agree, that America has seen its better days. We are no longer in decline but we have hit bottom, which is obvious from the electorate and their overwhelming desire to place a man who sees himself as our messiah, and who shows his every aspiration is that of a dictator. America will not survive in this mode. Since we don’t find America in Bible prophecy, this could be a clue as to why. With what is currently and constantly being exposed through various news sites on the web, and I assume from your local TV stations, this world has turned very angry and evil. Kind of reminds me of what we read about in our Bibles, and many of us believe transpired, in the book of Genesis chapter 6.
This nation of ours has fallen from grace. By eliminating the source of all good (God Himself) from the sphere of our elected officials we have set the stage for a coup. Satan orchestrated that coup and has now set up camp in Washington DC with his headquarters at 1900 Pennsylvania Avenue. Of course, he has branch offices set up in the halls of Congress, as well as in the Supreme Court building. So Americans can now be assured that all three branches of government are firmly in the control of the worst enemy humanity could possibly imagine. Breaking that stronghold cannot and will not be accomplished by the unbelieving masses which allowed and even encouraged that coup.
So what is the mindset of most of those who are the complainers on these blogs I’ve mentioned? “We’ll take our country back. We will surely see another civil war on American soil, and soon. We will secede from the Federal government and run our own states our own way.” Oh, I see. What you are saying is that a bunch of softies who, for the most part, have never had to defend themselves against a foreign enemy and who are now living very comfortable lives and growing old and debilitated are going to stand up against the Feds by means of an armed revolt?
Let’s consider the logistics of that little maneuver and how it might play out. We the people, well some of us at least, armed with pistols, shotguns, a few deer rifles, and the crème de la crème those pesky little AR15’s and Ak47’s (which our current president and most liberals and progressives simply hate) are going to engage an enemy of far superior strength and weaponry? Our purpose will be to take back our government, or perhaps we will simply secede from the US. That scenario sounds a lot like the Revolutionary War on a mass of steroids. The Revolutionary War was, for the most part, equal in terms of weaponry. There is currently no equal, on this continent at least, of the might of the US military.
Now let’s see what the Feds have up their sleeve in regards to crushing any dissention in the ranks. Last I heard the Feds had developed a fleet of drones that are operated from some air base in Arizona. These crafts are stealth-like and even if they are shot down no military personnel lose their lives. These crafts are equipped with plenty of munitions which consist of payloads which will ensure the decapitation of any armed civilian revolt. Need I go any further? Okay let’s try this one. The Feds have at their disposal an enormous fleet of Military armored vehicles such as M1A1/2 Abrams, which is the main battle tank of the US that any revolutionaries would be wise to steer far clear of. If one of these tanks rolls up your driveway looking for hostile American terrorists (and that’s what you will be classified as), you’re toast.
Keep in mind now that revolution takes an army, and here in America there is already a standing army of soldiers, all of which have sworn to protect the United States of America. What is a rag tag bunch of armchair quarterbacks and deer hunters who have been seeking only pleasure for years now going to do against a well trained military presence that already occupies massive areas in every state in this nation? To be sure, the Fed’s military will have been given orders to shoot on sight anyone attempting to bring revolt against an otherwise peaceful nation. Military personnel will be convinced that they are protecting the people of America against an invading army of terrorists. They won’t be told that the people they are killing in battle are essentially the same people they’ve swore to protect.
Now that America has turned the corner and is headed full on into obscurity, what of God’s children? We are sinners, every one of us. We’ve sinned greatly as we have given in to the enemy on every front. We’ve exchanged our morals for advantage, our rights for luxury, and our minds for programmed television – and God got the boot. But “We have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous:” 1 John 2:1. We have been forgiven for all our failings. Now is the time to turn from all unrighteousness and embrace God’s precepts for our lives. God is very close at hand and will not wait much longer before removing His Ekklesia from this planet. “The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.” Romans 13:12.
Americans live in a nation whose roots are were established as a people escaping tyranny. But by an obvious majority, Americans are now fully accepting and even embracing the very concept of tyranny. This is a sad commentary on America but true. What can we do as God’s children when confronted, as we are, with the obvious bleak future of life in America, and the entire world for that matter? “When Will We Ever Learn?” 
As Christians we are to stand firm on God’s word without wavering, but many who claim to be Christians are not so inclined. As we look around at the disappearance of our nation’s God given rights, our once revered values, and the fact that the populous has been horribly dummbed down, we who proclaim Christ until He comes can be assured of this truth – God has not abandoned His children. We will not face even one day of America’s future without Him. He is with us always. “…for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” Hebrews 13:5.
We, the children of God, have the power the failing governments of the world can only dream of securing. Christians alone have been given this power. We are the children of the Most High God. How do we activate that power? Prayer. We have a direct line of communication to the Throne Room of God. Pray without ceasing. Take that step now. Move into contact mode with your Father on High. He is fully able to guard His children from the enemy’s antics. Jesus Christ is our shield and our protection. We are His righteous children. He’s waiting; His deep desire is to hear from us – all of us. How many of you will join me in praying that Jesus our Messiah removes His Ekklesia before the enemy gains any further strongholds in our land, or for that matter anywhere on this globe?
God bless us all,
Ron Graham
All original scripture is “theopneustos” God breathed
Please continue your prayers for my health. The diabetes has taken a detrimental effect on my eyesight, the Myasthenia is worsening and both the MG and the diabetes have begun to take a real toll on my body. The prostate cancer is back and I must begin hormone treatments again.  Through all this “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Philippians 4:13.

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