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Ultimate Monarchy
“For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.” Matthew 24:7-8. There’s a war brewing – it’s coming upon the last generation of mankind. Just before this mighty war there will be much fear and speculation about current and coming events. There will be signs in the heavens and signs on earth. From what we are currently witnessing around this globe there should be no doubt in the minds of the Ekklesia of Christ that this, the current generation, is the last generation prophesied to be remaining on earth at Christ’s Second Advent.
“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” Luke 2:14. Because of looming global upheavals, it seems people everywhere are beginning to cry out for someone to bring peace on earth; a man with all the answers, a leader who can finally take humanity into the utopian existence so many long for. But it is not the Prince of peace, our future King, who is being sought after.
If you pay any attention at all to the global economies you know that it isn’t only America that is struggling to stay afloat. To state that the world’s economies are in turmoil would be a gross understatement. Greece is in a depression and has been for about three years now. Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, among others, are in a recession and swiftly moving towards full depression. The U.S. of A. is not far behind.
Economically speaking, the unsustainable debt that the world has engrossed itself in is nothing short of a worldwide tsunami consuming everything and every nation in its path. Our current government leadership, along with our government run news agencies, is saying that everything is looking rosy and cozy, but that is a lie. This world is in dire straits and it needs fixing, and by-and-large the world intends to call on Mr. Fixit for relief.
For those who study their Bible and take it seriously there is nothing surprising about what’s going on around the world. Since we are in the last days we would expect to see the global state of affairs coming into perfect union with Biblical prophecy – one world government, one world monetary system, one world ecumenical system all aligning themselves like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. But what few people are talking about is the upheaval that must occur prior to all the puzzle pieces coming together. That’s when Mr. Fixit will jump in and avail himself as that one extraordinary world leader to bring peace and harmony to a broken world.
Right now what we see happening seems as though it’s straight out of a Hollywood created, edge of your seat thriller. The problem is most people think they can just get up and leave the theater or turn off the TV, but that’s not going to help. The same outcome facing Greece is now encroaching on America. Life is going to get ugly and it’s going to be painful. This is real life, not a movie. In today’s world we can be assured that with the implosion of the US economy, which is on the brink of collapse, the results for much of mankind will be devastating.
With no positive outlook on the horizon the world is confronted with a decision of major consequences: 1) Seek and follow a man who claims to have the answers to the ills that currently plague mankind – a Mr. fixit kind of guy,  or 2) follow the One who has never lied to us and who created us in His image. I suggest number 2, and haste would be prudent.
Our Lord Jesus is a well established player on the field of humankind, yet almost completely ignored by the majority of human kind. Even many of those on His very own team ignore Him or relegate Him to second string. Jesus is the wide open receiver ready to receive, but He’s rejected as being out of step, using outdated disciplines and procedures, no longer an asset to the rest of the team – He just isn’t the performer His team had in mind. These days, people want someone new and exciting, a man for all seasons. They want someone who will relieve the pressure on the rest of the team so no one will be at all inclined to toe the line. Even many professing Christians would rather have a mere man enter the scene in lieu of their coming King.  
The world will soon be focusing on one man (Mr. Fixit), and he will be more than willing to take the helm. He’ll be a consummate leader and he will take charge of world affairs. He’ll be that one individual who will promise mankind an unequaled pie in the sky greatness and prosperity – but his motives will be pure evil.
“And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” Matthew 24:12. Standing against the Laws of God has caused great immorality in this world. Because of iniquity (lawlessness and wickedness) now abound. We’ve now witnessed the condoning of the murder of millions upon millions of innocent unborn babies. Pervasive God abandoned lifestyles are now deemed acceptable worldwide. There is currently a cold heartedness spreading like wildfire such as murdering school children while they sit in their classes or the indiscriminate murder of people enjoying a movie in a theater. All of these evils are orchestrated by none other than the “god of this world” (Satan).
The demonic is now coming to fruition. We are very close to the time that Satan will send in his Mr. Fixit. This ungodly creature is ready to take charge of the situation and bring about what so many are hoping for – peace on earth, unbridled wealth, untold pleasure, and the fulfillment of all dreams – utopia. The world hasn’t much longer to wait.
“…that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.” 2 Thessalonians 2:3. The Apostle Paul refers to this “Mr. Fixit” quite differently than the world; Paul calls him the “son of perdition.” The world’s Mr. Fixit is in reality the antichrist – the fellow who will be indwelt by Satan himself. Few will realize the mistake they’ve made in seeking this particular individual, and before they know what’s happening Mr. Fixit will be transformed into evil personified. He will be established as a great leader with phenomenal capabilities. People will be enamored with his intelligence and charisma, his polished demeanor, his knowledge of world affairs, and his god-like powers. The world will hale him as their messiah.
Greed has created our current atmosphere of false prosperity and failed economics, which as lead the world into a precarious and painful position. People will turn to just about anyone who even suggests they might have a solution to the mess. If you think I’m off my rocker a simple look into the recent affairs of the US of A might change your mind. American’s have recently and overwhelmingly re-confirmed their love for a man who has systematically done everything possible to turn this nation into a totalitarian state. As we watch our rights being dismantled for all time, many of us see the satanic side of this man quite clearly.
No one with any real wisdom can miss what’s being thrown at us by our Federal Government. What is being promoted by this current administration as steps to secure the protection of every American is in all actuality moving all Americans into gross bondage while striping away all semblances of our inalienable rights.
With all of the new restrictions currently in place and with the massive amounts of restricting legislation being advanced by Congress, our rights and freedoms will soon be gone. All this so the populous can feel a sense of peace and safety. The world’s Mr. Fixit is waiting for the opportune moment to launch the enemy’s agenda of a false hope to this deceived world. Basically he’ll provide a short window of hope to the hopeless. But there will never be utopia of any kind until the Real Hope (Jesus Christ) returns and takes His rightful place on His earthly Throne.
What is currently destabilizing Greece is the fact that the Government can no longer afford to pay out all the government subsidies they’ve been providing for their citizenry, which has brought that nation to its knees. Bailout after bailout has done nothing to alleviate the problem. Now the U.S., as well as many other nations, is facing the same future. Thus, people will soon be begging for Mr. Fixit to get with the program. He will then step out and comfort them with words that will sound so delectable that people will feed on them as though they were some kind of delicious morsel. Sadly, it will all be lies. It won’t be long until people will be starving to death because they sought after the lies of Satan.
Brotherly love will be gone, happiness will disappear, and all commonsense will be abandoned. People will begin to turn on one another with derision and us brute force to kill anyone in their way. They will even snatch the smallest scrap of food from the fingers of a starving child. “And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.” Matthew 10:21.
Satan will revel at the total abandon which will consume every society on earth. Satan is the god of this world because he stole the deed from Adam way back in the beginning. For a while longer he’ll be allowed to play out his agenda, but then he and his agenda will come to an abrupt end. You say you don’t believe in Satan? You will.
Through all the approaching misery there is hope. We must turn to the One who has given us life, and much more abundantly than any government on earth, instead of ignoring Him. Believing Jesus Christ was simply a nice guy and nothing else, or worse yet a myth, will only result in more pain and heartache for the unbeliever. Jesus Christ is the way, He is the truth, and He is the life to everyone who believes. Governments promise what they don’t have – Jesus promises what He’s already procured and delivered for all who will believe. There is incredible evil coming. How do we avoid the circumstances of that evil? Jesus Christ is the answer – He is our blessed hope. “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8. The God of all creation died for His creation even though we were yet sinners. This is love. What do you call love? 
The truth of the matter is this world is in turmoil and has been for a long time, long before it slid into the current economic chaos we see today. God established His love toward us desiring that perfect love to stand forever, to be a constant proof of how He sees us (His creation). God wants to help us walk through this world without fear from the enemy. He wants to guide our steps. Our faith and trust in God’s only begotten Son makes this possible.
Sick, insane, and oftentimes disheartening things happen all around us, but God is always with us. Satan is a liar and through his “man of perdition” will make many wonderful claims, which he won’t deliver on because he is a liar not a deliverer. The word of God gives us incredible insight into the realm of the supernatural. There is a raging battle being fought on the behalf of all humanity. Good against evil. Evil will be dealt a death blow but not before it consumes the lives of much of earth’s population (Christ rejecters).
Jesus came from a place that is perfect; He being perfect was the only one who could accomplish the Father’s will. He alone was able to reverse the curse that entered this universe when Satan convinced Eve to partake of the fruit of that forbidden tree. Jesus Christ is our Creator and only He could die for His creation. For those who believe, He promises eternal life. For those who believe not, He makes it plain, eternal damnation is your lot.
Jesus will clean up the mess we humans have made of this earth. He’s coming back – soon. His Raptured saints will return with Him at the second coming when Jesus will defeat the enemy and his horde. Then He will set up His Monarchy. The mess will be gone and we will have peace under the perfect rule of the King of kings. To be a part of that awesome promise all that is required of you is “…that ye believe on him (Jesus Christ) whom he (God) hath sent” John 6:29. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. We, the followers of Jesus Christ, should all be looking forward to this earth’s Ultimate Monarchy and our King who is as loving as He is perfect.
God bless you all,
Ron Graham

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