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Judgment not Warning
“Evil men understand not judgment: but they that seek the LORD understand all things.” Proverbs 28:5. As we move ever closer to a world of totalitarianism we will be confronted with some realities that will boggle the mind – some of which will destroy many souls. Such realities will include the denial of basic rights. Freedoms we’ve enjoyed in America for a couple of hundred years are disappearing, most of them during the last four. As an American you may still have the perception of freedom, but that perception is diminishing while despotism becomes increasingly more palpable. God’s judgment is intensifying here on American soil. Yet, most Christians in America are blind to the truth of what is transpiring, and they are not ready for what’s coming.
Apparently expressing our views in a public setting is already a crime in this country. A Christian man who had complained about Obama on his blog and on a radio show received a visit from the authorities who came to his home at night and took him away to a mental hospital for observation. Although they released him after a team of doctors examined him, he was forced to hand over his weapons. There are numerous stories such as this appearing on a continuing bases through various news sites on the web. What America is turning into is obvious. What was that old adage that rang so true during the 40’s and 50’s? “I’d rather be dead then red”. Something evil this way comes.
“And I will come near to you to judgment; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against false swearers, and against those that oppress the hireling in his wages, the widow, and the fatherless, and that turn aside the stranger from his right, and fear not me, saith the LORD of hosts.” Malachi 3:5. Immorality and paganism in America are rampant today. God has declared His righteous judgment on America. The land of the free and the home of the brave is now the land of the greedy and the home of the apathetic.
The current outlook for America is not a good one. One hundred million people who could be in the workforce are not. Over half of the population in America is on some kind of government assistance. The ones paying the bills are also fit to be tied. There’s a feeling of foreboding permeating this land. Currently we are watching as the bottom falls out of this once great economy. All Americans are systematically being thrust underneath an ever increasing mountain of debt which has been imposed upon us by our greedy and immoral government leadership. With the ever escalating popularity of government handouts, more and more Americans will be inclined to go along with the status quo rather than to make tough decisions to avoid further loss. We’ve all grown used to the many amenities our culture offers, and many Americans have no idea how to live without them. Question: Will Americans, when their inalienable rights are on the line, still opt for government handouts in lieu of freedom? The world economy is on the ropes and America is teetering on a precipice. Soon all will come crashing down and the ensuing civil unrest will be devastating – the power brokers behind our government leadership already know this and they are currently preparing for worst case scenarios. The implementation of martial law may well be one such scenario. Certainly there will be new unconstitutional laws forced upon all American’s.
Many Christians see the gloom on the horizon but believe that the Rapture of the Ekklesia will occur before any serious consequences ensue. This is flawed thinking at best. The word of God tells us that the saints will be removed prior to the wrath of God to come, but we are never told that we won’t go through trials and tribulations prior to the Rapture. On the contrary, we are told by our Lord Himself that we will face much persecution, hatred, and menacing times. “If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you…” John 15:18-20.”
How can American Christians look at their brethren who are suffering horribly in other countries and then say America is different? I’ve actually read that some believe the reason America is immune is because we have more Christians. What? Does God love His Children in Somalia, China, Korea, Russia, Libya, Syria, Iran, et al, less than those who live in the US? My advice for all the born again “in Christ” believers in America is to strengthen yourselves through the word of God for what’s coming. America is not immune to persecution – we are on a precipice and there is nowhere to run.   
“I lead in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgment:” Proverbs 8:20. People, what is happening in America today is not a symptom of the times or even a “warning” of coming judgment. Judgment is here, America, and it’s not going to get easier to contend with. It’s growing exponentially worse every day. It may seem like I’m harping on this issue but as a watchman I have a responsibility to my brethren – and to my God. All God’s watchmen have been entrusted with godly discernment. So we step out into the front lines, place our focus on the coming storms, and then ride back to town and lay out a scenario of what we see coming – to all who will listen.
Reading news headlines from many sources, some obscure sources, is time consuming but enlightening. Studying scriptures to place our current societal events in perspective with prophecy can be daunting, but it needs to be done – daily. What can be easily seen by your watchmen today is a systematic burgeoning attempt to placate the masses with unfunded thus unsustainable liabilities in order to hasten the collapse of the economy of the US. The impending destruction of America is necessary to bring about the agenda of the evil one. America must diminish (be taken out of the way) so that Israel can be attacked without there being anyone standing up for God’s chosen people – save God alone. 
Many in America’s government leadership are currently doing everything possible to take our military and our economy out of the arena of worldwide dominance. There are other nations that see this occurring and they in turn are focused on expanding their worldwide influence and supremacy, ready to jump in and take our place – minus the support for Israel of course. The completion of this scenario is not far off. Moving our military into the realm of fully accepting the homosexual agenda was a planned maneuver by the principalities and powers – the prince of the air. Turning our homeland security into jack boot thugs reminiscent of Hitler’s day was also a planned tactical maneuver. The HLS now has a massive and fully stocked arsenal of weaponry and militaristic leadership – certainly not a sign of benevolence toward Americans.
Keep watching for the sovereignty of the US to be handed over to the UN. This will end horribly for all those who plan on taking a stand against such corruption. I can’t be more urgent regarding the coming storm. We are heading into a dark and horrible time and the only way to be prepared is to be a follower of Jesus Christ.
“If ye will not hear, and if ye will not lay it to heart, to give glory unto my name, saith the LORD of hosts, I will even send a curse upon you, and I will curse your blessings: yea, I have cursed them already, because ye do not lay it to heart.” Malachi 2:2. For many years now America has been constant in sending a message to God – stay away we don’t want you here. Now that we have a sitting president that through his own deceived mindset has proclaimed the U.S. a homosexual nation there should be no shock at what our future holds. God will not be mocked. Our blessings as a nation have turned to curses. Why? We keep the glory that belongs to the Lord for ourselves. Our hearts are unmoved toward our God. In short my friends, America deserve what’s coming.
Soon it will be forbidden by the law of the land to try and help someone out of the aberrant lifestyle of homosexuality. To tell a homosexual that their lifestyle is a choice not a DNA trait will include severe punishment for those individuals. When the laws of the land include punishment for anyone who speaks against homosexuality, the Christian culture in America will decline as many will be so intimidated that they will no longer wish to be a part of the club. Yes, much of Christianity has turned into the “club” atmosphere in this country.
The same will be found for those who oppose abortion. Those who are against abortion will be removed from society. Those who are against the moral decline of this nation will also be removed – eliminated. Most Christians will not stand against the natural flow of progress no matter how deranged that progress becomes. Placing oneself in harm’s way is not a pleasurable thought. But that is exactly where all those who stand for God’s truth will find themselves in the not so distant future.
The obvious fact is this; the children of the One true God, the God of the Holy Bible, are under siege. The attacks on our Christian values and heritage come from every direction. The nation that once enjoyed God given blessings of prosperity and health is now a nation of very unhealthy people, and prosperity has fallen off the cliff. People are heading into poverty at breakneck speeds. Why is that? When the majority of the populous of any nation says there is no God or that God is irrelevant to their existence, then what they can expect is a natural progression into moral and physical decay – judgment. The Democratic National Convention, a representative body of Americans, booed, hissed, and jeered as one of the speakers tried to put God back on their national platform after they had decided to remove Him from their convention, proving beyond the shadow of doubt that many Americans want nothing whatsoever to do with their Creator.
I’m inclined to believe that my time at writing these commentaries is growing short. Not because of my illness but because of the coming persecution. Here on the home front our mail box has been under attack of late, first by someone using a shotgun at 1:00 AM on a Saturday morning. Then more recently the pole holding the new mailbox was demolished and the new mailbox has gone missing. Obviously someone is trying to make a point. The post office allowed us to place our new mailbox in front of our house instead of down on the highway. Question is will they hit our home next? Who knows?  
I have no fear of these thugs that may be approaching my doorstep soon. As a matter of fact I believe it will open up numerous opportunities to share the Gospel of peace. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7. God empowers us and loves us and has bestowed upon us a sound mind so that we can continue without fear while surrounded by a society of perverted and degenerate lost people. How many times in our Bibles does Jesus tell us to fear not? Therefore, since the Creator of the universe admonishes us to fear not – fear not my brethren. Our Saviour is nigh at the door.
God bless you all,
Ron Graham
All original scripture is “theopneustos” God breathed

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