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Embedded (Satanic) Words


“Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.” Psalm 19:14. Embedded in our English vocabulary is a word so opposed to God that its origin must be satanic. As followers of Jesus Christ our words are extremely important, especially to our God. The words which we emphasize in our daily conversation place a lot of responsibility on us as to just what we believe about our Creator. God always wants our speech to be edifying to others, and always, we should be using our words in a way that would glorify our perfect and awesome God. Through conversations with others we can tell just who it is they worship. As we listen to the vocabulary words of various individuals it doesn’t take long to come to the conclusion that they aren’t, nor do they have any intention of, worshipping the Most High God – Creator of Heaven and Earth.

Our words speak volumes about who we are and just who it is that resides within our hearts. There are only two apparent entities that are to be placed in the category of those receiving worship. God is the only One who deserves our worship, but since Satan has been attempting to usurp God’s authority for eons he too is placed in the category of likely recipients of worship. There is a huge difference in words that are acceptable to God and the words Satan will accept. Our words reflect in which camp we place our worship. Jesus tells us “He that is not with me is against me…” Matthew 12:30a. Since this is how God sees each individual on planet earth, whose side we’re on is easily discerned by our very words.

There are many words in our English language that have, over time, become the norm in every day speech. Some of these words are so rooted in our lives and those around us that it becomes almost impossible to refrain from using them. Many words have no place in the vocabulary of a born again believer in Christ. But there is one word in particular that is set apart from the rest and is pure satanic in its origin and nature. Since writing my first commentary on this subject some months ago I’ve tried to avoid this word in my everyday conversations and have been apologetic any time it has slipped out unintentionally. What word am I talking about? “Luck”. Luck is the word that is so entrenched in our English language that even if you begin today consciously attempting to circumvent this word you’ll find it very difficult, if not impossible, to avoid.

There are, of course, many words put to use in our English language every single day, even slang words, which don’t glorify God, but that doesn’t mean they are satanic words with an evil and sick agenda. So what can the enemy’s agenda be by introducing this seemingly innocent word “luck” into our daily existence? Let’s first take a look at the various applications where the word “luck” is used every day. Then we will take a similar look into how often we offend our Father in Heaven by employing this word every day.

Before we venture any further into the realm of luck, there is one scripture verse that seems quite appropriate at this juncture. “And immediately the angel of the Lord smote him, because he gave not God the glory: and he was eaten of worms, and gave up the ghost.” Acts 12:23. You say that’s a pretty harsh response on God’s part just because Herod gave not glory to God. Well here’s another little tidbit of information gleaned from the scriptures for the skeptic who sees no problem in attributing anything to luck instead of to God’s grace and for His glory. “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Galatians 6:7. The word “luck” has no place in God’s economy of words.

Are you ready? Here we go then. “Wow, how lucky can you get?” “That was sheer luck.” “You sure got lucky that time.” “How much luck can a person have?” “I pulled that one off by luck and happenstance.” “He’s so lucky.” “Why do they have all the luck?” Okay, you get the point, and I’m sure you all have a vast array of similar slogans you too could add to this short list, which proves my point. What we are doing as a race of created beings by using this word (luck) as a way of referring to what should be considered blessings from God, is we are attributing all the glory for those blessings we’ve received, or others have received from God, unto Satan, God’s adversary. We should be very careful about what we sow, for that is what we shall reap. Taking the glory from God and giving it to Satan won’t bode well with the One who should be receiving all the glory.

Satan introduced this word into our vernacular for one purpose, and that was to draw all attribution for blessings away from God. Why? So he could, with the help of God’s created beings, elevate himself to the state of godhood. Satan has always aspired to steal God’s glory. God, our Creator and Savior, is the giver of all good gifts, yet we give the glory to Satan by repeating any one of the above “luck” phrases. Each time something good comes our way and Satan is given the glory, God is mocked. It really gives you something to think about doesn’t it?

You may consider my condemnation of the word “luck” as harsh; moreover some of you might think Ron is over the top. But when you get right down to understanding the extent in which that word is used today you will soon see that God is not being praised or glorified whenever we substitute the word “luck” for blessings from God. Go ahead, answer me how can God be pleased with His children when they constantly refer to His blessing as nothing more than dumb luck? Who’s the real dummy spoke of here?

Satan’s agenda is to remove God from the minds of all humanity. He goes about his satanic agenda in ways we would hardly think evil. How can a little four letter word like “luck” be considered a part of an evil agenda by the one adversary who hates God more than we humans can even comprehend? Here’s the rub, it is not so much the word spoken but in what reference it is spoken and by whom. When born again believers in Christ refer to the wonderful things happening in their life as luck it’s the same as poking their finger in the eye of their Heavenly Father.

What would happen to that word if we all refused to use it or repeat it as part of our vocabulary? It would disappear. Sure, Satan would soon replace it with another just as offensive word to God, but it would be a red flag to any believer in Christ who knew the significance of words that attempt to replace God by placing His glory on someone else or even something else.

Can we, should we simply ignore words in our vocabulary which seem innocuous? What if, after reviewing certain words we find them to be an offense to God? What then? I have determined to stop using the word “luck” in my every day speech. Actually I’ve been attempting to discard it from my list of usable vocabulary words for some time now. At a point not too distant in my past, my vocabulary was riddled with profanity; words which I literally gave no thought to as to how my Creator would consider my speech. Yes, it was during my past life, before I died to self and became a son of God. My language was not at all edifying nor did my words glorify God in any way. But now that I’ve been washed in the blood of Christ I count the cost of all words in my vocabulary. Personally, it means a lot to me to do everything in my limited power to refrain from grieving the Holy Spirit. I believe the word “luck” is a huge attack on the sovereignty of God, and perpetuated by God’s number one adversary.

When those of us who know fully who we are (children of God) use words that blatantly remove God’s sovereignty and hand that sovereignty over to His enemy, we should be more than merely ashamed, we should be in tears. The problem, as I see it, is that most people who use that word “luck” (and I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t) have no clue as to the real meaning. Therefore they see it only as an expression of pleasure at seeing themselves or someone else receive something they didn’t deserve. “How lucky can you get” diminishes the God given blessing they just received while stealing God’s glory and giving it to Satan.

What is the derivation of the word “luck”? Honestly, placing it into a search engine will bring up a few million different ideas, but here’s the one that actually best fits the bill. Luck is derived from the name of God’s enemy – Lucifer . If we understand the idea behind the use of this word we can see who initiated the first use of it. Then we can attribute it to its rightful originator. Lastly we can discontinue using it as a means to rob God while glorifying Satan.

Look at it this way. When that word is used as a congratulatory sentiment referring to someone’s good fortune it conjures up all sorts of possibilities as to who is responsible for the fortunate set of circumstances that has just occurred. Leprechaun’s, tooth fairies, you name it, but seldom does God come to mind as the Benefactor who is actually responsible.

We as a society are becoming more and more desensitized; we are continually saying yes we approve of what was at one time forbidden or objectionable. Nowadays, especially here in America, the norm is to attribute a huge majority of God’s blessings to the “luck” of the draw. Actually every time we allow this abomination to occur God becomes less important in our daily lives and Lucifer (Satan) is elevated closer to his desired state of godhood. The nonchalant attitude these days toward our use of this extremely satanic word is so pervasive that it’s a wonder God ever receives any of the glory do Him. “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God,” Romans 1:21. Be very careful, my brethren, about giving God’s intended Glory to another.

“Let your speech be alway with grace…Colossians 4:6. Words can give glory to God and they can take away His glory. Let’s be sure to glorify God in all things. Why give any glory to the one who only wants to see us destroyed? Think about it.

God bless you all,

Ron Graham

All scripture is from the KJV and God breathed

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