Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Hello God!
I can hear you calling my name. Your Voice whispers softly on the winds, thru the trees, like a beautiful Butterfly. So Beautiful, so Magnificent, so softly You call. Am I ready to listen, am I ready to hear the Voice of my Bridegroom calling me Home. I am ready, I cry as tears fill my eyes. You see there are many I love that I will miss from above. I know You’ll be there, but it is hard to leave here.
So little time, so much to do. No time to cry, I must follow thru. You, my Precious Lord, Knew me before you created this earth. I am one of Your many miracles.
How often I have found myself in this place as before, but this time is different, I feel so worn, so very tired and weary, I cannot deny that I would love to come Home and kneel softly by your side. I find myself willing to leave this old body and at the same time desiring to be here to tell and teach of Your Marvelous Grace and Your Love that overwhelms a hurting soul. The Love that only You can give. It fills us softly like a stream of water that is calmly floating by. You can hear the whisper of the water and at the same time see the beauty of the calm stream. Again you know that a torrent of rain can make it a roaring river.
Yet again you know in your heart that Jesus calmed the seas and made them at perfect peace. At this time I am at perfect peace in You, Lord Jesus. My body can fail, my eyes may grow dim, but Your Word lingers on. In the soft whisper of night time falling, I see myself glancing upwards knowing that You Jesus are looking down at me. You make my heart to beat, and every breath that I take comes only from the Grace that You have bestowed on me. Your Grace overwhelms me and I become like the calm river, yet I feel torrents of Living Water flowing down to me.
I can feel Your Love as You, Jesus cradle me in Your arms. You tell me I must go forward. I must race the race to win. I can race for You Jesus I reply. His loves flows over me and calms my hurting body and gives me Faith to reach forward. To tell everyone about Jesus, not to miss an opportunity to lift Him up. The time for the warriors is short. So many, that the Lord has printed His Word in their hearts by His Precious Blood. They do not or can not reach out to the lost, the hurting, the hopeless. They hide their faith in their heart thinking the day will come. But which of us knows that day in another’s life. Do not take the chance with the Precious gift that God has given to you. Tell everyone about His Grace, His Mercy and His Peace. He called us, my brothers and sisters to walk forward and tell people about Him. He did not save you, for you to hide the talent in your heart. Fruit springs forth after it has been planted. Go out and be a fruit planter. Jesus will water and grow His Garden. He will prune it and keep it.
We are not quaranteed tomorrow, so run while the day still shines. Run with joy and gladness, as Jesus will fill you with His presence as you reach out to others. Yes individually, He will minister to each of us. He will reach down to the tired warriors and fill them with the Faith to finish the fight. The end is near my beloved one and He is calling us all to Come and Draw Near for soon we will Dine with Jesus!
Again He whispers softly in my heart, I love you my dear child. My spirit reaches up to tell Jesus that I love Him. But my love for Him is so strong that it seems that He hears and Feels it. He speaks softly on the wind and thru the trees and the flowers. The beautiful Blue Skies, I look up Jesus looks down. He touches me with the fragrance of a love that is unimaginable. A love that is beyond the words of human understanding. A love that only God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Beloved Holy Spirit can give you. I am one of the many gardens that Jesus has watered and pruned. He will one day present me to the Father Pure and Spotless as He will you. Reach up and He will reach down. Lift Jesus up!!!!

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