Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Rapture

Hi To All
I was never one for setting dates for the time of the Rapture of the Church. But I am one that looks at the signs of the time and the prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled before the Coming of Jesus to collect His saints.
I never use the term watcher for personal reasons, In my years of studies the only Watchers I have found are Angelic Beings and Evil Angelic Beings in the Book of Enoch.
But this know I have been ready watching and praying since the year 1970. I was looking more for the signs in Israel than any place else. When the Sanhedrin, came back in I knew the timing could be at any moment. At this time in Israel, all the priestly Garments are ready, the things for the outer Temple and the Inner Temple are all ready.
They are ready to put the Temple up in just a matter of a couple of weeks on the side right to the left of the Wailing wall where they have found many remains of the last Temple.
The Eastern Gate has been found and is cleared for the Messiah to enter. The training of the Priesthood is over and the High Priests have been chosen.
As we come to this present time we find a world in turmoil, the Church for the main part is apostate, the shaking is going on right now as the Christians are being faced with many trials and tribulation that they have not faced before. It seems to be running rampant now as the True Believers find them selves in difficult times. We are watching the stocks drop all over the world and the economy is in a mess.
We our selves here in the USA have a great example as we find a man running for the highest office in this land that has done nothing and voted present all except for the one bill that would kill a baby that was aborted and happened to live thur the abortion. This man has a great personality and I believe him to be the precursor to the antichrist. People are flocking to see this man and willing to elect him to be our next president.
Israel is in desperate political times at this hand. They are without a working Gov. and elections can not be held until Jan. 27. At this time the powers that be can not give away any of the Israeli land and people are flocking to build so that it cannot be exchanged in some foolish Road Map to Peace. We must remember that this is not man's land but this is God Land.
Israel says that if Obama is elected they will bomb Iran and that will bring in the bear that is already on the move. They will not trust the USA at this time. The Christians EX Muslims are warning against Obama, yet people will not hear. They recogonize who he is and the mistakes that he is made. In his books, he tells us plain and clear that he will stand with his Muslim Brothers. Israel will not stand for another Holocaust which is what Iran plans.
I believe that we are close to Eekiel 38 and 39 being fulfiled in which the Church will be removed at this time. This battle is not Armagedon but Hamongog in which nuclear bombs may well be used. It goes on to tell you about the professional gravediggers and that the fuel from the Weapons and such and such will keep Israel in fuel for 7 years, which will start the 7 years of Tribulation.
My question to all is Faith. Let your voices lift up in song as your King is soon to come and get His Bride. Do not be sleeping and letting the woes of the world around you take up the time you have to be Joyful and full of Praise for our Redemption draweth nigh.
No man can know the day or the hour neither the angels but the Father only of when Jesus will come for the Bride. The Jewish Bride is always to this day, waiting for her Groom to call for her. We are the same, we are the Bride of Christ and we must have our lamps full of oil and be ready for when the call comes for surely it is coming. It is high time that we awake out of our lulled sleep and be ready and be praying and be watching what is happening in the world but not being caught up in it for it is truly a sign that the Lord will soon return. It could be any day now. I am ready to go Home, this earth has never been my home. I am just a stranger walking thru a strange land. Witness as much as you can to everyone you see. Preach the Gospel and lift up Jesus for Jesus tells us if I be lifted up I will draw all men to me. Plant the seed every chance you have. Stay in the Word of God and exhort and uplift the Brethren. Comfort those that need comfort. Be Merciful to all.
Put on the whole Armour of God and be ready to fight for your Belief in Jesus and when you have done all that you can Stand and continue to Stand on the Word of God. Jesus never fails, Mere man will fail but Jesus will never fail you. You are the Children of the King and He will put you where you are protected when the enemy comes to attack. BE READY TO MEET YOUR GOD.

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