Tuesday, September 30, 2008



Greetings to all my beloved in Christ Jesus:
As we look around us at this time and we look around the world, everything is spinning out of control, Yet we must keep reminding ourselves that Our Father is on the Throne and all things are in His control.
As I have watched the last few months, it seemed that we were heading for disaster, but not in Jesus' Eyes. He told us, He will shake the earth and the Heavens. This world as we know it, is not our home. We are strangers and aliens passing thru a strange land. Do not wring you hands and worry for the Lord will take care of His Children.
I have watched Christians go thru every turmoil you can think of. Homes being lost, Unemployment, Sickness, Loss of Jobs. I believe that we are being sifted for our return to Heaven and I believe the shaking has only begun. God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ are asking you - Where is your Faith? Have you placed your Faith on this world or is your Faith built up on Treasures in Heaven. You must seriously ask yourself this question.
Are you in turmoil on what you see happening or are you eyes on Jesus, Praising Him Daily for meeting your every need? Jesus told us to be satisfied with the clothes on our backs and The food in our stomachs. Not the big houses and the new cars. Right now, He is showing you that the money of this world is Worthless, But your Walk with Him is Priceless.
He wants you to Love Him beyond the circumstances that are going on in your life, not to worry about what is happening in the world. Our eyes need to be upon Christ Jesus for we can literally see so many prophecies coming to fulliment in front of our eyes. Be Excited, Shout Praises to the Lord God Almighty, Who Always is there for us. Do not be dismayed.
Jesus said Fear Not! How can we fear when He has Paid the Price that You may have Eternal Life? Do you think that He has taken you this far, to let go of you now? He has you in the Palm of His Hand. When things get to you and all you can do is Stand, then Stand. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, as without Him, you are just a bag of bones. With Him, you have Every Spiritual Blessing that You can Have. He is in control.
Jesus has been building our Mansions with Him in Heaven. Think on how close you are to going to that Mansion. He is Standing at the Door and Knocking, saying Let Me in and I will Sup with You. Be Ready, Be Watching and Be praying. The Lord Loves us and will see us thru All these Trials and Tribulations. Let your Faith grow at this time, Seek God as much as you can. He wants to spend time with You. Allow Him to Control your Life. He is much better at doing it than you are. "Trust in the Lord with All of Your Heart Lean not into your Own Understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him; and He shall direct your Paths. Be not wise in your own eyes, Fear the Lord and Depart from Evil." - Proverbs 3:5-7
Jesus has not Forsaken you, Do not Forsake Him.

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