Friday, July 18, 2008


"Jesus said learn of me"

"Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart:
and ye shall find rest unto your souls".

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.Matt11:29,30. I think for
me there is a sense of relief that Jesus actually said that we could take his
yoke upon us. I also think that there is comfort and joy-assurance that
everything is going to be all right. There is no baggage in Jesus's yoke for us. It
is liberating and free. Jesus then says "learn of me"which of course will take
all eternity, but I did make a personal observation in my walk with God. True
sanctification only takes place when I am learning about Jesus Christ. After
all, He is the person that saved me and I will be spending all eternity with
him. It is refreshing to take a new look at Jesus Christ every day. Let me
just say at this point that it is the Holy Spirit's role to point us to Jesus
Christ. John 15:26. Even a glimpse of our Savior is worth it. Zaccheus wanted to
see Jesus. His zeal to listen to his hurting heart in his love for Jesus got
him a front row seat to actually have lunch with the Son of Man. After his zeal
and intimacy with Jesus he just wanted to repent and get right with God and
his fellow men. In other words there was room for only one thing after his zeal
and intimacy with Jesus and that was getting right with God. Zaccheus found a
treasure in the midst of all his sin in the person of Jesus Christ. "For I am
meek and lowly in heart. Jesus is king of kings and Lord of Lords,
Rev.19:16;however,the Bible says His heart is meek and lowly. Matt.11:29. This tells me
I can go to Jesus and talk to him. I believe this is hard for the average
Christian to discover and to take this a little further I do not believe it comes
natural to the child of God. Just read the Gospels of Matthew,Mark,Luke and
John. Jesus Christ had a very open spirit even to his enemies and He was very
approachable. I know there is a theology that when Jesus walked the earth the
Jewish people rejected Him but I want you to think about something. As I read
the accounts, only a handful of high-powered Jewish Pharisees hated him because
they felt threatened. The average Jewish people flocked around him. When Jesus
walked into a town he never had to drum up a crowd. People were just
naturally attracted to Him because they never heard anyone speak with such authority
yet with meekness. As children of the living God our reward is knowing Jesus
Christ. After all if somebody is meek and lowly don't you want to get to know
them? I know I am just a little curious as to who this person is. I was once at
a mini Bible conference and the speaker was good but I was even more impressed
with his character. He was meek and lowly with a soft spoken voice. When he
answered a question it was always in a soft spoken respectful manner. He put
you first. So our family and friend were gathered around him and you could just
see one person just prodding the other person "are you going to ask him a
question? You can go, I have already asked my question. What I am trying to say is
we all wanted to be around him-why? Because he knew the Bible and he was meek
and lowly in his heart. Can you imagine being around Jesus? " And ye shall
find rest unto your souls".If we love Jesus and we are not close to him I think
there is a sense of fear and anxiety and we cannot always put our finger on
it. Jesus did not say you might find rest for your souls, He said you will find
rest for your souls. Why? Because Jesus's yoke is light. Learning of him is
reassuring. Recognizing and realizing that Jesus is meek and lowly will always
leave you resting in your compassionate Savior. He loves us and wants to show
us. He wants to comfort us with His gentleness. Anytime we have true fellowship
with God or our brothers and sisters we will always have to meet in a place
called gentleness. I am talking about true genuine authentic fellowship. If
people want to conduct themselves in a tough way and set other people straight
there can be a mental understanding and maybe emotional fear but we cannot meet
there for true Godly fellowship. This is why Jesus wants us to understand that
he is meek and lowly of heart. This is where he wants to make His connection
with us. If we see He is meek we are going to be meek. Did you ever notice a
child that loves His Father wants to be like him? The meek shall eat and be
satisfied: they shall praise the Lord that seek him: Your heart shall live
forever. Psalm 22:26.

Of course if anybody loves God they ought to allow the Holy Spirit to
speak to him through the Bible. If God sees we have a sincere heart (open to
him), His love will become manifested in our hearts.(John14:2).God's love is
comforting. The fellowship of the Spirit is bond-like. We will start to become
more merciful towards others.(Phil2:1). We will be able to walk in love and God
will see this as a sweet smelling savor (Eph5:2). We will understand that
there is no darkness in God because He is the light of the world.1John1:5.

"For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Did you ever notice that
we have such heavy burdens in life that are just so much bigger than us?
Jesus says that He is our Father and He is available to take our burdens as we go
through our problems. The weight of the world is heavy. The compassion of our
loving Savior is light because he wants to commune with us. The answer to our
problems in this world is through the warmth of our loving Savior, Jesus
Christ. Give yourself a chance. Allow the Holy Spirit to open your heart to the
person of Jesus Christ. We can pursue no higher purpose than this.

God Bless Bob D of Pa

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