Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Bermuda Triangle

Greetings to All in the name of Jesus. The last four articles that are on my blog are from my dear Brother in the Lord Ken Schweizer. You will find me posting articles from different people and I pray that you enjoy them.

The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle- from Miami, to the Virgin Islands, to Bermuda. The deepest point
in the Atlantic Ocean is found in the east corner of the Bermuda Triangle. This
point is known as the Puerto Rican trench, 27,500 feet deep. Over 1,000 people
have disappeared here in the last 25 years.
The Devils Sea- from the Philippines, to Japan, to Guam. The deepest point known to man
is found in the southeast corner of the Devils Sea. This point is known as the
Mariana trench, over 36,000 feet deep. Many disappearances have been recorded in
this area.
Sargasso Sea - from the Miami area extending out approximately 3,000 miles. A 1,500,000
square mile area reaching depths over 20, 000 feet. The Gulf Stream currents flow
on the east and the north equatorial currents flow on the southern border. This
leaves a very calm area in the sea where seaweed is deposited.
In 1956 Dr. Kolbe found skeletons of fresh water diatoms in a core sample, 12,000 feet
below the surface, near the Atlantic ridge. These skeletons were estimated to be
10,000 to 12,000 years old.
In 1969 rocks from the depths of the Caribbean Sea. They were found to be made up of
light granite. Geologists believe that this type of rock is confined to the
continents and that the earth's crust below the sea is composed of the heavier,
dark colored basaltic rock.
American, European and African fresh water eels leave their rivers and lakes, enter the
Atlantic ocean, and come together in the Bermuda Triangle, entering into the
depths of the Sargasso sea to spawn. The adults die here and the young return to
their ancestral homes in America, Europe and Africa; taking up to two years to
complete the cycle.
There have been more UFO sightings in the Bermuda Triangle than anywhere else in the
world. Not only above the sea, but entering into and going below the sea.
The only two places in the world where compasses point to true north are in the Bermuda
Triangle and the Devils Sea.
There have been many sightings of strange sea creatures, or monsters, in these two
More hurricanes and typhoons are formed and intensify in these two areas than all the
other seas in the world put together.
Could there be a lost continent or a lost civilization? Could there be a lost river,
which was once on the surface, where the eels spawn? Could there be a lost lake, which
was once on the surface, where Dr. Kolbe found the skeletons

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